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“Nice house you’ve got” Bae said after Craig showed her around.

” Thanks” he smiled, going back to his room with her.

“You don’t have a study?” She asked.

“I do but….

” I love it here though, let’s do it here” she interrupted.

” Sure” he replied and sat on his bed.

She sat in front of him and their books stayed between them.

“Two pages each” he said.

“Ok” she replied and got her phone.

He did same and they both buried their faces into their phones, browsing and writing for almost forty minutes without talking.

“I’m done” Craig said first.

“I need Mr Bong’s textbook, I need to check a fact, I didn’t bring it” she replied, looking up.

” I’ll get it” he replied and went out.

He got it from the study and gave it to her.

“Thanks” she smiled, taking it.

Craig sat in front of her again, watching as she opened it to the middle coincidentally.

There’s a note in there.

She took it and her eyes widened when she saw what was written in it.


She slowly looked up at him and met the creamy look of affection, his face has been coated with it already.

“Craig you…

” I eventually fell for you Bae, I did” he said, holding her eyes with his own.

Bae felt an heat of excitement rushing through her.

Dream come true so far this is coming from Craig, the guy she loves.

She continued staring at him, not knowing what to say.

Craig smiled shortly and walked on his knees to her.

She bent back till her back met the pillow, he held her face with an hand, rubbing her lobe.

“I love you” he smiled charmingly.

“Craig I love you always, I love you so much, yes I want to date you” she replied and his lips immediately found hers.

She welcomed it with pleasure and intertwined his fingers at the back of his neck as their lips continue to grind on each other passionately.



“Your partner for the assignment you told me about?” Hanna asked as Echo appeared by the door.

“Unfortunately yes” Reece replied.

Echo scoffed as Hanna let her in.

She fell on the couch without being told to sit.

“I’ll be in my room” Hanna went upstairs.

“You weren’t told to sit” Reece said.

“It’s common sense” she rolled eyes.

” The study is that way” he said, leading the way

Echo took her bag and entered with him.

The study is quiet big but she’s not fascinated.

*When it’s about books, everything is stupid and ugly to her*

Echo brought out her books and Reece just glared.

“If you’re not interested, just excuse me” she said.

“It’s my study, not yours” he replied and she grinned before glaring.

” Get your books it’s late!” She yelled, hitting her hand on the table.

Reece stood and got his books from the second table.

“We were told to compile four pages about the topic, compile two and I’ll compile two too, start” she ordered and started hers immediately, browsing it on her phone.

Reece opened his book and took his phone.

He started browsing but at the same time, he started feeling sleepy.

He yawned slowly and slept off shortly, the phone fell on the table and made a sound but Echo was too engrossed with hers to hear.

Reece continued sleeping and she continued writing.

She’s a fast writer so she got it done with before an hour.

“Finally I’m done with this rubbish” she yawned and looked up

” What the … Jeez!” She exclaimed when she saw Reece sleeping.

100 ways to kill started running through her brain and she got confused on which one to even pick for him.

She smiled dangerously and folded her fists.

“He’s…. sleeping?”

She looked around the study and when she found what she’s looking for, she went for it.

She got the ink container and opened it

Without a second thought, she poured it on his face and he spranged up.

His eyes are wide as the ink ran down his face to his shirt.

“What did you do?” He demanded.

“Paint your face blue, your annoying face” she replied.

“How could you pour ink on my face!”

” Cos you deserve it for sleeping during assignment you asswipe!” She glared.

” You’re insane!”

” Insane?, D*ck I’m a limited edition!” She replied and he wiped his face with his palm.

Ink painted his palm perfectly.

“How could you do this to me in my house, what are you” he said.

” A girl who hates stupid people like you” she replied.

” boraguyo?”

” Sorry if I hurt your feelings by calling you stupid, thought you already knew” she rolled eyes and tucked her books in her bag.

” What are you gonna do about my face!” He said.

“Mop the floor with it” she replied, walking out.

He walked to the door and blocked her.

” Do something about my face” he said.

“My right leg is just an inch away from the middle of your legs” she smiled knowingly and he stepped back

His eyes darted to the ink container and he went for it.

“Not today” Echo said, dashing out of the study, crashing into Hanna who was about to enter the study.

Hanna staggered but held herself as Echo ran out of the house then Reece rushed out of the study with the ink container.

He bumped into Hanna too and she finally fell heavily.

“Reece!” She shouted painfully..

He left the house, going after Echo.

Echo looked back and when she saw him coming with that funny inky face, she laughed and continued running.

“You look like a f*cking demon!” She laughed loudly as she ran.

” I swear it if I just get you, I’ll break your @ss” he replied.

She stopped running and looked back again, he’s just some steps away from her.

“As if you can ever catch me” she said and surprisingly, he turned back and started running away.

Wondering why, she turned back and saw a stray dog, running wildly towards her.

“He’s running cos of a dog?” She laughed and stood her ground.

The dog kept running to her, it’s eyes aren’t friendly, seems like a mad dog.

She started shifting back slowly and just when the dog was about to pounce on her, she took to her heels and the dog started chasing her.

“What the f*ck is a mad stray dog doing in this estate!” She shouted as she ran, catching up with Reece.

The dog is not running, it’s rather jumping after them.

“Thought you’re brave” Reece said in mockery as they ran, they’re both sweating so much

“Just shut up!” She snapped.

The dog seems to be getting more and more energetic every minute and they on the other hand are losing strength.

They even ran past the Alejandro’s mansion already and Echo’s place is still far down the estate.

“Ok I’m not in for this anymore” Echo said and jumped behind the general waste bins.

Reece did the same and the bins fell on them, making all the dirts pour on their heads.

The dog ran past and when they stood and looked at each other, they look like complete mentally Ill people.

They bursted into an hysterical laughter at the same time.



Waking up in Genny’s arm felt like the best thing ever, Quincy felt so happy and the fact that last night was her best night too, she’s definitely overjoyed.

Genny might look simple but not in bed, he’s a famished tiger and oh…he made her lose her voice as a result of excessive screaming.

She screamed his name throughout.

She kissed Genny’s brows and that woke him up.

He smiled handsomely and she kissed his nose.

“Morning baby” she whispered.

“Pink” he said, opening his eyes more widely.

“Yes sunshine” she smiled shyly.

He sat up and was about to kiss her proper when the door opened and Gennie came in.

He has dark circles under his eyes, indicating that he didn’t sleep, he looks tired with headphones on.

“Gennie” Genny said surprisingly.

“I couldn’t even get a good night sleep cos of you two, despite using headphones, Quincy’s moans almost destroyed my hearing” he replied and Genny gasped.

” You came home last night?” He asked.

” Of course, when Quincy was shouting DON’T STOP!” Genny replied naughtily.

” Gosh!” Quincy covered herself completely.

” Genny I’m proud of you” Gennie winked.


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