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Kimberly walked in, looking stunning in her dress.

She stood still and scanned the whole place.

A wide smile escaped her lips when she saw Asbel.

“Did I keep you waiting?” She asked, taking her seat.

” Yes” he replied.

” I’m sorry, Quincy delayed me by acting cute” she explained.

” I’m happy for her, she’s still trending crazily, thanks to you too, you’re doing a good job as her manager” he smiled.

” I know right?, But the fact that that Clara girl is coming back soon, heard her manager is a psycho while Clara herself is arrogant” she replied.

” Haven’t you heard about Winston?” He asked.

” Win-Win?, The male category star, I know” she said.

“If you’re saying Clara is arrogant, then what about him” he laughed.

” He’s arrogant too?”

” I don’t have to tell the story, wait till they both come back, I wonder how they both manage to have that strong fan base when their personality sucks” he said.

” Winston’s fan base is strong but Clara’s has been destroyed by my Quincy, she’s not Quincy’s match anymore” Kimberly said.

” I know right? ”

“What about Echo?, Is she getting acquainted with school?” She asked.

” Maybe, she’s brilliant but hates books, but she’s complaining less and less these days though, I hope is continues that way till she’ll blend perfectly” he replied.

” I’m glad, we’ve been talking non-stop for ten minutes” she checked the time.

” What should we eat?” He asked.

“Anything you eat, I’ll eat too” she replied and he smiled.

He called the server and ordered an Italian dish.

“Kimberly” he called when the server had gone to get their orders.

” Yes?” She smiled.

” Has anyone ever told you how pretty you are?’ he asked.

“Don’t tryna make me blush” she replied though she can feel her cheeks heating up already.

” Matter of flatly” he said.

She covered her cheeks with her palms.

” When I saw you at the store that day, you have no idea how hard I palpitated, seriously you melted my heart at first glance’ he said.

She’s unaware of when her hands fell from her cheeks, the redness made Asbel smile.

” Joahaeyo” he said.

“I might have lived with Quincy for half of my life but trust me I don’t understand Korean language” she replied.

” I like you” he said and her fists became balled on the table.

” Jeongmal joahaeyo ( I like you a lot )” he said.

“It’s not love?” She asked.

“Then do you love me?” He asked carefully.

“I…. dunno” she replied.

“Really?” He asked.

” I mean…I…. think about you everyday and….you appear in my dreams, you make me happy at every date and outing, you…. you’re handsome too, I love everything about you, then… everything” she said and he smiled at her cuteness.

” You love everything about me?”

“Yes” she replied.

“So if I kiss you right now, you won’t slap me?” He asked.

” Huh?”

Asbel stood and leaned to her own side of the table, resting his palm on the table.

She looked up at him as he leaned forward and placed his lips on hers.

She slowly closed her eyes and not minding the others in there, they kissed gently.

“I love you Kim” he said when he finally broke it.


She stopped, not knowing the remaining.

” It’s saranghae” he said.

” Saranghae” she said and he laughed before returning to his seat as the server came with their meal.



“I’m the happiest person in the whole universe, gosh I’m just so happy!” Echo screamed after the last paper.

The exams took just one week and it has been hectic but it finally ended today.

“Lazybones” Polly said beside her.

She got closer with the girls in the past five weeks and it’s still surprising how that happened.

She rolled eyes at Polly and Polly giggled.

“You seriously don’t know how much I hate school, if I get to be the ruler of the whole world and I have the chance to chose between schools and just one cube of sugar, I’d rather accept the cube of sugar and provide fuel to burn the schools in the whole world down” she said and The girls laughed.

” Just admit that you’re lazy” Quincy said.

” I told you to stop calling me lazy” she replied.

” Lazy girl” Trinidad said.

” Yah!!’ she shouted and they laughed again.

” Finally this semester is over, next level next semester” Bae said.

” Next troubles too, the newbies” Trinidad said.

” I’m expecting new enemies, I seriously can’t wait for next semester” Echo smiled.

” I knew it, why else will you be interested in next semester if not to fight” Quincy said.

” But why is the break short, just three weeks, it’s unfair seriously, Quincy can’t you talk to your mother-in-law?” Echo said.

” Go meet her yourself, aren’t you also a student of this great institution?” Quincy rolled eyes.

Echo fell on her chair.

” So who’s traveling?” Polly asked.

Quincy and Trinidad raised their hands.

“I’m going to Australia with my sunshine, to see my dad and visit my mum’s grave” she said.

” Visiting Disneyland in Paris with Red” Trinidad said.

“I have to practice more towards the coming KOREA’S GOT TALENT so I’m not traveling, I normally hate traveling” Echo said.

” I have numerous shoots with Craig so no chance” Bae said.

“Quincy you have shoots too” Polly said.

” I’ll talk with the industry, I’ll have them shifted” she replied.

” I and Izzy will cuddle ourselves at home” Polly said.

“Exactly” Izzy said, coming in.

” Where have you been?” Quincy asked.

” Gennie was talking to me” she replied.

” Gist us!” Izzy and Bae chorused.

” He told me to go on a date with him tomorrow” she replied.

” Then?” Trinidad said.

” I rejected” Izzy replied.

” The hell!, Why?, Seems like he likes you” Bae said.

“I dunno” Izzy replied.

“Leave her to decide for herself” Echo said.

” So Polly is was your dog, the mad dog that chased I and Reece” Echo said.

” I left the house in a hurry, I’m a b*tch for forgetting my Kai, I went back for it but couldn’t find it, that’s why it became stray, luckily the guards of the estate found it and I was contacted, I got my cute pet back” Polly winked.

” You have no idea how that thing chased us, it was behaving mad, maybe because it was hungry, you better treat it” Echo said.

” It’s getting treatment already” Polly said.

” So..you ran cos of a dog” Bae laughed.

” Oh you mean I should have stayed and introduced myself like….hi my name is Echo Han” Echo said and everyone laughed again.

” You should have seen it’s eyes, I’m sure it’d have devoured my br*asts” Echo said.

” Which br*ast?” Gennie said, passing by.

” Haven’t I told you to stop talking to me?” Echo glared

” You were lying and I can’t just watch, you’re breast-less” Gennie said.

Echo threw a textbook at him and he quickly ran out .

“Guys guys!, Travis is coming back next semester, he’ll be joining us in here” Trinidad said.

” That handsome soloist?, Whoa, and why is everyone coming back, is something gonna happen?” Polly said.

” That’s why I can’t wait, heard one idiotic Clara and stupid Win-Win will be coming back too, Jeez!, I’m literally gonna die of excitement” Echo said .

” We planned to go hang out tonight, everyone” Quincy said.

” Yes, at the park, we’re going to ride the rollercoaster and visit the karaoke” Trinidad said.

” Park?, We’re not children” Echo said.

” Does it matter?, It’s just for fun” Bae said.

” So… Quincy, you told us you’ll share your first s*x experience with Genny” Izzy said.

” Yes I totally forgot” Bae said.

“Why are you just reminding me when we did it severally already” Quincy replied and they all screamed.

” You’re a badass” Trinidad said.

“Thanks, he’s addictive” Quincy winked.

” I’m jealous!, But what about you Trinidad? ” Izzy asked.

” Tonight, we planned to try it out tonight” she replied.

” OMG babe, I can imagine your moans already” Polly said.

“I’m still so scared” Trinidad said.

“So Bae?” Quincy asked.

“We started dating five weeks ago so it’s still limited to kiss and caress, we might try it out during the break though” Bae replied.

Polly looked at Izzy and they both hugged.

“We’re pathetic” Polly said.

“I know right?” Izzy replied.

Echo inhaled.

“Why aren’t you saying anything?” Quincy asked.

“I’m speechless, I’ve never kissed” she replied.

” What!’ they all chorused.

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