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“Make some noise!!!!!” Trinidad screamed, rushing in with Red, they both look more cute.

“Here comes the second couple!!!” Reece said.

He’s already there with Craig and Bae.

“Trinidad you look awesome!, Paris took a good toll on you trust me!” Bae hugged her

“You look more pretty too, you grew taller” Trinidad smiled.

“Dude” Craig hugged Red.

“Disneyland was made for you” Craig said.

“Stop teasing” Red smiled.

“Flat” Craig laughed as Red gave Reece a hug too.

“Mummy’s boy” he said

“Stop it!” He snapped and Red laughed.

“Here I am!!!!” Echo came in with a loud scream.

“Echo trouble!, Swears I missed you most!” Trinidad hugged her.

“I missed Quincy most though” Echo replied.

“Crazy girl” Trinidad laughed.

Echo hit her knuckles on Red’s.

She rolled eyes at Reece.

“Hi guys!” Polly came in.

“Bestie!” Trinidad jumped on her.

“I love your earrings” Polly touched it.

“I got it for all the girls” Trinidad smiled.

“Better, I missed you” Polly smiled.

“Same here babe”

They all settled down, waiting for the last four.

“But Echo trouble, you’re funny, what rubbish did you twerk in the video” Trinidad laughed.

“And she was like kiss my fluffy @ss” Red laughed.

“I wouldn’t have been pained if she has that @ss” Reece said.

“Mr small d*ck, bounce please” Echo rolled eyes.

“,Ask Gennie about my d*ck, he’ll give you the full gist” Reece winked and Echo laughed.

“Gist of how it’s so small that it can fit into a keyhole perfectly?” She said and everyone laughed.

“You sure have a bad mouth” Reece drank.

“Why is there no champagne in here?” Gennie said, coming in with Izzy.

“My Gennie!!!” Craig shouted.

Genny showed up with Quincy afterwards.

“Quincy hug me first” Echo said.

“Sweetheart!!” Craig said, hugging Genny.

“So I’m invisible” Gennie muttered.

“My Gennie!!!” Craig hugged him too and he smiled.

Quincy hugged Echo first.

“Don’t come near me, we’re fighting already” Bae said.

“Jealous girl” Echo stick out her tongue.

They hugged and cheered before sitting round the table.

“Quincy your hips grew bigger” Polly said.

“The power of Genny’s d*ck is not to be underestimated” Gennie said.

“He has started again” Reece said.

“Mummy’s boy!” Gennie winked.

“Let me be” Reece replied and everyone laughed.

“For the fact that everyone came back fine, cheers” Red said.

“Cheers!” They all clinked their cups.



It’s Travis’s concert, fans are in already, entry is over and everyone is impatiently anticipating his entry.

Gennie and Reece sat on VVIP seats in a separate part of the hall.

The others are sitting in one angle and you’ll think it’s a festival cos the girls are wearing same earrings, the one Trinidad got from Paris.

It’s a big round one with shinny black feathers around the body.

Echo hates earrings but she was forced by Polly so everyone has it on.

A bright light light suddenly came on Reece and Genny.


The audience screamed.

? I knew it!

? They came I’m so happy!

? We love you guys!

? Is it only me or Genny grew more handsome

? Reece’s cheeks!, It got cuter!

They both waved and smiled handsomely.

The stage lights came on immediately and everyone screamed as Travis appeared in front of the standing microphone with a guitar.

? Travis Kay!

? Travis Kay!

? We love you!

? Travis sing!!!!

? Oppa saranghea!!

? we missed you!!!

He smiled charmingly.

“I once had a crush on him” Echo said.

“Really?, So you do crush on guys too” Polly said

“I was so crazy about him back then, but it suddenly stopped, now he’s just an handsome idol” Echo replied.

“The song is dedicated to all my fans, i love you all” Travis said.

? We love you too Oppa!!!!

Travis played the slow intro on his guitar and waited a sec before starting to sing.

?? The word love, it means more than it sounds.

Everyone screamed, his voice is heart touching.

“Wow!” Pollyanna smiled.

?? It heals the broken, gathers the shattered bits…. piece by piece

?? It’s an heavenly miracle, specially made for the heart

?? Love is in me, love is in you, the heart was made to love

?? So love me, I love you, let’s gift our hearts to each other the best gift ever.

?? We’ll share a kiss under the pouring rain.


?? Have my heart I’ll keep yours

?? Let’s make use of the miracle forever

?? Be my star and shine bright, be my moon and lead me to you, be my sunshine forever…..

The concert ended after a while and Polly rushed into the first door she saw, she’s f*cking pressed.

Luckily it’s the restroom.

She eased herself and cleaned up before coming out only to bump into someone.

She fell on her knees, hurting it slightly.

“Who the hell is…

She was cut off by his beautiful eyes.


He actually came to urinate too, he bent beside her.

“Sorry I wasn’t careful, are you ok?” He asked with concern .

She blinked and stood then rushed out of the place.

“Is she hurt?” Travis wondered.

He eased himself and went back to the dressing room where Genny and Reece are waiting with Gennie.

“I missed you” Genny hugged him.

“Same here” he replied and hugged Reece too.

“Hey dude” he hugged Gennie.

“I dunno why I like you at first sight, I love your voice too” Gennie said.

“Thanks” Travis smiled.

“So, you’re coming to Maybelline too?” Genny asked.

“Dad insisted” Travis replied.

“Clara landed with Winston, they came on the same plane” Reece announced.

“They were supposed to land tommorow” Travis said.

“Maybe they don’t want attention” Gennie replied.



Clara removed her fashion glasses as she came out of the plane.

Like she wanted, no fans around to shout annoyingly, she hates it and that’s why she announced tommorow as her homecoming.

She’s wearing a red jacket but she took off the jacket, revealing a pantsuit.

She threw the jacket at her manager’s face.

“I told you to stop throwing things at me!” her manager scowled and she faced her with the usual smirk.

“So you wanna thrash me?” She glared, pushing her chest.

“What a bad day to land” Winston said behind her.

She faced him.

“Win-Zero, it’s not cool to land on same day with you too” she rolled eyes.

“You came after losing your place to curvy Quincy” Winston mocked arrogantly.

“I’m getting back my place from that b*tch” Clara smirked.

Winston smiled haughtily.

“Good luck…doll” he said, stylishly peeking at her exposing hips before leaving.

“Bad luck!” Clara spat.


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