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( His only obsession)
Written by Gbemi
Chapter Four

Fannie woke up to find the bed empty. Where could he be? She thought as she sat up in bed thinking about what happened the previous night.

He had said he liked her name, just thinking about it got her smiling. Camila had said he was scary but judging from the way he had behaved last night. He wasn’t scary at all.

She couldn’t change her clothes since it was all in Camila residence. She had to speak to Camila. Maybe she could convince Alfred to let her go. She thought as she left the room.

Alfred was no where to be found, she went to ask one of the guards only to be told that Alfred had to go to the city to attend a very important meeting.

She went back in to call Camila but there was no response from her. She had to use this opportunity to talk to Camila.

Alfred isn’t around, so she could easily leave without anyone seeing her. She thought as she began her task. Luckily Alfred had been accompanied by some of the guard, so they were few left. She was lucky to find the back door unguarded. Quickly she went through the back door and succeeded in getting away from the house unseen.

She got to Camila’s residence successfully. It was still early and Camila would still be in her room. The workers were the ones awake. She made it to Camila room and went in. Just as she thought, Camila was still in bed.

“Camila”Fannie called as she went to wake her up.

“What are you doing here?”She asked, surprised at seeing Fannie.

“To see you. I thought you would be worried not hearing from me. Alfred kept me locked up but I managed to escape”Fannie explained

“Am sorry Fannie. Am sorry that I put you through all this”Camila apologised with all sincerity.

“I know. You owe me big time”Fannie said jokingly.

“I do and that is why have prepared this for you”Camila said giving her a cheque.

“What’s this?”

“It’s all the savings I have. Take them and leave “Camila replied.

“What?”Fannie asked stunned by Camila request.

“I know am being cruel after everything you have done but you can’t stay here. My parents think you are Alfred lover and I think it’s best they keep on thinking that way”Camila implored.

“But you said you will tell them the truth and you know I have no where to go” Fannie said.

“That’s why have given you the money. You should leave and start a new life somewhere else. You can’t stay here and i can’t tell my parents the truth. Who knows they might ask Alfred to take me back. I don’t want that and I……”

“So what you are saying is that I should leave, so I won’t be condemned of stealing your fiance?”Fannie asked and Camila nodded.

“Isn’t that being selfish?” Fannie asked

“It’s me saving face. I don’t want to be tied to someone that i don’t love and am doing my best to repay you for your help in all this. That is why am giving you this money. So take it and leave. This is the last help I will be offering you” she replied.

Fannie couldn’t get to reply because the door opened and Camila mother walked into the room.

“I didn’t want to believe it when they told me you were here. How dare you come here after what you did to my daughter?”Fiona said as she pulled Fannie up.

“Get out! You slut. You pretended to be my daughter friend just so you could steal her fiance. I was indebted to your grandmother that is why i kept you here. If I had known that you would do this. I would have gotten rid of you years ago”She added.

Fannie stood still, hoping Camila would say something. Hoping she would say the truth and get out her out of this mess but she didn’t.

Fiona pulled Fannie out of the house out to the front gate. The other maids were with her things and they hand it over to her which she accept.

“Don’t ever darken our door again. The next time I see you here, I will make you pay”Fiona said shutting the gate on her face.

Fannie took her things still clutching the cheque Camila had given her as she left the residence.

She had helped Camila when she needed help but when it was time for Camila to give her help. She let her down.

Come to think of it ever since they were little, she have always been the one getting Camila out of trouble and also helping her and not once have that favour been returned. She thought sadly.

Fannie had walked into the village and it wasn’t until she heard people whispering that she noticed that they were starring at her.

?”How could she do such a thing?” ?

?”If I were Camila, I will make her pay for stealing my fiance”?

?”If she could steal her friend fiance then she can steal our husbands too. We should be careful of her”?

?”She should be thrown out of this town “?

On hearing that Fannie began to run,knowing they will carry out what they said. She knew how nasty the people could get when they set their mind to punish someone.

She rounded a corner only for a car to stop in front of her. Due to the shock, she fell on the floor. Scared that she would be caught by the people who were coming after her.

She stood up about to leave when she ran straight into someone arms. She looked up to see that it was Alfred.

“Are you okay?”He asked looking worried.

“I am. At least I will be fine only if they don’t catch me. I have to leave”She said trying to walk past him but he stopped her by pulling her back into his arms.

He led her to the car and pushed her in, closing the door after her. She sat still in the car watching him. By now they had caught up to them and judging from the way they stood listening to Alfred. He was telling them something though she couldn’t hear it.

He came into the car and drove off and it wasn’t until they had driven far that she asked him.

“Since they believed what the Campbell have been spreading, I decided to tell them something more interesting to talk about”He said.

“What did you tell them?”She asked.

“I will only tell you if you tell me why you went to see Camila”He traded.

“I thought she will make everything right. Afterall I was only helping her and since the marriage has been called off. I was hoping she would come clean about the whole thing but she offered me money and told me to leave”Fannie said as she tried to hold back the tears which threatened to spill.

“So? Will you do as she says?”He asked.

“I would have to. Am no longer welcome in the town. If it hadn’t been for you, I would have…..what are you doing?”She said when he took the cheque from her.

“You are still my hostage and am not going to let you go just like that”He said

“Are we still on that? I already apologised. What more do you want from me?”Fannie asked.

“Pay back. Am still not contented and so you won’t leave until have had my revenge for you making a fool out of me”He said and she sighed in defeat knowing that arguing with him will just be futile.

It was a while later that the car stopped and expecting to see the house she had left a while ago. She was surprised to see that they were at the beach house.

“Where are we?”She asked.

“My beach house. You were too deep in thought that you didn’t notice we left your town some time ago. Get off”He said as he got out of the car.

“But why did you bring me here?. You said I was your hostage”she asked as she got out of the car too.

“Camila not helping must have hurt you a lot and the town people thinks you are at fault. Stay here and think things through for a few days. You need rest”He said and Fannie found herself starring at him.

Apart from Camila who have always worried about her. He is the second person to ever show concern for her.

“Am not doing this because am worried or anything but am only doing it because you are my……” He stopped when she gave him a kiss on his cheek.

“What was that for?”He asked when she moved away from him.

“Apart from Camila who have been my only friend. Your the second person in this world to show concern for me. Thanks”she said

“I think you’ve got it all wrong because am not…”

“I know. Your only helping out your hostage but thanks anyway”She said as her mood brighten.

Alfred stood still watching her walk towards the sea, while the breeze wafted through her hair and clothe. She turned to him having a smile on her face while she urged him to follow.

He is in love with her, he thought as he stared at her running towards the water to put her leg in. Just when had this little thief got into his heart? He thought as he felt his heart beating fast.

While they both had fun in the sea,they strolled together, talking while their clothes dry.

It wasn’t until they were heading back to the beach house that a thought crossed her mind.

“What did you tell the town people?”She asked.

“Nothing important”He replied.

“But for them to stop, you must have told them something important” She persisted.

“Fine.I told them that you were my fiancee. That I chose to marry you instead of Camila”He replied.

“What! You only made matter worse.”

“How did I? I only tried to help you”

“But they all believe what you said. They will really think we are a couple and they will….. Do you like me?”Fannie asked suddenly.

“Why ask that?”He returned.

“That will explain your kindness towards me. I came to steal from you and even lied just to help Camila out and even though you say am your hostage. You don’t treat me like one. Instead you are kind to me. No one is kind to someone if they aren’t after something”She said to him.

“Your right in saying I don’t treat you like an hostage and your even more right in saying that my kindness isn’t for free”He said this walking towards her.

“Marry me Fannie”He said this and before she could say a thing, he pulled her close, kissing her.

To be continued✌️✌️✌️

Billionaire have proposed to his little thief ooo???

Will she accept ???

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