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Written by:Charlotte 💋

Charpter 1👶 2


*Cape Town*

*Erica’s apartment*

“Drrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!” The loud alarm rang and a
soft hand reached out to shut it but ended up
falling of the bed.

“Morning Erica another §hitty day up ahead.
Buckle up.” Erica muttered her soft rich hair
falling haphazardly all over her face in a mess
her red cherry limps pouted.

How she hated the mornings.

“Oh no… I gotta go get those six devil’s to
school soon.” She mumbled walking out of the

She opened the door to the kids room slowly.

“Rise and shine babies it’s time for school!!” She
shouted waking all six of them up.

Her eldest son was Michael, second son was
Logan , third son was David, Third son was
Gabriel, Fifth son was Brandon and the last was
her delicate little daughter Aura.

Aura was the cutest and most delicate in the
group. She was born with a condition asthma
she had shortness of breath one reason why
Erica only let her play with her brothers.

All six of them go to the same school although
it attracted a lot of attention on them especially
with those hot faces they were like fresh meat.

Aura was cuter than her mother and even more
adorable. Although she was the weakest in the

“Go and bath. Mummy will get your clothes
ready.” Erica said and the kids ran towards the

*1h30mins later*

“Mum when are we moving to France?” That
was David the most troublesome one in the
three he loved travelling the most.

Gabriel was the quiet and shy type and he hated
travelling so he wasn’t happy about the move at
all. Logan was ok with anything so was the rest.

“Tommorow evening. Gabe don’t get so angry
ok? Mummy found a job over there which is
enough to take care of all of us. But mummy
has some very huge enemies that side so let’s
be more careful ok?” She said comforting
Gabriel and telling them to be safe.

Erica got a job in France or Paris her home town
the place she hates most. But the salary as a
designer was worth billions pair month coupled
with her writing skills Erica was doing ok. And
the mansion she got that side was cheap and
big enough for all six of them.

“Mum please stop acting like a kid?” Michael
commented about her childish voice.

“Although it’s nice to coax kids we are adults
mum.” Brandon said.

“Mm. Mummy don’t worry. Aura will take care of
you in the future and get rid of these six pests. I
will be rich and powerful pinky promise.” Aura
smiled cutely.

“Oh please the chances of that happening are
around 20% considering your IQ.” Brandon

“Mike!” Aura called for help from Michael.

Michael hated that nickname he always said it
was too mushy.

“Mm only 5%.” He said seriously.

Erica almost burst out laughing these two
children. Aura wasn’t even UpTo 50% chance of
success? How low?

“But if you become a doctor maybe there is a
50% chance.” Logan said.

“No!!! Doctors suffer a lot.” Aura said holding her
head tightly.

Doctors?! Aura didn’t like that job those people
dealt with too much helping give birth surgery?
And blood wasn’t her favorite thing to see. She
wasn’t so heartless.

“Ok, you guys stop teasing your little sister and
let me drive you to school. ” Erica smiled
skillfully avoiding the conversation that could
end in tear’s.


*Hunt co-ops*

Hint cooperations. Most well known company in
all of France or Paris.

It was run by Jakes Hunt the most heartless
business man in town. Most people said he was
born without a heart. But maybe it was true
coupled with the fact that he could k*ll a
business man with just one look.

He was quite handsome but no one dared to
approach him. Well except for the young lady of
the Johnson’s she seemed to always be after
him for 10 full years. But Jakes wasn’t

The only lady he had ever gotten close with was
the young lady he slept with that night he
wondered if she still remembered. She had been
looking for that cutie for years. Too bad he
didn’t know her name.

He found a pretty good designer for billion’s and
didn’t mind it at all. As long as her job was

“Mr Hunt.” A man bowed in front of him.

It was the world renowned hacker.

“Did you find her?” He asked.

“No Mr Hunt. The other party doesn’t wanna be
found and seems to also be a good hacker.”
The man said.

“Mm. I suppose I will do it myself.” Jakes said.

He was the world hidden hacker J&E the two
didn’t get along and always fought but in reality
they worked together their fights were normally
just for fun.

But E was rarely online.

The man rushed out of the office at least he
was off the hook. It was better not to do the job
than lose something from doing it. He couldn’t
breathe the same air as this super man.

Only professionals could stay in the same
room as him.

That man hoped never to meet Jakes Hunt ever

Don’t get him wrong working on impossible
missions was fun but with someone who has a
deep aura like Jakes? It was a total turn-of. Too
bad that man worked for Jakes and had signed
a 10 year contract how miserable?

Back in the office.

Jakes was not impressed with that man’s work
but with his qualifications he was good enough
for his company.

He received a call from his secretary.

“Yes?” He asked.

“Sir the Johnson’s have set up a banquet
tommorow night. I was wondering if I should
prepare your clothes are you attending?” The
other party asked.

“Of course. The Johnson’s are a partner in
business. So it’s ok if I attend. It will a slap to
the matriarch of the family if I don’t.” Jakes

The Johnson’s were quite rich but to the Hunt’s
they were quite amateurs. But since they had
few business deal’s together it was ok to go and
not to slap them in the face.

“Ok Boss. I will arrange for the suit. Do you need
a partner?” The man asked.

“No. I don’t take partners.” He said bluntly before
dropping the phone.

“That Nelly Johnson.” He mumbled before
looking at his files.

*Johnson mansion*

“Young Miss.” The house keeper bowed in front
of Nelly.

“Is he coming?” Nelly asked.

“Yes Young Miss. Mr Hunt’s secretary came by
and said Mr Hunt will attend the birthday
banquet of eldest Master tommorow night.” The
housekeeper said.

“Perfect tell the Butler to prepare a white dress
that enhances my figure and shows an innocent
side to me. Make sure it’s innocent but a little
exposing and elegant.” Nelly smirked.

Innocent well behaved clueless woman those
were the type of woman man usually liked and
Nelly was taking Jakes down with that.

“Yes, young Miss. Should I prepare anything
else?” The lady asked.

“Mm? My jewelry shoes I want everything to be
innocent but eye-catching. Especially the
necklace I want it to show off my fair neck. And
get the best makeup artist to do my makeup
tommorow. My perfume has to be flowery
scented. Ok?” She said.

“Yes young madam.” The house keeper said
walking out.

“Jakes Hunt you and I. How does that sound.
Nelly Hunt and Jakes Hunt.” Nelly smirked.

“Nelly.” Her friend Bella called the sound
seemed to be coming from outside.

Although Nelly was evil Bella was like a total
amateur following a clever scheming Green Tea

“Bella.” Nelly smiled at her with a happy
expression on her face.

“Nelly my love.” Bella smiled hugging Nelly

“Bella Jakes is coming over tommorow!!” Nelly
shouted smiling.

In Bella’s eyes Nelly just had a huge crush on
Jakes but no one could blame her Jakes was
everyone’s dream guy he was rich talented
handsome and came from a prestigious family.

So in everyone’s eyes Jakes was the perfect
guy. Counting out his cold aura he was
completely perfect and every girls dream.

He was marriage material no one could resist
him. But Bella simply found him as a nice guy
to crush but the untouchable type so as long as
any girl could tame him. She was in to watch.

She could even write a book on how to tame
Jakes Hunt right after.

James Hunt was someone she dared not to
dream of.

“You say he is coming here? As in in this
house?! As in he is attending your father’s
birthday banquet coming?!” Bella shouted.

“Yep. I am so excited! I almost jumped when I
heard it. I so wanna see his hot face it’s not
been that long either. But soon I will be seeing
him everyday cause he is my man.” Nelly said
her eyes turning a bit vicious at the end of the

“He is your man hun. All you need to do is is
tame him.” Bella smirked slowly her eyes
turning into tiny slits.

“Of course I will tame him.” Nelly smiled with a
look of determination.

“Better of let me be a bystander to experience
this great taming of Jakes Hunt.” Bella smiled
slowly and pour red wine to celebrate this her
friends close victory.

“Cheers!!” Nelly shouted drinking the entire glass
of wine.

She loved the thought of taming Jakes. Having
him hear her every command and making it

Nelly could finally get rid of Erica that cute big
annoying sister of hers.

*Cape Town*

*A restaurant*

Erica sat by a table and frowned st what she
was seeing.

The reason why she wanted to move back to
Mexico and live a normal life had absolutely
nothing to do with the designer job.

She could be a billionaire if she wants and run a
multi millionaire company. In fact she owned
one here in Cape Town.

But recently someone has been searching for
her in Mexico. She moved back there because
her intuition told her to go there.

Maybe it was the best opportunity for her to kick
out those rats that have been living of her
mother’s wealth.

“Who the f*çk is this?! Someone able to hire J?”
Erica asked herself as she logged into her
hacker account.

She texted J.

🗯️ Looking for someone? 🗯️ She asked.

🗯️Yep, is she under your protection?🗯️ J

🗯️Yeah, why are you looking for her? Did she
offend you? 🗯️Erica texted.

She didn’t remember offending anyone these
few years. And J? She doesn’t know his full
name but she couldn’t have offended him. First
this person hired the world renown hacker now

🗯️ Maybe. I heard your returning to Mexico
soon?🗯️ J texted.

The two were quite close and had always
wanted to meet.

🗯️Uh-huh. Word travel’s fast here. I wanted to
hit you with a surprise.🗯️ Erica said.

🗯️Yeah-yeah. As if you could do that.🗯️ J

🗯️Smug føøl.🗯️ She texted laughing.

🗯️I gotta get back to work. Do you know this
girl’s name? And since your returning why don’t
you come see me sometime?🗯️ J said.

🗯️She is me. I am wondering how I offended
you J.🗯️ She texted.

J didn’t reply for awhile as if she just hit a sore

🗯️J?🗯️ She texted.

𝐓 𝐁 𝐂 ♡

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