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Written by:Charlotte 💋

Chapter 11👶12



*A mall*

“Wow handsome brother?!” Bella’s mouth was
left agape as she looked up at him stunned .

James stared at her cute face dazed for a
moment this face that he had not seen for
years. This face that he was overly infatuated
with the one he would die for?

“Bella.” He said in a low voice.

Bella didn’t seem so recognize him at all but
only said.

“Handsome brother I didn’t know you were this
good-looking. You can keep those cuffs you
would look hot in them. ” She winked.” I will just
go find another gift for Dad.” She smiled.

Just as she was about to walk away he caught
her hand and pulled her closer.

“Bella? Do you really not recognize me?” James

“I…..no. Dp we know each other?” Bella asked.

James looked at her his eyes flickering with

“No, can I get your phone number and Facebook
name. So I can chat you up both ways.” He
smiled his eyes turning into tiny crescent’s.

“Mm.” Bella pretended to think.” Since you are
so good-looking I will just give it to you.”

****The Park 2 hours later****

“Miss?” A male voice sounded similar to the one
that informed her about the banquet..

“Mm, anything?” Erica asked her tone serious.

“Nothing much the Johnson’s have just been
running E&J company and we’re focused on
growing it well. Oh… and Nelly has been
focused on building a relationship with Jakes.”
The man said.

“Jakes Hunt.” Erica repeated..

“Yes, Miss.” The man said.

“Ok, it seems I will have to hit them were it hurts
the most. Immediately get me all the
information about Jakes I might need to make a
deal with him. Then… Find out the information
about E&J company also arrange a
shareholders meeting behind the Johnson’s
backs. ” Erica said.

“Yes Miss.” He said.

“Also…..” She stopped mid-sentence. “Where is
Big brother?”

“In the Research institute.” The man said.

“Ok.” She mumbled walking away.” Don’t forget I
will give you a bonus this month.”

As soon as she left the man shouted.

“Yes!!! I love this Boss!!” He laughed.

*The Brown’s mansion*

“Nel!!” Bella shouted on the phone.

She had just come back home from the
encounter at the store with James and locked
herself in the room so she could tell Nelly the

“What’s wrong Bell?” Nelly’s voice sounded on
the phone her tone lazy and unrestrained.

“I think I met my soulmate at the mall today.”
She said in a happy tone.

“Hahaha! You say what?!” Nelly’s voice was
filled with mockery.

“I met my soulmate at the mall today.” Bella
smiled not noticing anything wrong with her
tone of voice.

” Soulmate. Bella you’re so old but you still
believe in such b*ll$hit?! You can’t just meet a
person and the next second he is your
soulmate. ” Nelly said in a harsh tone.

“But…” Bella tried to speak.

“Whatever! Hear me well that guy might be a
fraudster or something so just avoid him.
Besides he might not be up to standard imagine
if he was a poor filthy guy pretending to be rich
so he can suck you of your money? Stay away
from him!” Nelly said.

“But you met Jakes and called him your
soulmate the next second why can’t I do the
same with me. Even he is no better than Jakes
he is still good looking and my soulmate.” Bella
said hanging up.

The next second a new message popped up on
her phone.

💌”Hi 👋

Handsome brother.” 💌

Bella immediately smiled.

💌” Can’t you tell me your real name?” 💌 She
asked a lingering smile on her lips.

💌”Private.” 💌 The man said.

🗯️{Nelly babe}

“He only wants to get under your skirt! Once he
is in he will leave. Trust me and he is getting in
your head you don’t even wanna hear a single
bad word I say about him.” 🗯️

Looking at Nelly and the handsome brothers
message she was caught in a frenzy. Who
should she go with? What made her believe
Nelly’s words even more was the handsome
brothers reply. Why couldn’t she know his

Bella glanced at her phone and silently sighed
turned it off before going to the bathroom.

*Hunt Mansion*

James looked at his phone in confusion.

Why did she suddenly turn sour when he made
that joke? Was his name really that important?

💌” Are you ok?”💌 He texted.

Ten minutes later he still didn’t receive a reply
and his thoughts were running wild when
something flashed in his mind. A sudden look
of realization popped up in his head.

“Disgusting! Bella wouldn’t do such a thing even
if he doesn’t remember me.” He said and shut
his phone before going to the bathroom.

**Johnson mansion**

“How can that little wh0re fall in love so fast?!
Haha, anyway I will just play the loving bestie.”
Nelly laughed out loud.

How dare Bella get married before her? She had
to be the one to get married first and what if
Bella’s husband was handsome? Nelly wanted
Bella’s husband to be low quality and as ugly as
an old man.

He had to be older potbellied and a miserable

“I am the only one who deserves the handsome
guys! Even if I get Jakes all the handsome guys
must be single!” She scoffed inwardly.

*Research institute*

Erica stood by the door looking at the black
figure who was too busy operating his
computer to notice her presence.

“Mm?” A smirk rose at the corner of her lips as a
mischievous idea popped in her mind.

She sneaked out of the room and came back
with a small bucket of water.

“You messed with me first.” She said in a smug
tone in her head.

She sneaked closer to him and poured the water
on his back making sure it doesn’t reach his
computer. Surprisingly the man remained still.

“What?!” She shouted turning the black doll

” You think you can play such a low trick on
me?” A familiar voice sounded from behind and
she instinctively turned around to see the man
standing at the door.

“Why can’t I mess with you not even a little? It’s
close to impossible.” She said her voice filled
with grief.

The man chuckled and moved to another chair
with his computer.

“Found anything about that man yet?” She

“Not much he is a normal middle class man
from a middle-class family. He is a heavy
drinker and might have already started taking
Dr*gs at some point. ” The man said.

“His address? The normal place he goes to drink
any girls he likes at that club his ideal type of
woman?” Erica asked.

“Well….. He likes any girl he sees dancing that
day as long as she is pretty. His ideal type of
woman is white tall, slim and has a nice p*$$y
coupled with a bouncy @$$.” The man said.

“Eww. But I will see to it. Mind babysitting
tonight?” She asked.

The kids didn’t really mess with this guy and so
she felt more at ease leaving them with him
unfortunately he was coming along last night
so she had to higher a nanny.

“Nope, I haven’t seen my babies in years.” The
man smirked standing up.

“Thank you remember to pick them up at 5pm.”
She smiled.

*Hunt co-ops*

“Boss.” Jakes’s secretary called out.

“Mm?” He said.

“Miss Johnson has left and our man are
guarding her.” The man bowed.

“Good. Make sure they keep a good eye on her.
Also send me anything you find weird. ” He said.

” Yes boss.” The secretary bowed and closed the
door behind him.


*Private school*

“Uncle!” Aura’s voice rang out.

“Aura baby.” The man said patting her head.

“Why are you here?” Michael asked his gaze

“Your mummy asked me to babysit tonight.”
The man said.

“Where is she?” Gabriel asked.

“Went to deal with some unexpected work.” The
man said.

“Why didn’t you go with her?” Brandon asked.

“She didn’t wanna.” The man said.

“Great and you let her go just like that?!” David
was furious.

“Whatever mummy is a big girl. But if anything
happens to her uncle just know I will hold you
accountable.” Logan said indifferently walking
towards the car.

The rest rushed after him.

“Erica where did you get these five d*vil
children? You are lucky Aura is such a
sweetheart or I would have quit long ago.” The
man mumbled walking towards the car too.


*Night club*

Two man looked at each other.

“Is this weird?” One asked. ” Should we tell the

” What’s wrong with a normal citizen going to
the club? Maybe she just came to get a few
drinks after a long day at work.” The other
shrugged and soon the other also shrugged
nonchalantly and they silently sat by the bar.

Erica silently went to a private room and closed
the door.

A bunch of disgusting potbellied man sat on
their couches looking at woman str*p&ing on
the poles.

She was dressed in a blue coat to cover her
body before she got here.

Only a pair of black high heels and an
extraordinarily beautiful face and legs could be

“Hey lady! Are you lost?!” The same man from
the banquet shouted.

“No daddy! I am your pole dancer for the night! I
can stay as long as you want.” She said in a
$3duct*ve voice.

But inside she was disgusted.

“Do your thing!” Another man ordered as soon
as the other girls found their man for the night.

Erica nodded obediently and took off her coat
leaving her in a §€x¥ ling€ri£.

Her b00bs were only covered by a tiny cloth that
only covered her n*pp&e downwards her belly
was exposed with only a waist chain and her
underwear was a brand that only covered her

“My poor dignity.” She said inwardly before
walking to one of the poles every man in the
room was glaring at her like a feast.

She immediately began to twerk on the pole like
it was a d*©k. Her @§$ bouncing repeatedly
making every man’s friend in the room shoot

She then walked slowly to an ugly fat potbellied
man and stroked his friend slowly before
walking to every man in the room and doing the
same she went back to the stage chuckled and
immediately went on all fours before she began
to m0@n like a wh0r3.

“I want her!” The same man from that night
claimed her first and she immediately walked
over to him and kneeled.

“Master, should we go directly to the room or…”
Before she could even finish the sentence the
old man said.

“Sit on my lap and do what everyone else is
doing.” He said.

And she obediently nodded seating on his lap
and tw€rking on his D~~.

“Gotcha!” She smirked inwardly.

𝐓 𝐁 𝐂 ♡

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