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Written by:Charlotte 💋

Charpter 3👶4

❤️‍🔥Little p€rv€ted boys❤️‍🔥


*Hunt Co-ops*

Jakes stared at Erica’s text in shock never had
he ever suspected E to be that little girl.

🗯️J?🗯️ Was E’s text after that one.

🗯️Are you serious? 🗯️ He texted.

🗯️How can I joke about that? Come on why are
you looking for me?🗯️ E asked.

🗯️Can we meet ? If we do all my past grudges
will go away.🗯️ Jakes said.

🗯️Okie-dokie but warning I got six kids five
son’s and one cute baby girl age 5.🗯️ E said.

Five?! If she really is that girl it means we got
s€xtuplets together?!

🗯️Sure it’s Jakes Hunt.🗯️ He texted trying hard
not to jump to conclusions.

🗯️Okie, why don’t we meet at my new work
place Hunt Co-ops. Is that your place? 🗯️ She

She was gonna start working here?!

🗯️Ok, yeah it’s mine. Which department?🗯️ He

🗯️ Your rich baby!! My lil money bag😉. I am
gonna start as a designer there tommorow.🗯️
Was her answer.

🗯️My top quality designer?!🗯️ He asked.

🗯️ Thanks for the compliment.🗯️ E said.

🗯️ Don’t get smug. You rascal. 🗯️ Jakes

🗯️I am top quality anyways. I am Erica
Johnson’s.🗯️ She said.

🗯️See ya. Day after tommorow.🗯️ He said.

🗯️Sure. Bye. Mr workload.🗯️ She teased and
went offline.

🗯️ Come back here you…🗯️ Was his reply as
he pretended to be angry.

“Erica Johnson?” He said aloud and
immediately started checking her out on the

He found her profile but it was blank only
showing her birth place. Birth date. A few
pictures of her. And that she was from the
Johnson’s family nothing more.

“If she really is from the Johnson’s she will have
to go tommorow right?” He said to himself a
smirk crazing his lips.

Finally apart from that torturous Nelly Johnson
there was something more interesting about the

“Seems like tommorow night is set in stone to
be awesome. ” He smirked.

He looked at the documents on his table sadly.

*Next day*


*The road*

“Mummy!! Mummy!” Aura called softly.

“Yes, baby girl.” Erica smiled patting her little
head they were now in the car on their way to
the knew mansion.

“Is our house bigger now? Can I love in my own
girlie room?” Aura smirked.

While they were still in Cape Town their room
had been manly and masculine. There was
nothing sweet about the room not even a tinge
of pink Aura always felt sad because of this so
she didn’t care as long as the house was bigger.

“No.” Said Brandon.

“I don’t think so either.” Gabriel said.

“Mm. Your decoration skills are too poor it’s
best we live with you.” Michael added.

“Yeah, I can already imagine a barbie room in
our house.” Logan added.

“Probably in the next life.” David added.

“It depends on what the six of you want. The
house is big enough for 200 people. So if you
don’t wanna share a room you can always get
your own. But I think it’s best for you to sleep
with your brothers Aura.” Erica smiled.

Although having all of them sleep in separate
rooms might be a good thing. Aura always has
nightmares and cries through the night if she
was alone. So Erica would rather have them
sleeping together rather than let Aura have more

“Even mum thinks it’s good for you.” Brandon

“Mum no!!! I swear I am gonna turn lesbian if I
spend another day in the same room as them!”
Aura cried out loud.

“Even better. Mummy won’t have to deal with
your suitors in the future if that happens.” Erica
laughed rubbing Aura’s head.

“Mum will never have to deal with them. David
will chase them off before they can even say I
love you Aura.” David smirked.

“Mum don’t give him permission he is gonna
chase my hot future husband away.” Aura

“Hot? Where did you learn that language?”
Gabriel and Michael asked with their eyebrows

“You all taught me.” Aura said pointing at all
five of them.

“Us?!” Logan looked at himself in shock.

“If you wanna anger those two please don’t drag
my innocent soul into this.” Brandon said.

“Me too.” David also defended himself.

“When all five of you stared at that woman’s
@$$ in the mall last month y’all said it was hot
bouncy and…” Before aura could finish her
statement Gabriel covered her mouth.

“She meant hot dogs. And bouncy ball.” He said

Erica on the other hand was trying hard not to
laugh at how her daughter exposed her brothers
just now.

These five kids already looked at a woman’s
assets at such a young age? Was their father a
p€rv€t so they are also turning into mini him’s?

° I will have to teach them how not to do that in
the near future especially with their sister
around.° she thought sighing to herself.

How many woman were looked at there by
these five? And where did they learn how to say
those things?

It seems she had been raising five little p€rv€ted

But what could she say?

*Johnson mansion*

“Father Mother.”Nelly smiled looking at father
and mother Johnson.

She was summoned by her father here before
the banquet she was not dressed yet but she
was already wearing light make-up that showed
off her pretty little face.

“Nelly.” Father Johnson smiled looking at her.

“Why did you call for me?” She asked.

“As you know is the family banquet. Today
Jakes Hunt will be here.” Father Johnson

“I know father.” Nelly said blushing lightly.

“Tonight is your chance to spend more time
with Jakes and get together with him. It’s Abit
difficult to get an opportunity to meet him on
such a difficult time of the year.

Spend more time with him tonight and
accompany him.” Father Johnson smiled.

“I will father. Jakes Hunt can’t resist the charm
of a beautiful,innocent, unique and obedient girl
like me.” Nelly smiled showing a lot of
obedience and consideration towards her
father. “I won’t disappoint you father please
don’t get worried.

Her mother on the other end smiled happily
looking at her obedient little daughter.

“Good daughter it’s good. ” Mother Johnson

*Erica’s Mansion*

The family of seven sat on the dining table until
Erica’s phone rang.

📱Hello.📱 She said.

📱Miss something is happening tonight at the
Johnson family.📱 The other party said.

📱What is there? 📱 She asked..

📱They are having a family banquet many
people will be there.📱 The other party said.

📱How ironic they hold a banquet but their
benefactor isn’t invited?📱 Erica laughed.

📱Miss should I get you an invitation?📱 The
other party asked.

📱Of course. I wouldn’t miss that banquet for
the world. Get me the best dress jewelery and
dress and make sure their very expensive I
wanna make it look like I got a big thigh. Also
get me a good babysitter my kids can’t
experience such terrible face slapping.📱 She

📱 Yes miss.📱 The other party said and
dropped the phone.

“Babies mummy is going out tonight I will get
you a good babysitter can you be good while I
am gone?” Erica said to the six.

“Yes, mummy.” Aura giggled..

“I will try not to torture the nanny.” Michael

“I won’t dare to do it either.” Logan added.

“We will be good rest assured.” Brandon said.

“I will be on my best behavior.” David also said.

“Me too.” Gabriel said.

Erica could only sigh in her heart these six kids
have always been her life and virtue she loved
them so much. But she knew that once the
nannies shift was over today she wouldn’t dare
to come back. She didn’t know what this six did
to them but none of the hired nannies would
come back. In fact they leave the house in

“Be good and mummy will take you to explore
France/Paris.” She smiled and led them to their
bed room to get a shower.

A while later ….

The new nanny was a sweet 19 year old who
only babysits part time.

“Miss Johnson.” The lady bowed smiling.

“Greetings. Can you take care of my six kids at
age five for me for the night I am not sure when
I will be back so I will pay you for the night. I
prepared a room for you next door to theirs.
Everything including your clothes will be taken
care of. I will pay you ten million for the night.”
Erica smiled.

“Ten million?!” The girl was shocked ten million
was more than enough for her to cover her
school fees and house bill.

“Yes. Everything about the children is in the
book I am in a little bit of a hurry so please can
you do it?” Erica asked.

“Of course!” The lady half yelled and thirty
minutes later Erica left.

She never told this nanny about the past
nannies or she was sure the girl was gonna
come out running before the job even begun.
Nannies that come out of the job crying? What
could the kids possibly be doing to them? It was
too scary.

*Johnson mansion*

*Midnight *

The mansion was crowded many people had
arrived already. But Jakes was yet to come
Nelly sat by the door greeting guests. Bella was
right in front of her.

“Did he say what time he was coming?” Bella

“No, he didn’t mention it but since he said he will
come he will come.” Nelly was trying to reassure

“Yes she most certainly will. But of he does who
would accompany me at the door.” Bella shook
her head lightly with a sigh.

“Mm. You can always get a gentleman to spend
time with.” Nelly giggled.

“Of course I can how can I not?” Bella smiled.

Just as the two friends were talking a tall figure
walked in with twenty bodyguards following
right behind him.

“Jakes.” Nelly put on her best smile and acted
all familiar with him.

“Nelly.” He smiled although his eyes were a bit
cold and the smile was forced.

He needed to get some information about Erica
from this Nelly so being a bit more gentle might
do the trick.

“Mr Hunt.” Bella bowed in greetings before
excusing herself and fled away. She didn’t
wanna be a third wheel it would really make her
feel more.bpred then standing by the door alone

“Jakes why don’t you come seat with me I
haven’t seen you in a while.” Nelly smiled.

° I prefer it that way.° Jakes thought inwardly
but he followed the innocent looking Nelly to the

“What should I tell the maid to get you? Wine?
Whiskey? Or maybe a piece of cake?” Nelly
asked still smiling.

James never really smiled at her today seemed
to be an exception. Was he slowly catching
feelings for her? Or maybe he just thought since
she had persuade him for so long she deserved
at least better treatment?

“No need to get anything for me. I am fine. ”
Jakes said.

“Ok, then what should we do now?” She asked.

“How about I ask you a few questions and you
have to answer me honestly.” James smiled but
this time it was scary as if saying “if you lie I kíll

Nelly nodded her head.

“Who is Erica Johnson to you?” James asked.

°why is he suddenly curious about that little
b•t©h? Did she offend him?° Nelly thought but
still answered honestly.

“My elder half sister. Father disowned her in the
past five years after she got pregnant.” Nelly
said the last part meant that Erica was useless
and he could do anything he wanted.

But in truth the company they were running was
actually in Erica’s name her mother left it to her
on her will. But that guilible Erica would never
dare to come take it back.

Just as she was thinking this a gasp was heard
from the guests and all eyes were glued to the
figure on the door.

𝐓 𝐁 𝐂 ♡

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