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Written by:Charlotte 💋

Chapter 5👶6

❤️‍🔥Sister who is he?❤️‍🔥

*Johnson mansion*

The figure was dressed in a white dress that
cost billions her hair was let down in curls and
she only wore a light layer of makeup her lips
were covered in pink lipstick.

Her earings were the most wanted pair of
sapphire earings in the world won in an auction
4 years ago by a rich person.

Then her shoes were made of pure gold but not
completely as the person who ordered them this
year wanted something comfortable and non-
slippery easy to walk in but expensive.
Immediately this woman walked in all the
attention on Nelly was gone all eyes were on

She was like a Queen walking down her throne
and the rest of them were just meer mortals.
She was like a total immortal completely
outstanding more than meer immortality.

🗣️Oh my!!!

🗣️WTF who the Fu©k is she?!!

🗣️ Does that even matter?!

The crowd went into momentary silence until
Nelly stood up in anger rushing towards the
white immortal like figure.

“Erica!! What the h€ll are you doing here?!!!”
Nelly shouted her gentle expression turning

“Nelly Johnson.” Erica smiled saying every
syllable seriously.”Long Time no see.”

“You!!” Nelly said pointing a shaky finger at her.

“What’s wrong dear you missed me that much?”
Erica smiled.

“What’s wrong with you? Why did you come
back? You unfilial girl!” Nelly shouted.

“Shh. You are making noise. Please relax and
stop shouting at me. I might reveal some things.
Here is what’s gonna happen tonight. You shut
up and live your life like we don’t know each
other and I do the same.” Erica smiled

“Why did you come?” Nelly asked in a low tone.

“I got to attend some things here so chillax and
let tonight be enjoyable. ” Erica smirked walking
away from Nelly as though she was a crâzy

The onlookers looked on in total bewilderment.
Does Nelly know that girl? Was she not
supposed to come or maybe Erica has
something to do with the Johnson’s?

Everyone’s curiosity was spiked. Who was that
girl? A girl who could make Nelly Johnson push
down her act of pure innocence?

Jakes wasn’t left out that was Erica Johnson. If
she was that rich why did she apply for a job at
his company? This Erica was indeed an
interesting person. Now that his main course
was here he didn’t bother looking at Nelly
anymore what he was more curious about was
the purpose of Erica’s little visit.

Was it to show of? If so he could help. Or
maybe it was to make the Johnson’s know of
her return? But they are many ways to do that?

Jakes was right behind Nelly so he heard
everything that Erica said and was interested in
finding the purpose of her visit.

*Betting room*

Father Johnson sat side by side with Mother
Johnson. Father Hunt and Mother Hunt sat in
front of them.

They were playing a betting game amongst the
man the ladies just enjoyed accompanying their
husbands to this splendid occasion. It was rare
for the Johnson’s and Hunt’s to be in the same
room without any contracts to discuss.

“Johnson my man you are still so good at
g@mbling.” Father Hunt chuckled as father
Johnson won 10 million from him.

“Hunt my friend do you expect me to lose to you
in this lifetime at such a simple game? Oh
please oh please wait for our next life maybe we
might meet and you might be better than me
then.” Father Johnson laughed.

“Don’t Smit yourself too much you might lose
teeth from over smitting yourself. Proud people
die first.” Father Hunt laughed.

“As if you could beat me in this.” Father
Johnson smiled.

“Once I win against you I will win a billion. ”
Father hunt smirked.

“You wish for now continue as a sore loser.”
Father Johnson smiled.

“Father!!” Nelly shouted rushing in almost
tripping on her high heels.

“Nelly what’s wrong? Why are you running
around the house like that?” Mother Johnson

“I am sorry Mother, Father Uncle and Aunt. ”
Nelly apologized her head down.

“It’s alright dear what happened?” Mother Hunt

She had always seen Nelly as her daughter-in-
law and a sweet young lady. She always
thought that no woman in this world could beat
this obedient sensible and beautiful daughter.
And also she was highly intelligent.

“Auntie my elder sister is down stairs.” Nelly
said her face pale.

“What?!” Father Johnson banged his hand on
the table causing the ladies to flinch.

“Father she seems to have no intentions of
going to talk to us in fact she told me to tell the
whole Johnson family to leave her be for
tonight and she will leave us.” Nelly smiled.

“Oh, really what’s her purpose for attending?”
Father Johnson slowly calmed down.

“She did not say but it seems she is here to meet
someone.” Nelly smiled.” She is wearing very
expensive clothing in fact if I calculate the
money on her it will make up to 25% of the
Johnson’s money.” Nelly couldn’t help but

“You mean that unfilial daughter of mine is
actually this big a money bag?” Father Johnson
was curious who spent so much money on such
small things?

“Oh? You mean Erica is back? ” Mother Hunt
was immediately curious. Erica was also perfect
for her son the only wrong thing about her was
she was disowned by the Johnson’s and her
scandal five years ago.

“The cute one?” Father Hunt asked he can
always remember that cute little pest always
following Jakes around their house.

“Yes, her husband why don’t we go ahead and
check this situation out ourselves?” Mother
Johnson was also curious.

How could someone abunded by the Johnson’s
come back rich? Highly impossible.

*Erica’s Mansion*

The six d€mons were yet to go asleep and the
poor nanny could do nothing but wait.

” Big brother if I wanna calcite X is it necessary
for me to go through all this trouble?”Aura
asked Michael looking obedient and sensible.

“Yes, you have to go through all these steps
because it gives you more marks. ” Logan
answered instead.

“You see why I hate school now numbers are
boring and I already know the answer but I have
to calculate.” Aura sighed.

The nanny by the side was almost sleeping with
her eyes half open.

“She seems to be falling asleep.” Brandon said.

“Should we wake her up?” Aura asked.

“Yes.” Michael said.

“Then let’s go.” Logan was about to shake the
lady when Gabriel grabbed his wrist.

“Shhh. They are many ways to wake her up.”
Gabriel smirked.

“Which one should we go with?” David asked
blinking his huge round eyes.

“Cold water babies.” Aura yell whispered and
immediately they ran out of the room.

Michael picked two packages of ice cubes. And
Brandon bought cold water from the tap.

Aura added the two together in six huge bowls
and they all carried one rushing to their room.

“Rise and shine Nanny!” They chorused pouring
the cold water on her.

“What the?!” She yelled her teeth chattering as
she hugged her arms together and stared at the
six d€mons.

“Finally you wake up you can’t sleep yet stand
over there and let us read ok? Be obedient
nanny.” Aura gave her sweetest smile.

°no wonder that woman offered such a high
price and even left in a hurry. Where did she get
these pretty d€mons?° was the woman’s
thoughts at that moment.

“Lemme go change my clothes.” She said
shivering but she couldn’t open the door they
locked it.

“Sorry nanny you can’t leave yet.” Aura smiled.

“We locked the door.” Logan said.

“Don’t worry all you need to do is stay here.”
Gabriel said.

“If you leave you might never come back.”
Brandon said.

“The cold is good for you anyway. You won’t be
able to sleep like this.” Michael smiled and went
back to teaching Aura.

What?! Did these kids just say the cold was
good for her?! She would sleep?! It was freaking
midnight people!! What are they thinking is she
some sort of sleepy robot they can’t control or
something?! Oh please they are too much?!

The nanny was so angry her fingers kept
shaking and her body was burning in anger. If
she could she would tear these d€vils apart. But
sorry for her they are rich kids for christ sake
rich kids!! And she is just a meer nanny.

“Don’t do anything irritional.” She muttered
under her breath.

*Johnson mansion*

Immediately father Johnson and the others
walked in their eyes caught a pretty figure
seating alone by the corner staring at her phone.

She looked lovely beautiful, gentle and elegant
her eyes held an innocent light as if she didn’t
know what she was doing to everyone at the

Many men stared at her with l°$tful eyes her
innocent gaze made many of those man
wanna conquer her but the over 20 man behind
her were like a tempting challenge and no one
dared to approach her so they could only stare.

Immediately father Johnson and the others
walked towards her but we’re stopped by one of
her bodyguards she waved him off and
immediately they let them walk further closer to

“Erica my darling.” Mother Hunt smiled with a
friendly gaze.

“Auntie.” Erica smiled knowing this auntie very
well this woman loved beautiful innocent
looking ladies she had like her since she was
young and youthful.

She wanted an obedient daughter in law so she
could be easier to control. Too bad she was
unruly and hated b°ll$hit so they had never been
any conflicts between the two the only reason
why this woman loved her was because of her
looks and family background.

She was certain that Nelly had received this
same pampering over the years and this woman
still have her such an affectionate gaze it was
probably the clothes she was wearing or her
innocent look.

Everyone was shocked at her form of address.

Not just everyone could call Mother Hunt auntie.
So this woman did have a huge background.

“You are finally back auntie missed you so
much over the years.” Mother Hunt who was in
a good mood lied smoothly.

°please don’t try to fool me old lady.° Erica
thought inwardly her eyes still gentle.

” I missed you too auntie I will come to visit.”
Erica smiled pleasantly.

°maybe I should bring the kids over next Time
so you know I am not a marriage machine.° she
thought inwardly every family couldn’t accept
illegitimate children six was too much at that.

She was sure this lady would let go of those
thoughts immediately she saw those kids.

Everyone changed fake pleasantries with fake
smiles and was disrupted the dark figure that
walked towards Erica. Although the man was
covered all over he was dressed so expensively
and these clothes looked the same as the ones
Jakes was wearing just that this figure was
wearing a mask. His suit matched perfectly with

The bodyguards didn’t even stop him from
seating across Erica.

Who is this man? And why did he look so
noble? Mother Johnson and Nelly asked.

“Little one.” The man smiled at Erica.

“Big brother.” Erica stood up to hug the man.

Does this two know each other and why are they
acting all familiar with each other. Jakes was
furious who was that man ?! How dare he touch
his property?! But the figure had a few outlines
of James Hunt who had supposedly went to
Cape Town a few years back.

“How have you been doing lately?” Erica asked
smiling at him.

“I am doing a bit better hun what do you think of
my suit?” James asked.

“Too eye-catching you white eyed wolf.” Erica
smiled knocking his head.

“Sister who is he?”

𝐓 𝐁 𝐂 ♡

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