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Written by:Charlotte 💋

Chapter 7👶8

“Sister who is he?”


Those four words were said by Nelly an obvious
look of envy was on her face.

“Oh sorry this is my big brother he likes to
remain private so I can’t reveal his full name but
you can call him Acc….” Before she could finish
those words the man said.

“You can call me Mike. Mr Mike.” He said he
knew that this little d€vil wanted to call him an

It was probably because of what he did last

“Ok nice to meet you Mr Mike. I am her younger
sister Nelly this is father Johnson and Mother
Johnson and that’s auntie hunt along with
uncle hunt.” She smiled sweetly.

Although this man was dressed to the moons
and covered up anybody who was born in
money could tell that he was a rich person. And
his facial outline made you feel that this person
was dangerously handsome.

So many rich people were here but many of
them were just old potbellied greedy old man
the young were totally hard to find. But many
girls in this crowd came to meet other rich heirs.

“Mr Mike.” Jake’s voice was heard.

“Oh Mr Hunt.” Mr Mike (Erica’s big brother)

Immediately those words left his mouth
something clicked in his head was he J? Jakes

“Jakes Hunt?” Erica said in total shock.

Never had he ever expected to meet her boss,
partner in crime and fellow hacker ik such a
place. Jakes always seemed to hate gatherings
everytime they chatted so she didn’t expect to
see him in such an event.

The woman stared at her as though she just
uttered the stupidest question ever.

Who asked such a question? Couldn’t you see
that he was Jakes Hunt? A dangerous business
tycoon someone not many could mess with.

“E.” Jakes smiled happily.

Although she didn’t recognize him at first he still
knew his name. Now he felt more than relieved
to have told her his name. Even if they were
strangers they at least knew each other’s

“Oh my gosh! I always thought you hated
gatherings?!” Erica was in total shock she ran to
hug Jakes and tripped on her high heels but
Jakes caught her waste and hugged her tightly.

Smelling the cherry scented hair shampoo,
touching the soft hair and the softest body.

“Erica, you didn’t tell me you were coming to this
event.” Jakes smiled.

“It was a surprise they didn’t tell me beforehand
in fact a friend couldn’t attend and gave me the
invitation card.” Erica smiled.

Nelly who was standing only two or four feet
behind them stared at them with pure anger and
jealousy if her face was pale before it was now
green with veins popping out of her forehead
her fingers clenched she was practically
shaking in anger.

*Cape Town*

*Royal House*

A man clad in black sat on the business like
table his long legs were crossed and a
document was in his hand.

“Boss.” Another tall man bowed in front of him.

“Butler Tang. Don’t bow.” The man said.

“Your highness the youngest inheritor has left
this country. “Butler Tang said.

“Mm.” The man said although his eyes turned
slightly warmer.

“What should I do? The young girl seems to be
unaware about your presence.” Butler Tang

“Continue to protect her from afar make sure
she doesn’t know a thing about this. Also learn
a little more about her. I am quite curious
because she seems to know everything.” The
man smirked.

“Wh-what?!” Butler Tang was shocked.

Initially he, Noah and a bunch of guards had
come to Cape Town so they can find their
youngest Princess. Whom was the inheritor of a
large company in Brazil.

He had always thought that this young girl was
guilible and very easy to fool her temperament
was very arrogant. So he didn’t think such an
arrogant person would think they were here for
her so how come she came to know of this
must this little girl know everything?

“Why else will she move back to Mexico at this
time?” Noah smiled.

“Because she got a good job in Mexico that
could sponsor her family well. ” Butler Tang

“No, the Hunt’s had wanted to hirer her many
times before. But this time because of a single
billion she agreed? That’s almost impossible for
someone like her it’s highly impossible. It seems
that this guilible sister isn’t such a waste of time
anymore. I want you to learn of her every last
move and get to know why the Hunt’s wanted to
hire her so badly they must be something
behind all of this.” Noah said in a slightly cold

Although Erica always seemed like a waste of
time to him. He always had this special feeling
for her this little girl.

No matter how many sisters he had this one
was the only one ever to gain his full curiosity
and the slightest bit of care and love.

Although he grew up with his two sisters he had
always been curious about this one. His parents
told him to look for her on this particular year he
knew he was raised in the Johnson Family but
he didn’t expect that the woman who worked for
them before died and left her with a huge
traitorous man.

Of course Noah couldn’t keep this lying down so
he had to take revenge for his sister. That man
dared to kick his sister out and take what
rightfully belonged to her? Although the
Johnson family was created to that she could
have a good life the company could be
considered their repayment and so if she didn’t
wanna give it it was rightfully hers.

“Erica.” He said in a hoarse voice.


*Johnson mansion*

“Sister you also know him.” Nelly asked with a
dark expression.

“Oh yes! I met him internet.” Erica said.

🗣️ Who said it was highly impossible to find
Jakes Hunt on the internet?

🗣️But d*MN how much luck does this b**ch

🗣️And Jakes actually acknowledged her? In the
future keep it mind never to offend Erica. This
woman looks powerful and two powerful man
are right besides her.

🗣️Sigh, I want her life.

“Internet?!” Nelly couldn’t help but shout in

Are you kidding with her? Who meets Jakes
Hunt on the internet. Only a stupid person could
believe this time of b*ll$hit.

Everybody knows that Jakes doesn’t go around
accepting random requests and it’s not like
many people knew his internet account names.

“You sent him a friend request?” Nelly asked..

“No , I did.” Jakes said honestly.

Just as Nelly was about to continue her
interrogation her father spoke up the event had

“Good evening friends, acquaintances and
family.” Father Johnson smiled stiffly.

“Tonight is our families 30th anniversary.
Although not many people know about this our
company had been running for 30 years but we
actually got registered our 20th year. Our
company got many opportunities since then.
My family focus has brightened over the years
and our future seems limitless.

Tonight we are celebrating the J&E 20th
anniversary I hope I last long enough to see the
30th anniversary. I really appreciate everyone’s
support through the years and hope to create a
g-” his long speech was cut of when a potbellied
man suddenly shouted..

“You old liar!!! Don’t think I don’t know what this
your generous family had done over the years!!
You will get retribution! You old lying h*g!!!
Make sure you save enough money to spend
your whole life time because you seem to be
greedy!! Payment is coming soon!!!” The old
man shouted.

“Apologies security please get this man out of
the hall. He probably had too much to drink.
Haha!” Father Johnson said although everyone
could see that this man wasn’t drunk. They still
kept shut. They knew father Johnson was just
trying to smooth things over.

“You will get retribution!!! You will get it!! If you
last at least two years you would be lucky! But
that’s already an over estimation! ” The man
yelled as he was dragged out by security.

Erica’s eyes followed him. Her eyes filled with
curiosity. That man seems to know something.
But what did he know? And why does it seem
like he had been close to father Johnson?

She cast a glance at the masked man who
immediately excused himself to investigate. He
was also quite curious about that man. Why did
he seem so knowledgeable? And his attitude
just now showed he had big information. The
masked man was tired of investigating things
about this complicated family.

If it was up to him. He would just take the
company back and get rid of this stupid family
and take the company back. But since if was
Erica’s choice he had no choice rather than to

*Next day*

*Erica’s Mansion*

Erica lay on the bed the bed covers almost
covering her head completely only a pair of
eyebrows could be seen.

Her fingers clenched the bed covers tightly.

As if she was having a bad dream.

“Mm-mm.” She shook her head cold sweat on
her forehead.

Noah was standing besides the bed looking at

“I wonder what your dreaming about.” Noah
mumbled staring at her as she seemed scared.
Her fingers twitching.

“Let me go.” She whispered turning her head
towards Noah.

“Please.” She cried her soft hand softly touched
Noah’s jacket clenching it into tight balls.

Fresh tears fell out of her eyes she looked like a
sad little goddess.

“Shh. Big brother is here don’t cry.” Noah patted
her head dotingly his eyes sad.

He didn’t know what she was dreaming about
but every night he came to her room he saw her
cry every night. So he regularly came to see her
at night but he came this morning and she was
still having a nightmare? What exactly was this
nightmare about? It seemed so sad that it
haunted her for so long.

A pitiful sob came from her as she cried and
sniffed hugging his waist tightly.

“Big brother don’t leave me I need you… don’t…
leave…me…” Her last few words were

Noah slowly massaged her head and kissed her

“Shh.” He whispered slowly and sang a quite
song to help her sleep peacefully.

“Sleep tight my darling….” The song went
although it wasn’t completely fluent it was at
least enough for her to sleep peacefully.

Awhile later Erica’s body slowly formed a tiny

𝐓 𝐁 𝐂 ♡

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