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Written by:Charlotte 💋

Chapter 9👶10

❤️‍🔥Wow, handsome brother ❤️‍🔥


*A private school*

“Mummy is this our new school?!” Aura shouted
in a happy voice.

They were at the school gate.

“Mm, do you like it?” Erica asked she knew Aura
wouldn’t like just any place so she really hoped
she’d get used to this school.

The kid’s will be living in this school so they can
complete their terms Erica even set a strict
study time. And she didn’t accept low grades
from her kids. The kids were already used to it
and always made sure to do their best in fact
they always got awards at their previous school.

So Erica was assured that her kids would do
their utmost best.

“Not sure.” Gabe muttered.

“And you shouldn’t think you have escaped yet! I
am coming later and you will all tell me what
you did to that poor nanny.” Erica said in a stern

But before she could say her second sentence
the kids ran off.

“Those kids.” She sighs turning around.

*Johnson mansion*

“That scheming b*tch!!!” Nelly kept shouting in
her room loudly.

“Why did she come back I swear I am gonna k*ll
her!!” Nelly sneered her appearance turning ugly.

“That….” Before she could finish a maid rushed

“My apologies young Miss.” The maid
immediately apologized seeing that Nelly was
in a bad mood.

“Didn’t your mother teach how to knock?! Who
gave you the freedom and tenacity to rush into
my room like that?!!” Nelly continued to shout.

The maid kneeled immediately apologizing

“I am sorry young Miss!” The maid said.

Nelly stared at her in anger and slowly relaxed
her eyes.

“Next time remember that I am not one of your
people who you can just rush into their room
without knocking.” Nelly sneered.

“Yes, young Miss.” The maid said

“Why are you here?” Nelly asked.

“Young Miss breakfast is ready.” The maid
bowed running off.

“Am I that scary? Remember never to let anyone
ruin your image including… Nelly Johnson.” She
mumbled in a light voice.

*Hunt Co-ops*

“Achoo! Achoo!” Erica sneezed. “Am I catching
the flu or something?”

Erica was starting her job today at the Hunt co-
ops. As a graphic designer. Of course she had
her own office which unexpectedly was close to

A man in a black suit walked in and threw
plenty of files filled with many designs which
needed some sort of re-drawing and a few

“Is this payback for the number of times I c*rsed
him in our chats? Or secretly?” She sighs. ” I
wish he chokes while he eats drowns while
swimming has a heart attack in his sleep and
falls while walking.” She sneered.

*Private school*

Aura’s brothers clung to her for the whole day.

“Can you guys live without me?” She asked at
the cafeteria.

“Of course who can’t live without you?” David
said arrogantly.

“100% yes. We are here now only to protect you.
” Mike said.

“Oh yeah?! From what?!” Aura asked her
eyebrows raised.

“Strangers.” Gabriel said.

“Backstabbing friends.” Brandon said in a low

“Making b*tchy friends.” Logan said.

“Meeting people who will teach you bad things.”
Mike said.

“They said it all. And there is also just in case
you meet bullies.” David said his eyes moving
towards the group of girls who were looking at
her with envy.

“Do I look so much not like you I feel like an
outsider now.” Aura said rolling eyes.

“Actually we only bare a 25% resemblance with
you so it’s only normal. And you look a lot like
mummy so it’s most likely that we took Dad’s
genes.” Mike evaluated.

“So that means I only bare a 25% resemblance
with Dad?!” Aura asked.

“Maybe even only a 40% resemblance as our
genes might not be exactly the same as
Daddy’s.” Logan said in a low tone trying to
comfort her.

“Oh yeah?! Then who do we look like?” Mike

“Our grandparents.” Logan shrugged.

David who had a high EQ immediately
understood but what could he do with Mike,
Gabriel and Brandon who had high IQ but lower

“Yeah probably.” David agreed.

“That’s highly impossible as our mummy has
such strong genes I don’t think Dad’s can lose
out to hers as we are so handsome.” Gabriel

“I doubt it too.” Mike said.

“I can only give it a 50% chance.” Brandon
shrugged deciding not to try to guess fate.

If they looked like their mother that was UpTo
fate no matter who they took after even if it was
their great-great-grandmother they couldn’t
predict it. Only goes up to what God wanted to
give them.

” I agree with Brandon.” David finally breathed a
sigh of relief.

‘ Thumbs up Brandy.’ He thought inwardly.

At least his EQ wasn’t so low.

*Hunt Mansion*

Mother Hunt putting on expensive jewelry sat on
the table with Father Hunt. An excited
expression was on her face.

“When will he get here?” She said in an excited

“He has to be here by…” Before he could finish
speaking the Butler walked in.

“The Second young master is back.” He said
and a familiar figure walked in dressed in a
casual blue dress and black ripped jeans but it
still didn’t hide his handsome figure.

“Mother Father how are you doing?” James

He was James Hunt Jake’s younger brother
who went to establish a business in Cape Town
six full years ago.

“James!” Mother Hunt was so excited she
jumped to hug him.

“Mother I am here don’t strain your body.”
James smiled hugging her.

“Oh Mother missed you so much.” Mother Hunt

“Don’t worry I only came to get Mom from this
Old boring f00lish man.” James chuckled.

Father Johnson immediately rolled eyes. This
son of his was such a big flirt often flirting with
his wife.

That’s why he sent him to Cape Town in the
first place.

“You haven’t changed at all you little flirting
idi0t. Kid doesn’t know how to get a wife of his
own and just has to come steal mine. Tsk, tsk
how bored you must be. Maybe I should prepare
a contract marriage for you.” Father Hunt said.

“No need I already found my wife the one who
needs one now is you. I chose mum. So you
need to go look for another.” James smiled.

Father Hunt stood up and chased James with a
came in hand.

“You shameless s child! Come back here! You
dare to say that in front of me! Shameless!” He
shouted chasing James.

“When last did you exercise old man?” James

Mother Hunt joined in the laughter.

*Hunt co-ops*

“You have to finish an entire weeks worth of
work today.” Jakes said in an indifferent tone.

“I have to what?!” Erica shouted..

“I don’t repeat my sentences Miss Johnson are
you deaf?” Jakes asked in amusement.

“I can’t die for you!” Erica shouted standing up.

“You see our last designer was forced one week
ago and..” before he could finish she can’t in.

“You didn’t hire anyone for a week. Listen Jakes
I have been drawing since morning and my
fingers are not in a good mood so if this is
some sort of payback for the number of times I
cursed you in our chats and in private! I am
sorry!” She shouted in misery.

“Xoxo so you can be so obedient with just a
little bit of work?!” Jakes asked in mockery.

Erica got infuriated and immediately stood up
took off one heel and immediately hit James
with it.

“You shameless ! Domineering idi0t. You!…. I
am out of c*$es but I swear if I could I will
continue!” She shouted.

“Hahaha!” James laughed.

“You are still laughing!” Erica said in a totally
infuriated tone she raised her second heel and
immediately began to mercilessly beat Jakes

“Boss…” His secretary at the door was shocked
when he opened the door.

When he got in Erica was still hitting Jakes with
the heels and c*$ing him while the boss smiled
warmly at her.

‘ is this my boss? Is the ice king smiling?!’ he
thought in shock.

Worst part no one seemed to notice him as
Erica continued to mercilessly beat him while he
just laughed..

” You f00l I swear I am gonna k*ll you today!!”
Erica shouted.

Before she could continue to hit him the man
pulled her roughly into his arms and said.

“Don’t you think you have beat me to the point
of unconsciousness?” He asked in a warmer

“No! I am not satisfied.” Erica said puffing her
cheeks like a little puffer fish. She looked like an
adorable little girl talking.

“Mm.” James said lightly taking the heels out of
her hands and putting them on the ground he let
her seat on his lap.

While he slowly patted her back.

“You poor child.” He said and she threw glares
at him.

The secretary closed the door and walked out
his expression priceless.

‘ what did I just see? I need to go pray to all the
God’s I know Lord Budha included.’ he thought
his brain upside down.


*An ancestral house*

“Young Master.” The Butler bowed.

Noah nodded and walked further into the house.

“Brother.” A woman’s voice sounded inside the
villa as an at least 20 years old girl rushed to
hug him.

This sister was Natalia she was 20 years old
five years younger than Erica. The other was
Josephine she inherited their mothers name and
was Erica’s twin sister.

“Natalia.” He smiled hugging her.

“I missed you so much! Where have you been?!
You promised to accompany me for the next
few days you must not fo..” Natalia wanted to
continue complaining when Noah said.

“I know I promised I will be by your side for the
next few days nothing will change. Brother just
had a few things to fix in Cape Town quickly he
will never break his promises.” Noah smiled
patting her head.

“Good as long as you remember.” Natalia

She had always been easy to coax and a simple

“You came back.” Josephine smiled finally
deciding to speak.

“Josephine how have you been lately?” Noah
asked smiling walking towards Josephine with


*A mall*

“I like the blue dress take it along with…” Bella
said looking at the dresses slowly her eyes

Bella decided to go shopping today because
she was in a good mood her parents who were
always on business trip after business trip were
coming back tonight.

So of course she was excited.

“Those cufflinks I want them.” Bella said
planning to give them to her Dad just as she
was pointing towards them a tall male figure
took them and looked at them.

“Hey you I picked them first!” She shouted
rushing towards him.

“But I collected them first.” James said looking
amused at this little girl.

“But I want them! I chose them first!” Bella said

She had chosen this cufflinks for her Dad she
knew how tough it was to chose male gifts.

“First come first serve.” James smiled.

He gestured for his guards to stay put. Initially
he has been gone for six years and only came
back today so many people might not recognize
him as the second young master of the Hunt

He came here after the fight with his Dad for his
mum. He came to buy himself some new

“Wow handsome brother?!” Bella’s mouth was
left agape as she looked up at him stunned .

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