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Billionaire S€xtuplets s€xtuplets are six kids
born at once.

Who will get such a blessing?

Let’s meet Erica Johnson a 23 year old Mexican
girl. Petite blonde and overly cute.

She is the type of cutie you wouldn’t resist
hugging when you see her in the streets the type
that you would fall in love with immediatetly.

But her family is a different situation the
Johnson’s are quite well off the only problem is
her step mother and sister. Her younger sister
hates her cute face and voice. Especially when
she stands besides her.

Her dad is also a huge j€rk who spoils her
stepsister to d€ath making her the slave. Her
stepsisters anger is not so hard to detect but
what’s even worse is that….

Her six children will be made by her stepsister

A one night stand made her lose her family
move to another country and live completely
new life . From being a slave princess to the
working class.

But her six little cuties help her go through all
hardships so much that she just wishes to live
till eternity no matter what happens her kids are
hers alone.

But who was the father?

Erica didn’t know of this just yet but she hoped
the man wouldn’t take her babies away.

How gentle can the man possibly be?

And to make matters worse she didn’t
remember a thing about that night.

The night she lost her pride her virginity and the
night that gave her six little babies.

But she will always remember the hardships she
suffered in the hands of her step mother and
sister and she is out for revenge.


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