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” You have been go!ng to th*s sword tra!n!ng for a very long time Elia ” h£ar!ng moth*r compla!n over th£ same th!ng all over aga!n I roll my eyes ” you know very well you need to f!nd a job to h£lp th*s house hold, any job will do but if you cont!nue th*s sword fight!ng practice, it will only dra!n us ”

” but moth*r I told you ” ₱v||!ng ©vt a chair !n th£ kitch£n I sit and stare at h*r ” I have th*s weird feel!ng !n me, feel!ng that I need to grow strong, get strong ”

” you don’t need that, what you need is to get a man who is strong enough to protect you ”

” but moth*r, I can protect myself, why should I trust a man with my life?” Grabb!ng an apple I take a b¡t£ from it ” and you need to stop worry!ng, am go!ng to f!nd a job tomorrow ”

” speak!ng of jobs, th*s is j√$t noon and I saw th*s posted on th£ Bertillon gate” collect!ng th£ paper from moth*r I open it gently th£n frowned ” yes, I know you never expected to be a maid Elia but th*s has to be done, your broth*r school fees are com!ng up soon and I need your h£lp !n pay!ng for th*s ”

I will only work !n th*re for three months ”
” yes my child, that money should be enough, th£y pay h*g£ly you know ” moth*r voice fill with enthusiasm and I have no desire !n ru!n!ng that at all, after fath*r death $h£ has taken everyth!ng on h*r, h@ndl!ng five jobs j√$t to meet th£ family needs and now that am done with highschool I th!nk I should save up for college and also h£lp h*r !n th£ process.

” well I better ch£ck ©vt th£ work place, don’t want someone else steal!ng that work ”

” thank you Elia ” smil!ng i grab my bag before leav!ng ” keep d!nner for me moth*r!! ” runn!ng to th£ tra!n station i sit d©wΠ gently, wait!ng for th£ next stop but th£n someth!ng got my attention, th*s place look really quite, so quite that it look like someth!ng is wrong.

Dropp!ng my bag I stand to my feet th£n look closer, th£y is noth!ng to see but it looks like th£y is someone th*re, someone fight!ng and…..

Before I could f!nish my thought th£ tra!n came and that feel!ng disappeared, I must have been over th!nk!ng, how can people be fight!ng wh£n you are not see!ng anyone ” th£ Bertillon residents ” mumbl!ng my dest!nation I sit close to th£ w!ndow and what I saw next made me speechless.

A man j√$t appeared ©vt of nowh*re, b©dy fill with blood ” Lucian are you okay ” someone else appeared and wh£n h£ mumble f!ne, fangs could be seen !n h*s m©vth, maybe h£ fixed th£m.

Th£ tra!n beg!n to m©v£, giv!ng me little time to stare at that face, h*s brown hair wavy and I bet it will be easy to run my h@nds through, those red eyes glitter with achievement wh£n h£ nod, normal humans don’t have red eyes.

What is h£?

Before I lost h*m completely, h£ swiftly turn h*s h£ad to my direction, h£ stare at me and at that my little fragile h£art skip a b**t ” oh my god” avert!ng my gaze I look ah£ad of myself and close my eyes, what j√$t happened? For a few seconds h£ look at me like h£ knew me.

” Bertillon residents! ”

” am gett!ng ©vt ” grabb!ng my bag I jump ©vt of th£ tra!n, th£ sun is go!ng to rest already, I have to hurry to meet up with th*s job or else moth*r will be furious ” h£llo” stand!ng ©vtside th£ gate I keep knock!ng but no one seem to respond.

you are h*re for th£ work?” Someone mumble beh!nd me, freak!ng th£ h£ll ©vt of me ” did I s¢ar£ you?”
” yes!” Turn!ng @r0vnd I yell but th£ old lady only smile ” come on !n, glad you arrive before six…your moth*r have already fill !n th£ needed details, I j√$t need to show you @r0vnd ”

” that means am hired?”

” oh no my dear, I don’t do th£ hir!ng, th£ master do ”

” master?”

” yes, h£ prefer to be called that but h*s real name is Alexander th£ fifth” Alexander huh, what a nice name if you ask me…follow!ng h*r |ns!de th£ mansion I j√$t couldn’t h£lp but to feel amazed.

” th*s is th£ library, no one is permitted h*re except you are on duty to clean ” nodd!ng my h£ad at that, we walk d©wΠ stairs to an empty room, th*s place doesn’t have a liv!ng room?

Mov!ng to th£ left $h£ open a h*g£ door ” th*s is th£ liv!ng room” only one couch th£n a place for fire and a h*g£ television but I bet th£y h@rdly turn it on ” follow me ” we step ©vt of th£ mansion and m©v£ beh!nd to f!nd anoth*r house, h*g£ but not like wh*re h£ stays ” every maid arrive h*re as early as five to change to th£ work!ng uniform, th£ mater is a general at th£ army, h£ likes punctuality, neatness and accuracy ”

Look!ng at th£ room I notice that no servants is h*re but before I could ask $h£ b**t me to it ” th£ servants are tak!ng th£ir even!ng meal !n th£ servants d!n!ng room and after that th£y change to th£ir normal cloth£s, those that wish to return home do so while oth*rs who wish to sleep h*re can also do that ”

” th£ master doesn’t compla!n?”

” h£ h@rdly notice ” th£ woman smile ” now come, th£ master must see you to know if h£ likes you to work h*re ”

” you mean now?”

” yes now, hurry up and i will show you th£ kitch£n on th£ way th*re ” nodd!ng I walk s1©wly try!ng my best to memories th£ place, we enter an elevator, h£ Even have a elector !n h*s house? How rich is th*s guy ” th£ fifth floor is h*s room, first floor h*s study room, second h*s punishment room ”

” punishment? ”

” yes, h£ punish maids that disobey h*s orders, I told you earlier, h£ is a general and you know generals love respect” th£ old lady exhale ” we will go to th£ third floor, hir!ng room ”

” what’s th£ fourth floor for?”

” no b©dy goes th*re, off limit…don’t forget that ”

” okay ” th£ elevator open and th£ only room !n th*s floor look really big, hir!ng room huh, th£ old woman knock thrice th£n nod ” go !n now ”

” what?”

“Go !n ”

Bl!nk!ng I ₱vsh th£ door open, step !n and close it gently, a table and two chairs are placed !n th*s h*g£ room, mov!ng my gaze to th£ man, h£ wore black shirt and black trouser, h*s hair also dark !n colour ” take your seat ” h£ mumble still not turn!ng @r0vnd, h*s voice so deep that $h!very run d©wΠ my sp!nes, $h!very of fear to be precise.

” thank you master ” sitt!ng d©wΠ I h£ard a soft chuckle.

” master? That old lady does h*r job correctly ” after that h£ turn @r0vnd, all th£ air literally left my b©dy, unlike th£ guy I saw earlier, th*s man is evilly h@ndsome, h*s eyes black, so black that I fear I might get lost !n it ” let’s m©v£ to th£ matter at h@nd ” h£ step closer, ₱v|| a chair ©vt and sit, h*s gaze not leav!ng m!ne, do!ng th£ greatest mistake of my life my gaze lower to h*s l¡ps ” you want to klzz me?”

” what!!” I had no idea I s¢r**m but that only made h*m smile, though th£ smile didn’t reach those eyes, I watch h*m stand to h*s feet and m©v£ towards my direction, plac!ng h*s h@nd under my ch!n h£ lift my face to look at h*m properly and th£n h£ smile.

” to th!nk you came to me yourself ” not understand!ng what h£ is say!ng h£ purred ” you’re hired, you resume tomorrow, meet lady mor!n to give you th£ rule book before you leave ” I watch h*m m©v£ b@¢k to th£ w!ndow ” leave my pres£nce ”

” yes master ” and with that I hurry ©vt of th£ room, what have I gotten myself !nto?


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