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Elia rema!n still and watch h*m from beh!nd, h£ said noth!ng to me, j√$t cont!nue with h*s call and I was left to f!nish up my work, start!ng with th£ balcony, bathroom, b£droom and now am left clueless, if am to leave or wait for h*m.

Though I need that money.

” master am I…” Before I could complete my s£ntence h£ lift h*s h@nd up, shutt!ng me !nstantly, h£ said noth!ng after that, th£ conference call seem to be over but h£ is typ!ng th!ngs d©wΠ.

Rema!n!ng still I didn’t m©v£, j√$t stand and stare at h*s b@¢k, my b©dy start to ach£, h£ad dizzy, I felt so stress and I knew I need to rest my h£ad and b©dy somewh*re and s!nce h£ is pay!ng no attention to me I m©v£ to h*s b£d and l@y on it.

It felt like f@||!ng !nto pure h£aven, so soft and comfortable, I could practically sleep h*re all day…clos!ng my eyes it didn’t take me up to five m!nutes to sleep off, it was nice but th£ dream that follow wasn’t.


” you are m!ne aqua ” th£ voice s1©wly r!ng !n my h£ad as I open my eyes only to f!nd myself !n a empty room that has only one b£d, am l@y!ng on it but couldn’t trace wh*re th£ voice was com!ng from.

” no aqua, we are meant to be, it is I you should be with, not h*m ”

Th£ voice still cont!nued, I had to sit up and look @r0vnd my self but no one was ©vt th*re, th*s place looks strange, suddenly I felt someone hug me from beh!nd, plac!ng h*s face on my neck ” m!ne” th£ voice sound like two people talk!ng at once and !n same b©dy.

” who are you” I force th£ words ©vt of my m©vth, it felt h£avy to talk under th*s cir¢vmstances and I have no idea why it should feel that way.

” Elia! ”

” i am your dest!ny” th£ moment I turn @r0vnd and stare at h*m I couldn’t h£lp but to s¢r**m loud, th£ face is mixed, th£ right h@nd side with Alexander face, th£ left Lucian face.

“Elia!!” h£ar!ng that s¢r**m I sit up immediately, my b©dy sweat!ng, turn!ng to my left I stare at Alexander sitt!ng on h*s chair, didn’t m©v£ a muscle but h£ looked curious ” you had a dream ”

Nodd!ng my h£ad I didn’t advert my gaze from h*m ” ¢ar£ to share?” h£ asked but I shake my h£ad ” hmm..Elia I told you yesterday I had a reward for you didn’t I?”

Yes, h£ did say good girls get rewarded ” yes you did master”

” good but today you offended me a lot” h£ stand to h*s feet and light anoth*r cigarette ” you step on my cigarette, sleep on my b£d with my permission ” th£ moment h£ said that I jump to my feet and !n th£ process miss!ng a step which result !n me f@||!ng !nto h*s arms, h£ caught me.

I clench my h@nds on h*s shirt and look up at h*m ” you speak rudely to me and now touch!ng me with©vt permission ” say!ng that I let go of h*s b©dy ” I will not punish you and that is your reward, I will not give you any money eith*r ”

but why?” Ask!ng h£ furrow h*s brows.
” you never learn Elia, you speak wh£n I don’t ask you to and th£n question me ” mov!ng towards my direction h£ frown, f!nally an expression appear on that face ” you certa!nly should feel Lucky because am not tak!ng off that skirt and us!ng my belt to flog that arse of yours ” h£ look really serious right now ” I won’t do that though but know th*s, I do not tolerant, !nsults..maybe with you th!ngs are little bit different because I won’t want to hurt you ”

h£ already spank me and call that not hurtful.

As if read!ng my m!nd h£ chuckle and mumble ” spank!ng is noth!ng Elia, I haven’t even spank you with my fvll strength, I like you Elia and who ever I like I treat special but until you learn how to ask your master for someth!ng ” h£ b!0w ©vt th£ smoke ” I can’t give you what you want ”

” how do I ask th£n ”

h£ shrug ” no idea ” h£ m©v£ to h*s b£d, sit on th£ edge and look at me ” wait!ng Elia ”

“Please lend me some money, one million to be precise” mumbl!ng I b¡t£ my lower l¡p wh£n h£ didn’t m©v£, h£ rema!n quite and so did i, h*s face h£ look same but those eyes, you will know h£ is th!nk!ng wide and I don’t th!nk th£y is anoth*r way to beg.

” kneel”

” what??????”

” kneel d©wΠ Elia ”

Do!ng as h£ said I watch h*m stare at me with fvll !nterest and all attention placed on j√$t me ” you hate me Elia but I like you ” h£ar!ng h*m say that make me fl!nch b@¢kwards ,shocked ” s!ncerely speak!ng, I do not ¢ar£ if you don’t like me, all you should know is that you are already m!ne”

th£ money I…”
” will give it to you… ” a smile rise !n th£ corner of h*s l¡ps ” usually servants don’t work Sundays but th*s Sunday, you will come and attend to all th£ chores th£n th£ money will be yours if you accept ”

what h£ said made me rema!n quite “j√$t me and you??” Mumbl!ng I look at h*m, h£ m©v£ towards my direction, place h*s h@nd under my ch!n, we look at each oth*r.

” what’s so wrong stay!ng alone Elia with me ” h£ frown ” I don’t b¡t£ and if I did th£n you will enjoy it” h*s gaze didn’t m©v£ from my face ” I can’t promise you I won’t b¡t£ you though, you see th£y is a spot I will like to s!nk my teeth !nto ” my eyes widen from that but what h£ did next surprise th£ h£ll ©vt of my b©dy.

h£ ₱v|| me up th£n klzz my neck, not j√$t klzz!ng, |¡¢k!ng th£n graz!ng h*s teeth on my neck, my legs were gett!ng weak so I place my h@nds on h*s ch£st to steady myself.

Wh£n h£ withdraw I remember that th£y is noth!ng at home and th£ money is needed th*s night ” master ” mumbl!ng I clench my h@nds on h*s shirt ” I really need th£ Money th*s even!ng” h£ said noth!ng but to look d©wΠ at me ” I will do anyth!ng ”

” anyth!ng?” h£ furrow h*s brows and I nod

” yes, anyth!ng ”

” be ¢ar£ful of what you say Elia ” h£ smile th£n |¡¢k my l¡ps ” am worst than you th!nk I am ” I watch h*m b¡t£ my lower l¡p before remov!ng my h@nd from h*s shirt I watch h*m m©v£ to h*s drawer.

But am still th!nk!ng ab©vt what h£ j√$t said, did I j√$t made th£ wrong decision?

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