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Elia walk alone to th£ tra!n station, sitt!ng d©wΠ $h£ look @r0vnd, everywh*re still quite and dark, stay!ng so late !n that mansion was a bad idea, br!ng!ng th£ rule book ©vt I stare at it ” h£ likes accuracy huh, is like am go!ng to school but a clean!ng school ” open!ng th£ book I read rule number one ” always arrive at five or else five hundred thousand dollars will be rem©v£d from your salary of one million ” clos!ng th£ book my eyes rema!n open.

Am go!ng to get paid one million dollars j√$t to clean h*s house, th*s is amaz!ng, !n three months I will have three million, enough for my school and my broth*r school ” I might work h*re for a wh0l£ year” putt!ng th£ book b@¢k !n my bag I stand to my feet ” moth*r will be so excited I….” Before I could complete my s£ntence th£ man I saw earlier j√$t appear right !n front of me.

©vt of fear I rema!n still, that’s th£ problem I have, wh£never am s¢ar£d I f!nd it h@rd to m©v£ even if I want to ” aqua? ” h£ mumble, those red eyes study!ng me ¢ar£fvlly, swallow!ng I watch h*m lift h*s h@nd and touch my face ” is you ” I watch h*m lean close and |¡¢k my ch£ek and that’s all it took for me to m©v£ my knee, hit h*s man hood and start runn!ng.

Was h£ plan!ng to rape me?

h£ sounded like h£ knew me but th£n my name is not aqua and I certa!nly do not know h*m ” stop” I bl!nk th£ moment I saw h*m right !n my front aga!n… Stopp!ng I look b@¢k and thankfvlly th£ tra!n is approach!ng and will soon stop th£n I will take a run for it.

” what do you want from me?”

” I j√$t want to talk ”

” I don’t know you ” I mumble but h£ only smile and men h£ is h@ndsome, those red eyes really look good on h*m ” it takes a day to know someone right ”

” I suppose ”

h£ walk closer to me ” please do not m©v£ ” furrow!ng my brows I m©v£ b@¢k, th*s guy may be a serial killer or someone who kills for ₱1ea$vre. Wh£n I was th!nk!ng all that h£ use that opportunity to h£ hold my h@nd and my eyes widen from fear ” I will not kill th£ woman I love ” h£ title h*s h£ad to h*s left ” fear not ”

” I am not aqua ”

” you are ” h£ smile ” what’s your name now?”

I have no idea why am respond!ng but I did ” Elia ” th£ tra!n eng!ne turn on and th£n I realize if I don’t get !n now, I will have to trek home ” I have to..” h£ cut me off.

” I will take you home ”

” I do not feel like walk!ng alongside with you ”

” I have a car ”

” I do not feel like…” Th!nk!ng of what to say I ₱v|| my h@nd ©vt of h*s ” I have to go Lucian “turn!ng @r0vnd I start runn!ng towards th£ tra!n.

“You know my name?”

” yes, I h£ard th£m call you that earlier ” yell!ng b@¢k I swiftly step !nto th£ tra!n th£n sit at th£ very end of it, close to th£ w!ndow, look!ng ©vt I stare at th*s Lucian of a guy, h£ behaves…ancient and h£ also call me th£ woman h£ loves.


absurd is that?
Today have really been h£ctic and exhaust!ng

I happen to meet two h@ndsome men, one with red eyes who claim h£ loves me and th£ oth*r with dark eyes who is my boss and will be pay!ng me one million dollars

Today was also embarr@ss!ng, why on earth will you stare at h*s l¡ps, h£ really s¢ar£ th£ h£ll ©vt of me, even th£ aura emitt!ng from h*s b©dy is fearful, I have th*s feel!ng that I have to stay far away from h*m.

h£ is h@ndsome, yes but h£ also s¢ar£s me, th£ look !n h*s eyes are Scarry

Arriv!ng home I ₱vsh th£ door open, little jack run !nto my arms ” big sis, you’re home!!” h£ yell and I lift h*m up !n my arms.

” did you miss me ”

” so much ” h£ klzz my ch£ek and I chuckle ” even!ng moth*r ” clos!ng th£ door I watch h*r set th£ table for us, dropp!ng jack d©wΠ I throw my bag to th£ couch before rush!ng to th£ d!n!ng and sit d©wΠ.

” how did everyth!ng go?” Hope could be seen !n h*r eyes.

” I got th£ job!!” Everyb©dy yell and I giggle ” and guess what guys, I will be paid one million dollars ”

” oh my God” moth*r cover h*r m©vth while Jack close all th£ w!ndows and lock th£ door, shoot!ng h*m a confus!ng look h£ shrug.

” robbers could h£ar ” smil!ng I shake my h£ad. Sometimes I f!nd it h@rd to believe h£ is j√$t seven.

” moth*r, say someth!ng ”

is h*g£ ” tears toll from h*r eyes and I quickly m©v£ to h*r side to hug h*r ” I haven’t even get paid yet and you’re cry!ng” $h£ chuckle.
I can’t screw th*s up, I will do anyth!ng not to get fired if moth*r will be th*s happy.


Remember th£ part wh*re I said I will do anyth!ng not to screw th*s up but I lied because I woke up after five !n th£ morn!ng and th£ funny th!ng is, I should be th*re five on th£ dot.

Successfvlly arriv!ng !n th£ Bertillon residents I m©v£ to th£ chang!ng room and quickly take off my cloth£s th£n grab my uniform, putt!ng on th£ black short sleeves I button it up but wh£n I put on th£ skirt it turn ©vt to be short because my arse is not as small as th£ oth*r girls.

Sometimes I curse th£ gods for giv!ng me such, I mean am not fat so why th£ big arse?

Look!ng at myself !n th£ mirror I tie my hair !n a high ponytail th£n drag my skirt d©wΠ and am glad it stop at my th!gh…hurry!ng to th£ @ssembly ground I exhale.

Lady mor!n did say that th£ master like hold!ng th*s @ssembly at th£ @ssembly hall to know who is late and early, to th!nk five hundred thousand dollars will be rem©v£d from my salary.

Arriv!ng !n th£ hall I stare at th£ maid already stand!ng and th£ master star!ng at all of th£m, everywh*re quite except th£ sound of my shoe ” stop” h£ mumble calmly and I close my eyes ready for what’s to come ” m©v£ forward ” turn!ng @r0vnd I m©v£ towards h*s direction.

h£ is frown!ng which is not good.

Stopp!ng three !nch away from h*m I swallow look!ng d©wΠ ” you’re late” wh£n I lift my h£ad to talk h£ furrow h*s brows and I shut up ” you’re wear!ng h£els !nstead of sneakers, th£ uniform was given to you right?” I nod ” your skirt is extremely short”

” am sorry I…”

h£ cut me off ” didn’t you read th£ rules Elia, don’t talk wh£n I didn’t ask you to and do not cut me off…th*s isn’t a club you dress as you wish” h*s eyes lower to my th!gh th£n my face ” th*s is your first time h*re so I will pardon th*s mistake but if such happen aga!n you will be puni$h£d ” h£ growl ” is that understood” I nod still look!ng d©wΠ ” th£ @ssembly is dismissed ” after h£ said that th£ oth*r maids quickly m©v£ ©vt of th£ hall to start th£ir work.


gaze m©v£ b@¢k to me ” go to lady mor!n to f!nd you a skirt that fit you perfectly ”
” yes master ” and with that I walk to lady mor!n room with only one word !n my m!nd.

Th*s man is Scarry.

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