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” Alexander? ” Elia sit on h¡s lap gently, $h£ felt someth!ng pok!ng h£r and it still confuses h£r why $h£ is act!ng th¡s way, shak!ng h£r h£ad $h£ lean close and yell ” Alexander!! ” h£ didn’t open h¡s eyes but h¡s h@nds m©v£ to my w@¡$t.

” what th£ h£ll are you do!ng Elia” h¡s voice rough ” am try!ng to get some sleep h£re ” us!ng h¡s h@nds h£ shove me off h¡s b©dy and I f@|| to th£ floor, which fv¢k!ng hurt.

Gett!ng up aga!n I climb th£ b£d ” Alex, you promise to show me @r0vnd remember ” why do I feel like a little girl wak!ng h£r daddy up ” Alexander! ”

” f!ne!!!” h£ growl sitt!ng up” Jesus Christ, can’t I get a little sleep huh ” look!ng at h¡s messed up hair, h£ use h¡s h@nds and cover h¡s face before stand!ng and mov!ng to th£ bath but before I could m©v£ three maids walk !nto th£ room, drop a tray of food and a dress.

Th£y bow th£ir h£ad ” Queen Joseph!ne asked for your pres£nce and also ask you put th¡s on ” h@nd!ng th£ dress to me I straightforward my h@nd and collect th£m.

” tell h£r th£ dress is beautiful but am afraid I have to reject h£r offer of meet!ng ” th£ maids look at each oth£r shocked ” you can go ”

” excuse me my lady but if you don’t go you might get beh£aded ” one of th£ maid summon courage and mumble ” no b©dy is allowed to reject a queen request and to top it up a human ”

” a human that will soon be my wife ” Alexander growl while wak!ng ©vt of th£ bathroom.

” your grace ” th£ maid face turn red th£ moment th£y stare at Alexander, I don’t blame th£m, h¡s b©dy is magnificent.

” tell Joseph!ne that Elia have better th!ngs to do ”

” your wish is our command ” th£ maids leave and I look at Alexander, what h£ said earlier made me a little angry and not so happy ” I want to go home ” stand!ng up I watch th£ confusion draw on h¡s face.

” why”

” am not gett!ng married to you” frown!ng I watch h¡m chuckle, water still dripp!ng from h¡s hair as h£ laugh ” what’s funny ”

” you silly” h£ grab my h@nd and ₱v|| me close ” you th!nk!ng I want to marry you is funny ” look!ng up I frown wh£n our gaze meet ” h£y, don’t over th!nk it Elia, I don’t even know you well enough to marry you, you aren’t even my girlfriend yet ”

” whatever Alex” h£ klzz my ch£ek ” wh£re do you wish to go today Elia?”

Furrow!ng my brows I mumble ” how am I suppose to know wh£re I wish to go wh£n I don’t know anywh£re h£re?”

” fair po!nt ” h£ step towards th£ closet and swiftly take off h¡s towel before I could avert my eyes, I swallow and bl!nk because is th£ first time am see!ng a n@k£d man butt, thank God is j√$t th£ butt, how will I feel if am to see th£ oth£r side.


God h£lp me.
” you know Elia ” h£ mumble ” my h@nds have been itch!ng me for awhile now, I th!nk am go!ng to spank you tonight ” h£ put on h¡s boxers and I f!nally g@sp, breath!ng, I watch h¡m pick up a brush and brush h¡s hair before putt!ng on h¡s black trouser and black long sleeves, can’t h£ j√$t wear some oth£r cloth.

h£ never changes.

” Now” h£ turn @r0vnd, not smil!ng though ” come, I want to show you someth!ng ” th£ moment we step ©vt of th£ room that unreadable expression is b@¢k on h¡s face, th£ cold emitt!ng from h¡s b©dy is also b@¢k, does that mean !n th£ room h£ was act!ng genu!ne, real?

Try!ng to catch up with h¡m I hold h¡s h@nd and that made h¡m stop th£n look d©wΠ at me with an !nch brow ” you’re f*st” mumbl!ng i smile

” hmmm” h£ gr!n ” do you want me to carry you ”

” what!! No! Of course not ” my wh0l£ face is red only because Anna is stand!ng right th£re star!ng at me ” I can walk you know”

” Alexander, stop act!ng so car!ng ” Anna step forward and klzz h¡m right on th£ l¡ps, Alexander didn’t ₱ush h£r away nor did h£ respond.

” you need to stop th¡s silly greet!ng of yours Anna ” h£ growl ” we sure did th!ngs we shouldn’t have wh£n we were young but that has to stop ”

” you were th£ one who started it not me, I didn’t ask you to sneak !nto my b£d tw!n broth£r” $h£ gr!n and Alexander smile but a fake one.

” shut up Anna, you know fvlly well you wouldn’t have drop your p@nties on my b£d if you didn’t want me to show you how a real man takes a woman ” what h£ said made Anna face turn red.


two people are sibl!ngs and th£y have had s€× before, not j√$t that but it seem normal.
” stop talk!ng that way Alexander, you know we were betroth£d…. ”

” I have better th!ngs to do Anna, excuse me ” hold!ng my h@nd h£ drag me away with h¡m, silence fell b£tweeΠ us and I have no !ntention of talk!ng because th¡s man has a lot of secrets, is h£ betroth£d to h¡s tw!n sister, th£y are to get married.


h£ cut !n” I know Elia, am betroth£d to my sister ” we stop !n a ranch I watch h¡m touch a black horse, ab©vt untie!ng it before I ask.

” isn’t that wrong?”

h£ smile th£n stare at me ” for humans yes but haven’t you h£ard that blood is thicker than water, most k!ngdom will want th£ir blood l!ne to rema!n thick not get missed up with water from ©vtside ”

” are you still go!ng to marry h£r?”

” I don’t know Elia, if $h£ add a little m©r£ arse j√$t like yours than maybe I will ” h£ w!nk but I didn’t laugh, mov!ng close I cup h¡s face !n my h@nds and drag h¡m d©wΠ to my level ” Elia?”

” do not marry h£r” h£ furrow h¡s brows ” you do not love h£r and its wrong to ru!n someone life by marry!ng th£m j√$t because you’re told to ” h£ gr!n th£n ₱v|| away, h¡s f!ng£rs lift my ch!n up.

” tell me someth!ng Elia ” that smile didn’t erase from h¡s l¡ps ” are you tell!ng me th¡s because you want me for yourself or because you simply ¢ar£ for me and want me to be happy ”

” None” I mumble ” I simply don’t want you to ru!n that !nnocent girl life with that spank!ngs h@nds of yours” wh£n th£ words left my m©vth I watch h¡m chuckle, th£ servants that was pa$$!ng by stop and look shocked.

” th£ master laughs?” Th£y g@sp ©vt of surprise and th£n it hit me, Alexander have never laugh£d before so it must be shock!ng to see h¡m laugh so freely.

” of course, I forget ” h£ lean close and sqv££se my arse which redden my face, h£ didn’t m©v£ h¡s h@nd away ” you hate me and I love you…ironic isn’t it my silly girl.”

what are you do!ng?” I g@sp wh£n h¡s oth£r h@nd grab my oth£r arse chick and ₱v|| me closer to h¡m, my h@nd on h¡s ch£st ” Alexander? We are ©vtside ” th£ maids are def!nitely watch!ng, what is h£ do!ng? Is h£ !nsane?
” it feels like we are rewrit!ng your favorite novel isn’t it, me try!ng to w!n that stubborn h£art of yours” h£ gr!n and I hit h¡s ch£st.

” I do not have a stubborn h£art ” with each word I say ©vt h£ sqv££se my arse and am try!ng my best not to m0@n ©vt ” let go of me Alexander ” !nstead of do!ng as I ask h£ lean close and klzz me, my h@nds clench on h¡s shirt and surpris!ngly I klzz h¡m b@¢k.

Forgett!ng ab©vt my environment I m0@n wh£n h£ sqv££se my arse aga!n, what is happen!ng? Why am I lett!ng th¡s man to touch me, have I by mistake loss my m!nd?

g@sp!ng h£ dive h¡s t0Πge and meet m!ne and that’s all it took for my b©dy to flow with ₱1ea$vre, spot b£tweeΠ my legs grow!ng w€t, th¡s man is do!ng th!ngs to me.

h£ break th£ klzz, our eyes not leav!ng each oth£r, bit!ng my lower l¡p h£ mumble ” you taste so good ” h¡s h@nds m©v£ to my w@¡$t ” like strawberry ”

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