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Elia change !nto a green dress before sitt!ng on th£ b£d and relax!ng, I am really tired of stay!ng h£re, I miss moth£r and jack, I really need to go ©vt and receive some air…th!ngs are gett!ng weird.

Alexander be!ng angry with me.

Still don’t know how I feel ab©vt Lucian.

Don’t understand my own feel!ngs.

What am I do!ng wrong?

How do I f!nd ©vt who I really love for all th£se unnecessary drama to end.

A maid walk !nto th£ room dropp!ng a pile of neat cloth !n th£ closer ” h£y” mumbl!ng $h£ turn to my direction ” is th£y anyth!ng we can do, th¡s palace is start!ng to kill th£ air from my lungs ”

Th£ maid smile ” we are h£ad!ng to th£ market now, you can jo!n if you like “‘

” great, that will do ” jump!ng up we meet two oth£r maids ©vtside th£ place and I f!nally made some friends, th£ maid I met !n my room is called Julio, th£n th£ oth£r tw!ns are called Mary and Mara.

Arriv!ng !n th£ market I stare at different th!ngs th£y are sell!ng, magic stones, ston!ng witch£s to death,h@ndl!ng auction, sell!ng apples that can make people sleep for a long time and I bought few of th£m, coloured stones, birds and oth£r th!ngs you can imag!ne exist !n a magic world ” h£y miss, buy th£ love stone, who ever you give Will f@|| for you” look!ng at th£ old woman I stop.

” how much ”

” twenty silver co!ns ”

h@nd!ng it to h£r I smile th£n shove th£ stones !nto my pocket, I know fvlly well it doesn’t work but I k!nd of pity th£ woman and wanted to give h£r some money, look!ng @r0vnd I couldn’t f!nd th£ girls I came with ” Julio!!!” Yell!ng my eyes keep roam!ng @r0vnd ” Mara!!! Mary!!!!”

Am start!ng to feel dizzy and tired, it must be th£ stress I have been placed !n, all th£ th!nk!ng and Alexander be!ng pissed with me is stressful for me to bear.

” aren’t you a rich girl ” a h*g£ man step forward th£n two stood beh!nd me ” we will need your company for awhile ”

” what do you want ”

” capture h£r” that was all h£ had to say before th£ two beh!nd me, hit my h£ad h@rd enough for me to lose consciousness.

Alexander walk !nto Jeffrey room unannounced, watch!ng h¡s broth£r make love to h¡s woman, h£ wasn’t surprise nor was Jeffrey because th£y have once shared a woman togeth£r ” broth£r!!!” Jeffrey chuckle ” do you want to jo!n !n ” h£ spoke b£tweeΠ each thrv$t of h¡s hip !nto th£ n@k£d woman l@y!ng beneath h¡m.

h£r m0@n loud enough to wake a sleep!ng dragon from underneath th£ sea.

” no, I need to talk to you ”

” I need to f!nish….”

Cutt!ng h¡m off i growl ” Now Jeffrey, am not h£re for games ”

” okay ” h£ !ncrease h¡s speed not m!nd!ng that th£ woman is hurt!ng and s¢r**m!ng for h¡m to stop ” am done ” h£ shudder as h£ ₱0ur h¡s seed !nto h£r ” don’t get pregnant or you’re dead ” th£ woman nod, $h£ must be a maid ” get ©vt ” I watch Jeffrey throw h£r cloth£s at h£r th£n $h£ stagger ©vt n@k£d ” what’s so important you have to say ” Jeffrey mumbl!ng while putt!ng on h¡s short, grabb!ng a cigarette and sitt!ng d©wΠ.

” th¡s is simple ” I smile ” who gave you permission to klzz my woman?”

” what??”

” you h£ard me Jeffrey ” stepp!ng closer h£ stand on h¡s feet ” I never remember me tell!ng you that you can do to Elia as you wish ”

” forgive me Alexander ” h£ swallow ” I j√$t wanted to know how $h£ taste, why you are so !nto h£r ” ris!ng my h@nd I punch h¡s face, not to h@rd but h£ still lost a tooth ” what th£ fv¢k men!” Giv!ng h¡m anoth£r punch h£ f@|| to th£ ground.

” that is j√$t warn!ng Jeffrey, touch what’s m!ne aga!n and you’re dead ”

” f!ne!!”

Turn!ng @r0vnd Anna walk !n, putt!ng on a robe and if am right, $h£ is n@k£d underneath ” h£y Alex, you decided to jo!n th£ party ” I watch h£r take off h£r robe but it doesn’t !nterest me like Elia b©dy does.

” not !n th£ mood Anna”

” come on!!” $h£ wr*₱ h£r h@nds @r0vnd my neck, press!ng h£r ch£st to m!ne ” j√$t th£ tip ” watch!ng h£r with©vt !nterest !n my eyes I exhale.

” not !n th£ mood ” ₱ush!ng h£r away I walk ©vt of th£ room th£n run my h@nds through my hair.

” are you okay Mr A” look!ng d©wΠ I stare at Zulu who is gr!nn!ng, $h£ always glow after s€× ” you look frustrated ”

” I am Zulu ” walk!ng towards th£ library I sigh ” but you don’t have to worry, I have th!ngs under ¢©Πtr0| ”

” are you sure??” $h£ sound worry even wh£n I told h£r not to worry ab©vt me, turn!ng @r0vnd I ¢ar£s h£r ch£ek ” am f!ne Zulu, Elia seem to be giv!ng me shits ”

” what sort of shits ” $h£ fold h£r h@nds and I fake a laugh, Elia seem to be th£ only one that can make me really laugh while Zulu always want to protect and fight my battles even wh£n I can h@ndle it.

“$h£ doesn’t want me to touch h£r ”

” why is that?”

Turn!ng @r0vnd I cont!nue walk!ng to th£ library, th£y is a book I really need to ch£ck ©vt before we return to New York by tomorrow ” I don’t know Zulu, by th£ way, wh£re is cash ” shoot!ng h£r a serious look $h£ cough ” did you rape h¡m to death??” I asked and $h£ cover my m©vth.

” No!!” Zulu chuckle ” h£ is cry!ng”

” cry!ng??”

Zulu nod ” h£ said h£ has betrayed h¡s mate” $h£ shrug ” I never knew h£ found h¡s mate ”

” I see ” mov!ng !nto th£ library I mumble ” can you tell Elia to come h£re, I don’t want h£r far from me, !n th¡s confused palace ”

” okay Mr A”

Listen!ng to Zulu footsteps fade away I walk gently, look!ng @r0vnd th£ wh0l£ $h£lf’s try!ng to f!nd th£ book of names, a particular book that h£lp you summon demons, demons who will obey and serve you.

That book will surely be useful !n th¡s war, putt!ng th£ dragons at advantage th£n vampires disadvantage, not everyb©dy can use th¡s particular book though, th£ book usually accept women, women with k!nd and !nnocent souls, women those demon will ch£rish and try to keep h£r !nnocence from vanish!ng.

Elia use be a good person to h@ndle th¡s book.

And s!nce I hide it myself, only I know wh£re it is…mov!ng towards th£ wall I touch different rock thrice before it open gently and br!ng forth th£ book.

h£ar!ng a particular voice !n my h£ad I place my h@nds on my ear and pay m©r£ attention { Alexander! Do you h£ar me } Giles voice made me frown because h£ only m!nd l!nk wh£n it is serious.

{ shoot} answer!ng I exhale, ready for what’s to come.

{ from my resources I h£ard Elia was kidnapped, $h£ was h£ad!ng to th£ market place with some maids and suddenly vani$h£d}

{ wh£re are you right now?}

{ I and cash are !n th£ market, try!ng to figure ©vt what happened}

{ am on my way}

Shov!ng th£ book !nto my pocket I hurry ©vt of th£ library.


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