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Th£ moment Elia step !nto h£r room, h£r stomach grumble so loud Sebastian chuckle ” shut up!” Growl!ng I m©v£ to th£ bathroom, shutt!ng th£ door and tak!ng off my cloth£s.

” I can steal some food for you Elia” h£ speak, h¡s voice k!nd of low, like h£ is eat!ng someth!ng ” wh£n you and Lucian was fight!ng, I stole some plates of chicken, I know you will be hungry ”

” well aren’t you th£ h£lpful one” giggl!ng I take my bath th£n put on a short I f!nd !n a closet with a black shirt, th£ people that lived h£re must have been wear!ng th¡s.

Stepp!ng ©vt I tie my hair !n a ponytail, Sebastian open h¡s m©vth ” you are putt!ng on shorts??” I nod ” you can’t dress that way, only men dress that way ”

“Why is that ”

Sebastian shrug ” I h£ard is unladylike ”

” am not a lady Sebastian” I smile look!ng at myself !n th£ mirror, with th¡s I can run properly because I plan on do!ng that today, escap!ng from h£re and with th£ h£lp of Sebastian, it should be easy ” am m©r£ of a man”

” a weak man ” wh£n that left h¡s m©vth I turn @r0vnd and shoot h¡m a glare ” forgive me milady but everyone knows humans are weak and well, you are weak ” snatch!ng th£ plate of chicken from h¡s h@nd I frown.

” we are not weak ”

” you guys are ”

” we are not ” cutt!ng a piece from th£ chicken I rob it !n th£ soup a little th£n shove it !nto my m©vth, I must say, its delicious ” wow th£ food is amaz!ng…I love it, to th!nk I almost left th¡s because of anger ”

” thank God I was th£re to take th£m right ” I nod at h¡s question still eat!ng before th£ door open, Lucian stand!ng right th£re, it felt like I was frozen, th£ meat !n mid air, ab©vt enter!ng my m©vth and Lucian smil!ng wh£n h£ notice.

Curse Sebastian, no b©dy can see h¡m ” you’re eat!ng?” Lucian said it !n th£ form of question but I have noth!ng to say !n return.

Clear!ng my throat I drop th£ meat b@¢k !nto th£ plate ” I was but not anym©r£”

Lucian furrow h¡s brows ” why?”

” lost my appetite I guess” dropp!ng th£ plate I look at h¡m ” what do you want ”

” I will be h£ad!ng ©vt, do you like to jo!n me ”

” No ” my answer short and sharp, I can see h£ is not happy with that ” I have th!ngs to do, th!ngs better than hav!ng your company ”

” Elia”

” what!”

” I love you ” I watch h¡m smile after those words left h¡s l¡ps ” see you even!ng ” with that h£ step ©vt and lock th£ door, sound of th£ key made me frown, h£ is keep!ng me aga!nst my will, slap me, threaten to rape me and say h£ love me?

Give me a break Lucian.

Pick!ng up th£ plate I f!nish up th£ food th£n look at myself !n th£ mirror, th£ blue shorts hug my b©dy like a second sk!n th£n th£ shirt has two buttons at th£ front and unfortunately my br£@st are too big for th£ button to meet so I left it th¡s way.

!n short, th¡s cloth seem seductive.

” are you go!ng to keep star!ng at th¡s cloth forever or tell me to break you ©vt of h£re ” Sebastian growl obviously tired of lady star!ng ” all women are th£ same ”

” excuse me!!” I turn to h¡s direction ” not all women are like me ”

h£ look at my tits for up to a m!nute th£n nod ” obviously, I mean… damn, Alexander is a lucky bastard ”

” shut up and h£lp me ©vt of h£re ”

” your wish is my command ” h£ jump to h¡s feet and open th£ door, so easy that if I didn’t see th£ light that emit from h¡s h@nds I would say Lucian didn’t lock it up ” let’s go ” nodd!ng I walk beh!nd h¡m, we m©v£ to th£ liv!ng room and it looks like th£ wh0l£ place is empty ” walk a bit f*ster Elia ” follow!ng h¡s direction we quickly m©v£ to th£ exist ” wait” h£ pa$$ through th£ door th£n come b@¢k ” five men were ©vt but I already silence th£m…let’s go ”

” wow, you’re h@ndy ” giggl!ng I walk beh!nd h¡m as h£ open th£ door ” run!!!” h¡s voice startle me but I didn’t wait to look @r0vnd, I j√$t start runn!ng, I can feel h¡s pres£nce beh!nd me, wh£n I look b@¢k I notice up to ten men com!ng my way ” look ah£ad and keep runn!ng, do not turn b@¢k no matter what…wh£n am done I will come f!nd you ”

” thank you Sebastian, I owe you one!!!” Yell!ng I f*sten my steps wh£n I enter th£ forest, jump!ng th£ branch£s I try catch!ng my breath, my legs already giv!ng way to fatigue but no, humans aren’t always weak, we can ₱ush pa$$ our limit and survive so that’s what I need, I didn’t reduce my speed nor did I stop.

Look!ng b@¢k three h*g£ men got my attention and th£ir speed was !nsanely f*st, th£y must be vampires ” stop right th£re!!” Th£y yell but I didn’t stop, my legs hurt and its h@rd for me to breath but I was determ!ned to keep runn!ng.

Miss!ng a step I f@||, roll!ng d©wΠ and hitt!ng my h@nd on th£ tree so that that it dislocated ” Ahhh!!!” I s¢r**m, tears dropp!ng from my eyes, th£ir footsteps caught my attention so I did th£ only th!ng I was thought !n my sword fight!ng lesson.

Stand to my feet and hit my h@nd on that same tree till it went b@¢k to its normal position and th£n I cont!nue runn!ng, my h@nd hurt, legs hurt, h£ad hurt and I f!nd it h@rd to breath ” h£lp!” My voice low and I know fvlly well no one can h£ar me ” h£lp me”

Before I could jump th£ next branch one of th£ men hold my hair ₱v||!ng me b@¢k to th£ ground, so h@rd that th£ moment my h£ad touch th£ ground blood gush from my m©vth because my b@¢k happen to hit one of th£ l@y!ng branch h@rd ” shit” one of th£ men mumble ” lord Lucian won’t be pleased ”

” h£ will def!nitely kill us ”

” th£n we should kill h£r, bury h£r and no one will ever know ” th£ third suggested and from th£ look on th£ir face, th£y all agree.

One of th£m grab me by my hair lift!ng me up ” wait I…” Before I could complete my s£ntence I receive a punch !n my stomach, yell!ng th£ oth£r punch my face, it hurts, it all hurts, everyth!ng happen!ng hurts.

Anoth£r punch engage my stomach, my eyes already clos!ng, maybe it’s death, is th¡s death? Am I dy!ng now?

Someone might have approach because th£ men let go of my hair I f@|| d©wΠ on th£ ground and all I could see was someone putt!ng on black, black hair, tall and Scarry tear!ng th£ men to pieces before I pa$$ ©vt.

Giles rema!n still as h£ watch Alexander cut those men !nto t!ny pieces, no words can be said wh£never Alexander is !n th¡s form, watch!ng h¡m m©v£ towards Elia, h¡s wh0l£ b©dy seem to be trembl!ng as h£ bend d©wΠ.

Alexander gath£r h£r !n my arms and for th£ first time !n Giles life h£ saw a tear f@|| from Alexander eyes as h£ yell !n anger.

Th¡s is not over, whoever did th¡s will pay, Alexander isn’t someone to b@¢k d©wΠ and I am not someone that won’t watch how all th£se will happen.

Giles eyes didn’t m©v£ from Alexander” what an !nterest!ng world ” mumbl!ng to myself i smile, th!ngs sure is h£at!ng up.

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