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Alexander watch h£r change !nto a night dress after th£ir little klzz !n th£ bathroom, h¡s b©dy was ask!ng for release, th£ need for sk!n to sk!n contact but only a fool would do that, Elia is still recover!ng, I can’t put my needs before h£rs ” its still noon not even!ng…why are you putt!ng on a night dress?” Furrow!ng my brows $h£ rema!n seated, brush!ng h£r hair and star!ng at th£ mirror.

” th£ dress is free Alex, I plan on stay!ng !n all day ”

” hmmm”

$h£ stand to h£r feet and turn @r0vnd, eyes beam!ng up ” how do I look Mr A”

” don’t call me that ”

” why not?” $h£ frown

” makes me th!nk you’re Zulu, call me someth!ng else”

” someth!ng like what?” $h£ ask as I draw h£r towards my direction and make h£r sit on my lap, h£r h@nds on my shirt, $h£ unbutton five buttons th£n touch my ch£st ” do you like baby” $h£ asked and I furrow my brows.

” am not a child Elia”

$h£ chuckle th£n look at my ch£st ” what ab©vt honey” I shake my h£ad and $h£ frown ” what do you want th£n?”

” Alexander will do ” my h@nds m©v£ to h£r flat tvmmy ” is it wrong if I want my seed to grow !n h£re” look!ng at h£r I got confused with th£ look on h£r face ” forgive me, I shouldn’t have said that ”

” oh no Alex” $h£ take my h@nd and place it b@¢k on my tvmmy ” I was j√$t surprise, I didn’t take you to be a family man ”

” I am not “robb!ng h£r tvmmy I suddenly know what it feels like to be happy, with Elia I am happy ” I have never imag!ne I will th!nk of hav!ng a family with anyone else but th£ moment I saw you, th!ngs became clear, th!ngs I never wanted are now th!ngs I want ”

” th!ngs like what Alex?”

” cuddl!ng a little girl, want!ng to marry, wish!ng to have children, mak!ng you tell me one day you love me” my h@nds m©v£ to h£r face ” I know you j√$t like me but I will wait, wait till you say those three words”

” Alexander… ”

Cutt!ng h£r off I mutter ” my parents j√$t died ”

” oh my God!!” $h£ yell ©vt of surprise and shock which made h£r br£@st bounce, my gaze rema!n fixed right th£re, $h£ is wear!ng no bra ” how are you feel!ng ” $h£ cup my face forc!ng me to look at h£r ” I know how it feels to lose a parent Alex, I know you’re hurt!ng ”

Chuckl!ng I watch Elia frown ” sad, hurt!ng, pa!n??? Over those bastards” shak!ng my h£ad I smile ” all I feel is relief, relief that my plans can f!nally ₱ush forward with©vt h¡s !nterference ”

” that only means you guys no longer have a k!ng?” Elia look really worried ” how…..” Plac!ng my f!ng£r on h£r l¡ps I shut h£r up.

” all I want to h£ar from that l¡ps of yours is what happened to you and who took you away ”

” but…”

” start talk!ng ”

” Lucian took me ” I watch h£r tuck h£r hair ” em….h£ seem angry that I don’t love h¡m, h£ slap me across th£ face, threaten to rape me, ask for forgiveness, called you a murderer, keep call!ng me aqua ”

” h£ slap you??”

$h£ nod ” but that’s not important, what’s important is who aqua is to you Alexander, I hate be!ng !n th£ dark wh£n people keep tell!ng me I look like h£r, I want to know everyth!ng, everyth!ng ab©vt your old relationship”

” Elia”

” Alexander ”

” not now ” $h£ get off my lap fold!ng h£r h@nds ” baby”

” am not a child Alexander ”

” you act like one most of th£ time ” growl!ng I run my h@nds through my hair ” look, I will tell you but not now, right now all I want to do is cuddle you and take a nap, am stressed ©vt ” unbutton!ng th£ few buttons left, I take it off th£n l@y on th£ b£d ” please ”

$h£ lift th£ quit th£n l@y d©wΠ, putt!ng my h@nds on h£r w@¡$t I ₱v|| h£r closer th£n wh¡sper ” I will kill Lucian for ris!ng h¡s h@nd on you, I promise ” klzz!ng h£r neck $h£ g@sp and I ₱v|| h£r closer, my h@nds lower to h£r arse, cupp!ng th£m gently.

$h£ lift h£r h£ad and klzz me, I didn’t h£sitate before respond!ng to h£r klzz, $h£ let ©vt a little m0@n from h£r l¡ps th£ moment I did, th£y are even softer than th£ last time I klzzed h£r.

$h£ taste like spr!ngtime and honey with a little drop of strawberry, th£ klzz was greedy and selfish, too many days have pa$$ed by with j√$t dreams of klzz!ng h£r.

My t0Πge slice b£tweeΠ h£r fvll l¡ps, my m©v£ments are harsh, delv!ng deep on th£ first $tr*me so $h£ has no doubt am plan!ng to claim what $h£ has been hold!ng b@¢k from me, break!ng th£ klzz we both take a shak!ng breath, our foreh£ad touch!ng each oth£r ” Jesus Elia”th£ words catch as I release th£m and have to clear my throat to cont!nue ” you taste better each time, klzz me aga!n, you have to or else I might die” my c*ck throb wh£n $h£ lean forward.

Now its teeth and t0Πge, w€t l¡ps slid!ng b@¢k and forth as my c*ck cries ©vt !n pa!n, bend!ng !n half !n my l@yers of compression shorts, I want h£r m©vth, h£r h@nd, h£r tits and h£r cunt, I want it all, everyth!ng ab©vt h£r.

Us!ng my h@nds I ₱v|| up h£r dress slapp!ng h£r bare arse, $h£ m0@n !n my m©vth ” fv¢k” break!ng th£ klzz I sqv££se h£r arse ” I want you Elia, please tell me you want me ”

h£r wh0l£ face flush now ” I want you too Alexander ”

” I mean I want you now Elia, I want to bury myself deep !nto you, so deep that wh£n am done you won’t be able to walk ” bit!ng h£r lower l¡p I m©v£ my l¡ps to h£r ear and wh¡sper ” let me make you my woman ”


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