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” you will do anyth!ng I say right?”

” yes daddy” I nod, it still feels weird to call h¡m that but right now, am so w€t that anyth!ng can fly ©vt of my m©vth ” good girl” h£ leans d©wΠ and take my m©vth, h¡s t0Πge press forward, urgent with©vt h£sitation, h£ doesn’t taste sweet and easy but like w!ntergreen and a h!nt of coffee, its a taste of a man and my h£art thrums |ns!de me until th£ room is sp!nn!ng.

Our klzz grows frantic, my h@nd gripp!ng !nto h¡s forearm, I love th£ feel of h¡s muscles under my h@nds, flex!ng and h@rden!ng, th£ way h¡s ve!ns stand ©vt mak!ng me melt !nto a puddle. Th£ size of h¡s forearm could put most men th¡ghs to shame.

We break away !n a g@sp and my b©dy shakes as h£ stand £r£¢t, |¡¢k!ng h¡s l¡ps and trac!ng h¡s gaze over every curve on my b©dy, am still wear!ng th£ night dress but h£ seem to see through it.

” lean b@¢k. $pr£@d your legs for me ” h£ gr0@n as though th£ words hurt. h¡s gaze burn !nto m!ne, wait!ng for me to do as am told but I h£sitate, not because I was s¢ar£d but because am mesmerized by h¡m, th£ h£at !n my face drifts d©wΠ and consume my b©dy !n !nvisible flames.

” do as you’re told ” h£ grunts, voice sound like h£ is los!ng ¢©Πtr0| ” remember what I do to bad girls Elia” I p©vt my l¡ps not sure I want to test h¡m right now, am mov!ng too s1©w because Alex reach d©wΠ to grip one ankle, impatience !n h¡s eyes.

h£ place one of my feet on th£ edge of th£ b£d th£n th£ oth£r ” Now $pr£@d your legs Elia, if you’re s¢ar£d or nervous you can always tell me but do not disobey. Now let me see what you have got for me, show me who you belong to.”

h£ watch me as I part my knee, my m©vth f@||s open and my quick shallow breath dry my l¡ps ” Jesus” h£ m0@n with a shake of h¡s h£ad.

” what’s wrong?” I plead, confused by th£ expression on h¡s face, it looks like disappo!ntment, my knees immediately snap b@¢k togeth£r.

” fv¢k no baby girl ” h¡s enormous h@nds come d©wΠ on my knee, open!ng me up aga!n, am soak!ng w€t and I wonder if h£ th!nks that’s bad ” am so fv¢k!ng proud of you ” h£ trace h¡s f!ng£rtips d©wΠ my !nner th¡ghs and I fl!nch wh£n th£y graze over th£ w€t fabric that cover my crotch. My b©dy is weep!ng and shudder!ng as h£ s1©wly beg!n to rake h¡s f!ng£r to and fro ” I want you w€t for me all th£ time, it makes me happy. My t0Πge is go!ng |ns!de you very soon, am go!ng to swallow every drop of your delicious ¢vm, I want you all over my face ”

My h£ad f@||s b@¢k on th£ b£d as h£ cont!nue strok!ng me through th£ fabric, h¡s breath!ng com!ng deeper as h£ ¢ar£sses me” that feels so good ” I mumble , my b©dy t!ghten!ng, wait!ng for th£ build!ng explosion.

” am go!ng to make you a woman today, you would like that wouldn’t you ”

” um hum” I nod, eyes still closed, h¡s words nearly ₱ush!ng me over th£ edge !nto th£ wait!ng bliss.

” good girl ” h¡s words crush over me, I love those words, I want to h£ar h¡m call me that, over and over aga!n. h¡s f!ng£rs stop mov!ng and my eyes snap open to see h¡m stepp!ng b@¢k ” am go!ng to eat you now Elia, first I want to s√¢k your juice from your p@nties and I want you to ₱v|| th£m to th£ side wh£n I say so”

” okay ” my belly does ten k!nd of fl¡ps wh£n h£ lean h¡s h£ad, my sk!n t!ngl!ng as h¡s t0Πge traces d©wΠward from my knee, I don’t recognize th£ sounds leav!ng my l¡ps as h¡s h@nds reach under my arse ch£eks and lift my hip off th£ b£d, right !nto h¡s open m©vth.

h¡s teeth b¡t£ at me through th£ th!n fabric of my white p@nties and I feel my b©dy s£nd ©vt anoth£r wave of w€tness which h£ beg!n to s√¢k right through th£ w€t crotch ” fv¢k, you taste so good baby girl ” h£ m0@n as h£ |¡¢k and draws th£ fabric b£tweeΠ h¡s teeth ” ₱v|| your p@nties away, give it to me ”

Am shak!ng, my b©dy is t!ght and trembl!ng, th£ tension !n my tvmmy ready to release, my breath comes f*ster as I reach d©wΠ and tug th£ fabric side way, h¡s face centers !n my drench£d crotch, h¡s t0Πge dart!ng ©vt and !nto my w€t open!ng !n one thrv$t, tak!ng my breath from my lungs, my toes curl and th£ muscles !n my b@¢k ₱v|| me t!ght ” oh my God” I s!ng as th£ s£nsation drowns me, I have never felt such a th!ng !n my life before.

h£ suddenly stop and I growl ” what are you do!ng? Please don’t stop ” h£ withdraws for a moment, h¡s f!ng£rs circl!ng my arse ” am memoriz!ng you sweet girl, th¡s is all m!ne now, you understand that now don’t you? You may carry @r0vnd for me but its not yours anym©r£. And I need to know every part of you !n every way…you’re giv!ng that to me aren’t you sugar, will!ngly? ”

I can’t focus on any of that ” please can you keep go!ng?” Th£ words quiver as I make a desperate, begg!ng plea.

” answer th£ question, don’t try to distract me because you won’t, you tell me who th¡s belong to right now” h£ slap my arse and I g@sp, h£ lean !n to me, h¡s l¡ps draw!ng my cl*t !nto h¡s m©vth, p!nch!ng and mak!ng me yelp ” focus Elia, I know you like that little spank but you need to focus ”

” its yours ” I tell h¡m, h¡s t0Πge now |¡¢k!ng b@¢k and forth over my cl*t, as h¡s l¡ps s√¢k it |ns!de, I m0@n th£ feel!ng almost drown!ng me away, I could feel th£ s£nsation build!ng and am almost th£re ” oh god, am com!ng!” Arch!ng my b@¢k forward my eyes turn as I came, b©dy shak!ng as th£ ₱1ea$vre explode.

Alexander withdraw and watch h£r shake h£r h£ad as org@sm hit h£r h@rd, mov!ng h¡s h@nds to h¡s c*ck h£ rob it gently, watch!ng h£r ¢vm !n h£r p@nts made h¡m m©r£ h@rd than h£ has ever been.

Mov!ng closer I tear h£r p@nts away th£n ₱v|| h£r dress over h£r h£ad, h£r br£@st bounce ” have I mention how much I love th£se” cupp!ng one !n my h@nd I give it a gentle sqv££se and watch h£r m0@n ” I need your h£lp Elia, I need you to br!ng me ©vt” withdraw I got off th£ b£d robb!ng my c*ck ” come on baby girl, take me ©vt, take me ©vt so that I can give you exactly what you want ”

I watch h£r get up ” okay daddy” wh£n th£ words left h£r m©vth my c*ck throb, $h£ knows exactly how to make me h@rd. Elia |¡¢k h£r l¡ps as I brush some of h£r wild hair away from h£r face, h£r h@nds immediately reach d©wΠ and start to tug on my belt, th£ blush still on h£r face.

!n a few m©r£ seconds $h£ got my c*ck ©vt !n th£ air while I step off my trouser and underwear ” l@y d©wΠ and $pr£@d those legs for me Elia ” $h£ did as I said and I quickly climb th£ b£d” you’re such a good girl ” I klzz h£r, our l¡ps soft and sweet on each oth£r, h£r t0Πge f!nally awaken and dive itself |ns!de my t0Πge as I position my self b£tweeΠ h£r.

” daddy” th£ words made my wh0l£ b©dy shudder, if only $h£ knows what that word does to me ” make love to me ”

Holy fv¢k.

Robb!ng my c*ck at h£r cl*t th£n entrance I watch h£r g@sp as m©r£ juice |¡¢k ©vt of h£r open!ng ” its go!ng to hurt sugar but I can’t h£lp that but it will get better, I promise” I swallow ” am go!ng to put my c*ck |ns!de you now, fv¢k. I need to be |ns!de you ” with that my hip press forward, th£ tip of my c*ck !nch!ng |ns!de h£r open!ng, h£r eyes already wide and am not even close to be!ng !n th£re.

” oh, what if it doesn’t fit ” a flash of fear darken h£r eyes.

” it will fit baby, trust me. You will be able to take all of me because you’re made for me “I gr0@n ” I needs to ¢vm |ns!de you badly, daddy needs it, so j√$t open your leg really far for me and let daddy do it, it will feel so good, I promise”

Our l¡ps connect as I thrv$t forward !n one h@rd thrv$t, break!ng through h£r, $h£ b¡t£ my t0Πge h@rd, I stop, wait!ng for h£r to get use to my size ” it hurts” $h£ cried th£ moment I break th£ klzz, us!ng my h@nd I clean h£r tears.

” forgive me” I hate to see h£r th¡s way ” I will make it better ” th£ urge to m©v£ is ₱ush!ng at me ” j√$t let me m©v£ a little, j√$t s1©wly and th£n th£ pa!n will vanish ” mov!ng my hips s1©wly I watch h£r cry of pa!n turn to m0@ns of ₱1ea$vre.

” m!ne” I rumble as I !ncrease my thrv$t !nto h£r, $h£ make a yelp!ng sound with each drive |ns!de h£r but h£r hips buck up to meet my motion ” am never lett!ng you go, Never.”

I can’t hold b@¢k, I lower my h£ad and |¡¢k one n!₱₱!e !nto my m©vth, s√¢k!ng it deep and with that I feel h£r b©dy explode ” oh god Alexander ” $h£ m0@n ” you feel so h*g£ !n me ”

” I can’t h£lp it” I grunt with each thrv$t, feel!ng my org@sm build!ng up ” I keep gett!ng h@rd each time you ¢vm so much, know!ng you’re cunn!ng for me” I said it with each thrv$t before shoot!ng my cream |ns!de h£r.

” oh Elia ” I growl, my eyes closed as I empty myself !nto h£r b©dy, ₱v||!ng ©vt I collapse on th£ b£d, breath!ng h@rd and f*st ” that was amaz!ng, th£ best ” turn!ng @r0vnd I notice Elia already pa$$ed ©vt, klzz!ng h£r foreh£ad I smile.

I def!nitely hope $h£ is not dead.

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