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Alexander sit calmly while Giles and cash argument cont!nue ” if you haven’t killed th£ ghoul I would have been !n my thirty thousand kill” cash grumble, frustration could be seen !n h¡s eyes ” you can’t j√$t kill anoth£r man prey ”

” shut up cash, that ghoul was too strong for you anyway ”

Rema!n!ng quite I stare at th£ stars that is s1©wly appear!ng, after my argument with Elia I haven’t returned, tomorrow is th£ duel and Elia is still angry that I try s£nd!ng h£r away, who am I kidd!ng, that girl j√$t doesn’t th!nk.

All I do is for h£r, why do $h£ feel so !nsecure, is not like I have any !nterest !n any oth£r women, I can barely th!nk of someone else talk less of sleep!ng with anoth£r.

” are you okay Alexander? ” cash ask while I shake my h£ad.

” No ” stand!ng up I shoot th£m glare ” why will you two keep argu!ng on baseless topics, you know very well, all that shits is stupid, Giles won’t have done that if h£ didn’t ¢ar£ for you ”

” Jesus Christ Alexander ” Giles g@sp ” don’t get me wrong but I don’t give a shit ab©vt cash, h£ can go to h£ll for all I ¢ar£ ”

Cash use h¡s h@nd and hit Giles b@¢k h£ad ” shut up”

” am mentally unstable right now ” mumbl!ng I sit d©wΠ and exhale ” lots of th!ngs runn!ng !n my h£ad and th£n Elia arguments ”

” what did you do to h£r Alexander ” cash fold h¡s h@nds, look!ng at me I frown, my anger resurfaced ” why do you th!nk am th£ one at fault h£re? Can’t $h£ make me angry? Am I always th£ bad guy ”

” yes” Giles nod ” you’re th£ bad guy, from what I remember, you killed h£r and why? Because $h£ forgot ab©vt you…isn’t that childish”

” fv¢k off Giles ”

” Giles is right Alexander ” cash !nterject ” you’re not th£ good guy h£re, you killed h£r th£n stole h£r from Lucian ”

” I never stole h£r, Lucian stole h£r from me ” grow!ng I stand to my feet ” we were betroth£d to each oth£r damn it, I almost got h£r, almost make h£r m!ne before Lucian came !nto th£ picture ”

” still don’t get why you killed h£r ” Giles shrug ” kill is kill, you are th£ bad guy and will always rema!n one”

” you have a duel tomorrow ” cash mutter ” take your m!nd off women and focus, we came to th¡s forest to tra!n and for you to kill many !n order to strength£n yourself ”

” take Elia off your m!nd ” Giles smile ” $h£ is already yours, though I th!nk you should apologize ” I didn’t both£r !n tell!ng th£m I didn’t do anyth!ng wrong, th£y won’t believe me anyway.

Mov!ng deep !nto th£ forest I vent my anger on any creature I see, fae, wolfs, and ghouls, kill!ng each and everyone of th£m, smell of blood all over th£ place.

Giles and cash seem happy to be !n th¡s forest, kill!ng. Makes me remember th£ old times, wh£n all I could th!nk of was food, s€× and kill!ng, come to th!nk of it…my life was calm and less stressful.

I wasn’t try!ng to make anyone love me, sometimes I ask why I f@|| !n love at all, why a harsh man as myself could love j√$t a fragile girl, is $h£ worried, is $h£ l@y!ng on th£ b£d wait!ng? Wait!ng for me to touch h£r !n all th£ formidable places?

What am I even th!nk!ng, $h£ must be angry with me, I know Elia, $h£ has too much pride to admit $h£ is wrong but th¡s time I don’t plan on say!ng sorry for what wasn’t my fault.

Accus!ng me of wish!ng to stay with Zulu? Zulu knows I love Elia and that’s th£ ma!n reason I s£nd h£r on a particular mission, $h£ should be b@¢k soon but not empty h@nded ” Alexander!!!! ” h£ar!ng that voice I stop mov!ng, my gaze m©v£ to cash, h£ shake h¡s h£ad !ndicat!ng it wasn’t h¡m so did Giles.

” th£ voice belong to a woman ” I mumble ” Elia voice but !n th¡s fores, its dangerous!” Not say!ng no m©r£ I run towards th£ dire toon wh£re th£ voice came from ” Wh£re are you Alex!!” Spott!ng h£r I watch how $h£ look @r0vnd, search!ng for me, th£ dress $h£ wore short and free for h£r to run, h£r hair tied !n a high ponytail.

” what are you do!ng h£re?” Startl!ng h£r from beh!nd $h£ s¢r**m, fl!nch th£n turn @r0vnd to meet my gaze and now I get fvll picture of h£r, mold all over h£r yellow summer dress ” you fell?” $h£ nod, star!ng at h£r eyes I realize $h£ is try!ng not to cry, is it because I told h£r all $h£ can do is to cry? ” Sebastian told you I was h£re right?” $h£ nod ” if you wish to cry, do so I…..” $h£ didn’t wait for me to f!nish before cry!ng.

” I am sorry Alexander ” $h£ sniff ” am sorry I said all that to you, I didn’t th!nk and you’re right, before conclud!ng I should learn and th!nk th!ngs through”

” Elia”

” let me f!nish ” $h£ clean h£r tears ” I have been stupid, foolish, !nsecure and doubtful…I know you love me and me not say!ng those words b@¢k to you is mak!ng you th!nk I don’t feel th!ng but I do, am j√$t confused, I ¢ar£ for you too Alex, I will never want you to get hurt ” I watch h£r f@|| to h£r knees and hold h£r ear ” won’t you forgive your silly girl”

Star!ng d©wΠ at h£r a smile broke !n my l¡p as I h£lp h£r up ” don’t knee ever aga!n Elia, am not that angry with you ”

” which means you were angry?”

” of course ” I frown ” you told me you hate me” ₱v||!ng a piece of cloth from my pocket I clean some mold off h£r face ” were you not s¢ar£d, someth!ng might have eaten you because of your high pitch voice !n h£re”

$h£ look up at me while I clean h£r face ” thank you Alexander, I was wait!ng on b£d for you but you didn’t return so I came to you ”

” wait!ng on b£d for me?” My furrow my brows ” to do what”

A blush appear !n those ch£eks ” to touch me ” $h£ mumble th£n step closer to my b©dy, h@nds on my ch£st th£n s1©wly m©v£ to my neck ” you’re hav!ng a duel tomorrow, I want to give you myself so that you have a good sleep and wake up !n your fight!ng spirit ”

” I like that thought ” klzz!ng h£r l¡ps I growl ” I like that silly thought a lot ”


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