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Sitt!ng d©wΠ !n vix house I look @r0vnd th£ liv!ng room, j√$t two chairs and noth!ng m©r£, h£ lives like normal man ” why did you call me your sister?” I mumble th£ moment h£ step b@¢k !n th£ liv!ng room, hold!ng a tray with h¡m.

h£ drop it on th£ table, I stare at th£ juice th£n b@¢k to h¡s face ” how am I sure th¡s is not poison? ”

” because if I wish to kill you, I would have done that a while b@¢k” h£ sit opposite me th£n smile ” you do know you are weak ”

” thanks for th£ rem!nder vix, I totally forgot” h£ frown at my tone and I roll my eyes ” look, I don’t ¢ar£ who you are or why you th!nk we are related, I totally don’t ¢ar£, I j√$t need to leave right th¡s moment ”

” I told you ” h£ lean on th£ chair ” wh£re ever you go, I go with you ”

” I don’t need you ”

” you don’t have an option ”

I rema!n quite, we stare at each oth£r and it th£n became a star!ng competition, th£ person to bl!nk first lose, am good at th¡s, no one has ever b**ten me to it before ” if you lose, you tell me whatever I wish to know”

h£ smile ” deal ” and th£n it started, I watch h¡m |¡¢k h¡s l¡ps, those eyes look!ng d©wΠ my b©dy, !n a normal situation I will bl!nk thrice to take !n what’s happen!ng but right now I refuse to lose.

I watch h¡s eyes m©v£ to my th¡ghs, h£ has totally forgot what is happen!ng so !n th£ process of me widen!ng my legs s1©wly, h£ bl!nk ©vt of surprise, robb!ng h¡s eyes and try look!ng aga!n but my legs are closed shut and wh£n h£ realize that, h£ frown.

Th£ sight made me chuckle ” I won!!!” s¢r**m!ng h£ lower h¡s h@nds and frown.

” don’t try that shit with me ”

” you started it ”

” I expected that to make you blush th£n bl!nk but it looks like, you are use to be!ng looked at that way…let me guess, Alexander? ” what h£ said made me blush ” you have slept with h¡m?”

” shut up ”

” and $h£ is not deny!ng it!” Vix stand to my feet and ₱v|| me up too ” did that bastard Alexander force you, you have always said you will wait till marriage before any one can touch you”

” what are you talk!ng b©vt ” I slap h¡s h@nds off my shoulder ” first of, I have never said anyth!ng like that, secondly I don’t even know you!”

” you’re my sister ”

” I only have one broth£r and h£ is j√$t seven years old “growl!ng I frown ” what are you even say!ng ”

” aqua?”

” you mean th£ lady I look like?” h£ nod sitt!ng d©wΠ, those gaze still look!ng at me ” you know am not aqua right” h£ nod ” so why treat!ng me like your sister”

” because I miss h£r ” h£ smile ” $h£ is my only sibl!ng, well th£ only one I talk to before h£r beauty land h£r !n trouble ”

Sitt!ng d©wΠ I look at h¡m, feel!ng sorry, I know fvlly well what it feels like to lose someone dear to you, I lost my dad, even if mum don’t talk much ab©vt h¡m, I still miss h¡m ” what killed h£r, I h£ard $h£ was once Alexander’s ”

h£ nod ” $h£ was but th£n suddenly, $h£ decided to go with Lucian, ©vt of th£ blue $h£ forgot ab©vt Alexander ” vix frown” am sure Lucian did someth!ng to h£r”

” what do you men?”

” If I remember correctly, th£ first day aqua saw Alexander $h£ fell, $h£ loved everyth!ng ab©vt h¡m, even if Alexander never laughs, $h£ was able to make h¡m smile but th£n suddenly $h£ ask h¡m to break off th£ wedd!ng only to run to Lucian and few days later, $h£ was murdered ”

” murdered by who?”

” I have no idea” vix h@nds clench ” I plan on f!nd!ng that ©vt but it has been centuries, still no clue ”

” who do you suspect?”

” Lucian” h£ shrug ” I have never liked h¡m anyway but th£n, th£y was no reason for h¡m to kill h£r ”

” hmmm” Lucian told me, th£y were ab©vt gett!ng married before $h£ died and now vix is tell!ng me aqua was Alexander’s before Lucian stole h£r? How can someone forget who th£y love that easily?

Maybe $h£ never loved Alexander.

Maybe $h£ was forced !n it ” is okay ” smil!ng vix stare at me” you can call me your sister, I don’t m!nd act!ng like one to you” stand!ng up I m©v£ towards h¡m and pat h¡s h£ad ” little broth£r” gr!nn!ng I watch h¡m stand to h¡s feet and am force to look up to meet h¡s gaze.

” th¡s time @r0vnd, you are little ” h¡s f!ng£r touch my face, I cl!nch at how cold it is ” plus you are not really blood related so wh£n ever I need a klzz !n th¡s long journey, you will give me one right?”

” no way” slapp!ng h¡s h@nd from my face I watch h¡m chuckle h@rd ” milady!!” h£ar!ng Sebastian worried voice I turn and h£ ₱v|| me !nto h¡s arms ” I was so worried, I thought I lost you ”

” Sebastian ”

Withdraw!ng h£ cup my face ” are you wounded, are you hurt, did th¡s man do anyth!ng to you ” h¡s gaze m©v£ to a relaxed vix, Sebastian glare, those glares seem deadly.

” no, that’s my broth£r”

” broth£r?” Sebastian look d©wΠ at me ” you have an elder broth£r who looks at you like h£ wants a klzz”

A blush creep !nto my face ” wh£n did that happen?”

” earlier wh£n h£ touch your face” Sebastian look curious ab©vt someth!ng, I know is someth!ng stupid h£ is also to say ” milady, are you !nto !ncest ”

” of course not, I only love Alexander” I yell th£n watch th£ both men g@sp ©vt of surprise.

” you love h¡m!!” th£y both s¢r**m and I frown, grabb!ng my bag and stepp!ng ©vt of th£ house ” milady, wh£re are you h£aded to?”

” somewh£re far away from you two ”

” milady” th£ words roll from vix m©vth ” I like it, I will call you that ”

” why is th¡s man com!ng with us?” Sebastian growl” witch£s don’t like vampires”

” witch£s?” Vix g@sp ” you two are h£aded to th£ witch£s coven, because of a book?” Vix swiftly m©v£ ah£ad of me, stopp!ng me on my track ” have you lost it!”

” don’t talk to me !n such manners vix ”

” that book will kill you”

I furrow my brows” how do you know? ”

” because I was among th£ people that created th£ book and no, am not a vampire” vix shoot Sebastian ” you guess wrong!!”

Confusion seem to my cloud!ng me right now, aqua was a vampire and vix says h£ is not one ” you and aqua can’t related by blood ”

” we are ” vix frown ” half blood, must be why I fell for h£r years b@¢k” h¡s eyes darken ” I fell for brown eyes and now am see!ng one aga!n” Sebastian hit th£ b@¢k of h¡s h£ad after h£ mumble that.

” you can’t f@|| for milady, take those bloody eyes off h£r b©dy!” Sebastian seriously look determ!ned to make vix stop look!ng at me.

My ch£ek redden from embarra$$ment.


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