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Elia face rema!n flu$h£d, last night have been amaz!ng but it $h£ totally forgot that brook was !n th£ b£droom ” Elia, are you okay ” Alexander step ©vt of th£ bathroom n@k£d, $h£ quickly use th£ blanket and cover th£ book, $h£ can still h£ar but can’t see ” you’re red ”

Clear!ng my throat I try my best not to look d©wΠ, my gaze rema!n on h¡s face as water drop from h¡s hair ” is noth!ng ” smil!ng I stand to my feet” do you want me to h£lp you? ”

” h£lp me with what?” Not know!ng what to say I b¡t£ my lower l¡p while h£ chuckle ” so silly, do you ever change Elia” h£ put on h¡s trouser, zip it up ¢ar£fvlly th£n th£ shirt follow.

” do you want me to change” I ask furrow!ng my brow.

” em….Nope” h£ smile ” I love you th£ way you are ” mov!ng towards h¡s direction, I h£lp h¡m button up h¡s shirt .

” no boxers?” I look at h¡m, h£ hold my h@nd and place it on h¡s c*ck before lean!ng close and wh¡sper!ng ” easy access for you sugar “I swallow wh£n I feel it throb ” you make me so h@rd, every damn time ”

” am not mak!ng love with you Alex”

” never?”

” j√$t not now, we have someth!ng to do remember? ”

h£ nod ” I remember ” h£ klzz my ch£ek gently ” take your time !n prepar!ng, I Will arrange th£ horse ”

” okay ”

Watch!ng h¡m leave I exhale ” h£ is h°t” h£ar!ng brook voice I turn and stare at h£r, $h£ is sitt!ng on th£ b£d smil!ng ” why do you get to have th£ f!ne one ”

” how long have you been sitt!ng th£re?” I ask and $h£ shrug.

” th£ moment you stand up to h£lp h¡m dress “h£r face light up but I become confused because Alexander didn’t notice h£r ” don’t worry, only my master can see me ”

” from now on wh£n h£ is with me, j√$t go ©vt and do anyth!ng ”

” seriously ” $h£ furrow h£r brows and I nod.

” yes seriously” look!ng at th£ mirror I brush my hair before ty!ng it !nto a high ponytail, I put on a black short and blue long sleeves shirt th£n roll up th£ sleeves a little.

” if you are seen dress th¡s way you will be called, !ndecent”

” why is that?” I look at brook and $h£ shrug while stand!ng up and walk!ng beh!nd me.

” ladies are meant to wear only dresses, noth!ng else ”

” I see”

Wh£n we walk ©vt of th£ palace my gaze met th£ queen and I bow my h£ad” your Highness ”

” Elia”

Lift!ng my h£ad I smile ” am really grateful for th£ hospitality you have shown to us, you really did h£lp…I will forever be grateful ” Delia m©v£ closer to my direction.

” i did th£ best i can Elia” $h£ smile before say!ng m©r£ ” I try mak!ng Sebastian to stay but h£ said h¡s loyalty l@ys with you, after th¡s war h£ promise to return to me and I have only two favour to ask from you ”

” name th£m your Highness ”

” wh£n h£ decide to return please do not stop h¡m and I was hop!ng if you will h£lp me !n s£nd!ng off oth£r women who might f!nd h¡m h@ndsome ”

Smil!ng I nod ” I will do as you wish”

” thank you Elia” $h£ hug me, surpris!ng me totally, I never expected a hug from h£r ” thank you so much ” from all what I have learnt, I know that Delia love Sebastian, $h£ might have been wait!ng for a long time for h¡m to come b@¢k to h£r but now h£ is ghost.

Th£ir love story will be !nterest!ng to h£ar ab©vt later.

” Elia, hurry up ” vix yell, ga!n!ng my attention and I frown, I always forget ab©vt h¡m.

” have to go Delia, once aga!n thanks” wav!ng at h£r, I run towards Alexander horse, h£ h£lp me on it, h¡m sitt!ng beh!nd me, brook turn b@¢k !nto a book and f@|| on my lap, smil!ng I put it !n my bag.

” wh£re to milady?” Sebastian ask and I mumble

” th£ dark forest ”

Lucian stop h¡s horse th£ moment h£ arrive !n th£ palace of th£ witch£s l@yer, Elia should be wait!ng h£re for h¡m, it took h¡m a wh0l£ night to th!nk ab©vt such a decision, th£ war is !n two days time, if I can see Elia before th£n, am sure I will be strength£n to fight ” my lord” Zulu voice fill with confusion ” why aren’t we ask!ng audience with th£ queen?”

” always impatient ” smil!ng I look at h£r ” come, let’s go and ask for one” Zulu nod and th£n jump off h£r horse, so did I, a ranch man run towards us and th£n collect th£ horse from us.

Mov!ng towards th£ place, I stop wh£n th£ butler step ©vt ” we will like to speak with th£ queen ” mumbl!ng th£ butler nod h¡s h£ad.

” follow me th£n ”

Walk!ng beh!nd th£ butler my anticipation build up, how long has it been that I haven’t seen h£r face, its been months, months of long!ng, if only $h£ know I can do anyth!ng for h£r.

If am to f!nd h£r now, am not lett!ng h£r go, wh£th£r $h£ wants it or not ” your Highness ” I mumble th£ moment we step !nto th£ throne room, bow!ng my h£ad for some m!nutes I lift it up ” I I’ve come seek!ng my companion who took refuge under your palace ”

” what is th£ name of th¡s companion you seek?”

” Elia, I believe $h£ travel with two oth£r men ”

” you must be mistaken ” th£ queen title h£r h£ad to h£r left ” th£ woman you speak of j√$t left with h£r lover, Alexander th£ fifth ”

” we are late” Zulu voice fill with sadness, sadness we couldn’t make it !n time, once aga!n am late !n gett!ng h£r, why do Alexander always get h£r first.

” thanks for your time your Highness ” smil!ng I mumble ” I will take my leave” turn!ng @r0vnd th£ smile vanish from my l¡ps.

I don’t m!nd bra!n wash!ng h£r for th£ second time, th£ next time we meet I won’t h£sitate to do that to h£r, if th£ only way to have h£r is to clean h£r memory of Alexander th£n I will do it.

I will do anyth!ng to have h£r.


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