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” you look beautiful tonight, you’re glow!ng ” $h£ frown ” trust me Elia, you are amaz!ng ” wh¡sper!ng th£ last part to h£r ears I smile wh£n $h£ drop th£ book.

” daddy likes it ” mumbl!ng I notice how h£r h£art b**t !ncrease.

” you’re dodg!ng th£ question Alex”

” am not ” ₱ush!ng h£r slightly, $h£ f@|| to th£ floor and I l@y b£tweeΠ h£r legs, my h@nds hold!ng my weight from crush!ng h£r ” you do remember what you said you wish to do to me right ”

h£r face redden as $h£ blush ” I was only jok!ng, that wasn’t real you know ” frown!ng I withdraw and $h£ sit up gently ” are you mad at me?”

” am not ” runn!ng my h@nds through my hair, I avert my gaze from h£r to th£ burn!ng fire” am j√$t disappo!nted”

” you wanted….. It that bad?” $h£ stammers little but that didn’t make me turn my attention to h£r.

” not really” stand!ng to my feet I shoot h£r smile ” its late, come…let’s go to b£d”I didn’t wait for h£r to stand up before mov!ng towards our room, what sort of joke was that? I was really anticipat!ng that and $h£ ru!n it.

Ru!n it with shyness.

Of course am pissed off but th£n am not go!ng to force h£r to do what $h£ doesn’t want to do, it’s h£r m©vth not m!ne.

” Alex ” $h£ mutter after shutt!ng th£ door ” why are you !n so much hurry to sleep?”

” am tired” I mumble while tak!ng off my cloth ” I need some rest, for weeks now I have been on th£ road, i need to stretch my bones ” stand!ng completely n@k£d I m©v£ to th£ bathroom ” I should shower first though ” not wait!ng for h£r reply I m©v£ to th£ bathroom.

Quickly wash up and ©vt to f!nd h£r j√$t sitt!ng on th£ chair close to th£ study table, that stupid book still !n h£r h@nds ” go and shower Elia”

” okay” $h£ reply f*ster than I expected, l@y!ng d©wΠ on th£ b£d, I use th£ quilt to cover myself while watch!ng h£r take off h£r cloth, $h£ lose h£r hair from h£r ponytail and I swallow wh£n $h£ step !nto th£ bathroom.

$h£ didn’t even notice that am angry? How dense is $h£? Lift!ng th£ quilt I frown at my already h@rd c*ck, h£ j√$t want to be touch£d ” fv¢k” growl!ng I let th£ quilt f@|| from my h@nds and close my eyes.

Not everyth!ng is ab©vt s€×, talk!ng with h£r is okay, really okay.

” what do you th!nk Alex” h£ar!ng h£r voice I open my eyes, $h£ is still stand!ng n@k£d but h£r hair ” is my hair sh!ny? “I nod my h£ad ” do you like it?”

” why make it sh!ny, you’re go!ng to b£d anyway ”

” sorry ” I watch h£r use th£ towel and clean h£r hair quickly, I know I shouldn’t have said that, what’s wrong with me? ” did I do someth!ng wrong”

I shake my h£ad” No”

” are you angry because I said it was a joke?”$h£ m©v£ towards my direction th£n stop ” it j√$t that am not sure if….”

” stop it Elia ” sitt!ng up I ₱v|| h£r to th£ b£d and use th£ quilt to cover our b©dy” I told you am not angry, stop ask!ng silly questions…j√$t sleep ”

” I don’t want to”

” why not?” Shoot!ng h£r a confuse look $h£ m©v£ closer th£n touch my l¡ps ” Elia”

” I wasn’t jok!ng”

“Are you sure” I frown ” I don’t want to force you !nto….”

$h£ cut me off ” why are you act!ng like you don’t want me to?” Not know!ng what to say I shut up ” I have never seen you on th£ edge before daddy” h£r h@nds loser to my ch£st ” do you really like it wh£n someone s√¢k you off”

” who taught you how to speak such dirty words ” h£r h@nds grab my c*ck and I swallow ” such bad girl ”

” punish me daddy ” $h£ ₱ush th£ quilt off our b©dy th£n m©v£ d©wΠ, sitt!ng up I watch h£r, th£ way $h£ stare at it like some new toy $h£ has found ” go ah£ad sugar, you will love it ”

” really daddy”

$h£ look up and I |¡¢k my l¡ps ” if you |¡¢k it like some loll¡pop it will reward you with milk, delicious milk ” $h£ use h£r t0Πge to |¡¢k th£ tip of my c*ck, ₱1ea$vre surge through me.

” you mean like th¡s?”

” with your wh0l£ m©vth sugar” $h£ did exactly as I said, my eyes roll to th£ b@¢k of my h£ad, th£ way h£r m©vth m©v£, like $h£ was brought to th¡s world for th¡s

” oh fv¢k, j√$t like that” I m0@n th£ moment $h£ sqv££se my balls, not be!ng able to hold myself b@¢k my h@nds m©v£ to h£r hair as I fv¢k h£r m©vth, hitt!ng th£ b@¢k of h£r throat ” am ¢vmm!ng, swallow it ”

Elia step b@¢k wh£n h£ f@|| b@¢k on th£ b£d exhal!ng, th£ ₱1ea$vre on h¡s face wh£n h£ came was amaz!ng and know!ng I was th£ one that did that to h¡m made pride flow !n me.

Not h£sitat!ng I climb on h¡m, giv!ng h¡s c*ck a little rob, it grow h@rd aga!n, Alex eyes didn’t leave me, h£ watch me ¢ar£fvlly ” am go!ng to use your b©dy as I wish daddy, you’re not allowed to touch me ”

Alex b¡t£ h¡s l¡ps, I know h£ won’t do as I said so I stood up, pick up a robe, tie h¡s h@nds ” you know that can’t hold me” h£ smile but I said noth!ng else, ty!ng h¡s legs I m©v£ b@¢k to h¡s c*ck, my h@nds robb!ng h¡m gently ” ride me already sugar”

Th£ moment words left h¡s m©vth i use my h@nds and slap h¡s balls, h£ h¡ss and I smile ” I told you daddy, I will do whatever I want to th¡s b©dy ”

Plac!ng h¡s c*ck at my entrance tak!ng it !n s1©wly I watch Alex reach!ng h¡s limit, I know h£ loved it f*st, th¡s is sort of a punishment to h¡m ” shit sugar, you need to m©v£ f*ster ”

” No”

I watch h¡m grit h¡s teeth !n frustration, wh£n I completely took h¡m I m0@n but didn’t m©v£, our gaze rema!n on each oth£r ” m©v£ Elia, you’re mak!ng me go !nsane ”

” I will only m©v£ if you promise to stop ly!ng”

” ly!ng, wh£n th£ fv¢k did I….”

Cutt!ng h¡m off with mov!ng my hip a little, h£ !ntake h¡s breath and I smile, know!ng I have th¡s much power on h¡m” you were angry earlier, you lied you weren’t ”

” that doesn’t mean shit Elia”

” it does to me ”

“That’s it ” I watch h¡m break free from th£ robe, h¡s h@nds m©v£ to my w@¡$t as h£ sit up ” you have gotten pretty bad “mumble before lift!ng me off h¡m to th£ b£d, I watch h¡m release h¡s legs from th£ robe and th£n turn me @r0vnd and before I know what’s happen!ng h£ thrv$t !n from beh!nd ” oh god!”

” you. don’t .₱v||. shits .like that .with. me sugar”after each word a thrv$t follow, so f*st, so rough that I fear for my life.

” Alex”

” am not listen!ng sugar, you made me so freak!ng h@rd and I want you to come, right now” that’s all th£ urge I need to come and few m©r£ thrv$ts Alex followed.


“Alex?” I asked s!nce sleep wasn’t easy for me to f@|| !nto” are you awake?”

” hmm”

Look!ng at h¡m, I lift my h£ad, h¡s gaze met m!ne, those eyes sleepy ” I need to tell you someth!ng” h£ nod h¡s h£ad, urg!ng me to speak furth£r ” I will be fight!ng along side with you”

h£ sit up th£ moment I said that ” No ”

” what do you mean no ”

” you’re not strong enough, I don’t need you gett!ng hurt ” h£ rush h¡s words, those words swirl!ng anger !n me ” you stay h£re ”

” No Alex, am strong enough, I have th£ book now”

” wh£re is it?” Alexander run h¡s h@nd through h¡s hair ” Sebastian is with it Elia, you can’t and that’s f!nal ”

” am go!ng Alex” gett!ng off th£ b£d, I grab a dress from th£ closet and put it on” am go!ng to get th£ book ”

” Elia!” h£ hold my h@nd ” you’re not go!ng to fight” look!ng at h¡m I shake my h£ad.

” you th!nk am weak”

” humans are weak Elia, you can’t survive !n that forest alone, you are not strong enough ”

” Alex”

” is th£ truth ” h£ mumble ” that’s th£ truth, j√$t stay h£re”

” No!” ₱v||!ng my h@nds from h¡s I frown” I will show you j√$t how strong I am”

” Elia!” I ignored h¡m while runn!ng ©vt of th£ house, !nto th£ forest, I didn’t stop runn!ng, I kept runn!ng with only one plan, f!nd!ng Sebastian and prov!ng to Alex I can survive, wh£rever I am.

I ran !nto someone arms, wide open, like h£ was wait!ng for me ” Alex? ” lift!ng my gaze to face h¡m I fl!nch ©vt of fear, not expect!ng to see who is stand!ng right th£re.

” its been awhile Elia” Lucian smile ” I missed you ”


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