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Zulu watch Lucian frown th£ moment h£ realize Elia is gone ” wh£re is Elia, $h£ should be h£re ” h£ turn to my direction and I had to shrug.

” I told h£r to stay still, I was worried ab©vt you ”

Lucian run h¡s h@nds through h¡s hair, frown!ng” Zulu, I told you clearly to keep an eye on h£r, $h£ is too….” Wav!ng my h@nds I make h¡m stop talk!ng, h£ furrow h¡s brows, even while hurt h£ still worry ab©vt Elia.

” you’re badly hurt, you need treatment ” try!ng to touch h¡s h@nd h£ step away ” Lucian”

” you’re j√$t my maid, you don’t call me by my name! ”

” th£n I quit ”

” get ©vt!!”

” No “I yell b@¢k at h¡m, watch!ng h¡m s1©wly sit on th£ b£d, growl!ng !n pa!n, I m©v£ closer to h¡m ” I have th£ ability to h£al” cast!ng a spell, white light appear on my h@nd as all h¡s wounds vanish s1©wly ” forget ab©vt Elia”

” you’re nuts” h£ gr0@n ” I can’t forget h£r ”

” $h£ doesn’t love you ” I bark at h¡m ” stop look!ng h£r way and look elsewh£re ”

” stop talk!ng gibberish ” h£ avert h¡s gaze from m!ne.

” you can love someone else” wh£n th£ words left my m©vth, those red eyes turn to my direction, with a frown on h¡s face.

” someone else, you mean you?” h£ asked with furrow brows, I know h£ was jok!ng, I know h£ didn’t th!nk I will like h¡m but still yet I nod which made h¡s eyes widen.

” yes Lucian ” my eyes didn’t leave h¡s ” love me not h£r but me ” wh£n all h¡s wounds vanish h£ get on h¡s feet, shoot!ng me a glare.

” you made Elia leave because of th¡s, you’re fv¢ked up Zulu ” I walk closer to h¡m, stand!ng one !nch away from h¡m, h£ lower h¡s gaze to look at me, th£ frown didn’t vanish from h¡s face.

” I love you Lucian ” air from th£ w!ndow swirl @r0vnd us ” stay with me ” hold!ng h¡s h@nd I was surprise h£ didn’t shove me away” love me Lucian, not h£r but me ”

” why should I do that Zulu “h£ title h¡s h£ad to h¡s left, watch!ng me ” tell me ”

” $h£ doesn’t deserve you ” I mumble ” I do” lift!ng h¡s h@nd to my ch£st, wh£re my h£art l@ys, I smile ” you belong to me ” h£ look at me for few m!nutes before withdraw!ng and walk!ng ©vt of th£ room, mumbl!ng one last word to me

” ridiculous ”

Elia walk ©vt of th£ room to meet th£ oth£rs ” h£re milady ” Sebastian h@nd over a book to h£r ” its yours, do you remember it ” lift!ng th£ book up I stare at it for few seconds th£n shake my h£ad.

” what’s it ab©vt?” Sitt!ng on th£ couch vix speak before Sebastian could ” its a book of names, it h£lp you to summon demons ” vix lean close to me, two !nch’s from my face ” as your broth£r I will like you to come with me Elia, far from th¡s weird people ”

₱ush!ng h¡m b@¢k I smile ” you’re funny ” shak!ng my h£ad I look at th£ book aga!n, for some reason it feels alive and its freak!ng me ©vt !n some way ” Elia” h£ar!ng Alexander voice I drop th£ book on th£ couch th£n stand to look at h¡m ” what are you do!ng th£re ” h£ furrow h¡s brows and I frown.

” what do you mean?”

” come h£re for a second ” I watch water drip from h¡s hair to h¡s bare ch£st, h£ is j√$t wr*₱p!ng a towel @r0vnd h¡s w@¡$t…that means if th£ towel is to f@||, h£ will be bare and h£ wants me alone !n h¡s room.

Cash m©v£ close to me and wh¡sper ” ignore h¡m Elia, if you were to go to h¡m now h£ might force h¡mself on you ” I g@sp at cash words, avert!ng my gaze from Alex to cash I watch h¡m nod ” trust me, I have known h¡m for centuries ”

” centuries??” I mumble ” that’s a odd th!ng to say ”

” you really did lose your memory ” cash m©v£ closer and th£ next th!ng happen!ng is Alex shov!ng h¡m b@¢k, hold!ng my h@nd and dragg!ng me with h¡m to th£ b£droom, h£ shut th£ door and shoot me a frown ” what?”

” you shouldn’t get close to that bastards you know ”

” why not” I fold my h@nds th£n watch h¡m sigh, m©r£ like giv!ng up, h£ m©v£ to th£ b£d, sit d©wΠ, h¡s gaze didn’t m©v£ from me ” aren’t you plann!ng on putt!ng some cloth£s on”

” no” h£ shook h¡s h£ad” I love sleep!ng n@k£d but s!nce you’re h£re I have to stay with th£ towel”

” am sleep!ng !n anoth£r room”

” no oth£r room unless you want to sleep with th£ oth£r boys ”

Th!nk!ng for a second I nod ” I will stay with Sebastian ” before I could turn @r0vnd I watch th£ frown that creep !nto h¡s face, its deadly.

” forgive me ” h£ cover h¡s face ” you can sleep h£re if I put on some cloth right ” I nod my h£ad and h£ stand up, m©v£ to th£ bathroom th£n few m!nutes later step ©vt with only shorts ” better ”

” I guess ” l@y!ng next to h¡m on th£ b£d I make sure th£y is enough space b£tweeΠ us ” I wish to ask someth!ng ” turn!ng to h¡s direction my ch£ek hit up at th£ mere thought of th¡s question but I need to get it ©vt ” have we make love before”

h¡s h@nds m©v£ to my w@¡$t and ₱v|| me closer ” so much that am still surprise you aren’t pregnant yet ” look!ng up to meet h¡s gaze h£ smile ” how did we meet ”

” well !n your past life we were supposed to get married” I frown, confuse as to what h£ mean ” !n your pres£nt, you were my maid, a stubborn one ”

” oh, that means you’re rich?”

” tomorrow I will be k!ng so yea, you can say that ” h£ ₱v|| me closer, mak!ng my h£ad to rest on h¡s ch£st ” please don’t struggle, I can’t sleep if you aren’t !n my arms, I get nightmares ”

” what k!nd?”

” of you leav!ng me and marry!ng anoth£r man ” from th£ sound of h¡s voice I realize h£ isn’t ly!ng, is that what h£ calls nightmare, is it possible h£ really like me.

Look!ng up at h¡m, I Lean close and klzz h¡s foreh£ad ” sleep, I won’t leave you ” a smile form !n h¡s l¡ps.

” thank you sugar”


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