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Maybe $h£ klzzed h¡m with©vt permission, maybe that’s true but Alexander doesn’t seem both£red and h£ haven’t said a word to me s!nce we left h¡s k!ngdom b@¢k to my world, !n h¡s limo and to my mums house.

h£ might th!nk I don’t want th¡s child but that’s a lie, I will always love and treat my child th£ way it should be treated ” you can’t ignore me forever Alex ”

Look!ng at h¡m seated and eyes closed h£ shrug ” am not try!ng to ignore you Elia” h£ is call!ng me Elia, not silly, sweeth£art, dar!ng or sugar which means h£ isn’t happy with me.

” why aren’t you talk!ng to me ”

” th£y is noth!ng to say”

” even after klzz!ng Anna ”

” I didn’t klzz h£r ”

” what happened th£n”h£ open h¡s eyes which means I have caught h¡s attention, br!ng!ng th¡s up even though I know $h£ was th£ one that klzz h¡m with©vt h¡s knowledge, I still want to see h¡s reaction.

” I was say!ng goodbye To my tw!n sister” h£ frown ” if you have little trust !n ems, you will know I will never betray you”

” oh please ” I frown” you’re f*st, so f*st that if you do not want that klzz you would have shove h£r away before $h£ klzzed you ”

” am f*st Elia, I don’t see ten seconds !n th£ future before it happen ” h£ relax b@¢k on h¡s chair ” it will be much better if we stopped !nteraction, I have a little patience !n me right now”

” what will happen if that patience vanish”

” you won’t like what will happen Elia”

” and what might that be ”

” annoy me anym©r£ and you will f!nd ©vt” h£ glare and I h¡ss gett!ng my gaze from h¡m to th£ w!ndow, seem like b@¢k !n th¡s world our love break.

We are b@¢k !nto master and servant, even if h£ doesn’t say it, th£ way h£ is act!ng is mak!ng me feel that way, servant pregnant for h£r master.

” we are h£re sir ” th£ driver mumble, Alexander nod th£n step ©vt so did I, we stopped right !n front of my house, mov!ng close I knock on th£ door, it took few m!nutes before moth£r open it.

h£r eyes widen from shock, we rema!n still star!ng at each oth£r ” moth£r ” a tear drop from my eyes” am home ” !n th£ next three m!nutes am !n h£r arms, both of us cry!ng.


” oh, I thought I lost you…I couldn’t f!nd you ” $h£ cry bitterly, $h£ has been pa$$!ng through all th£se pa!ns because of me, sitt!ng next to h£r on th£ couch I hold h£r h@nds.

” am h£re now moth£r”

” excuse me” Alexander mumble h¡s first word, stand!ng from th£ couch my moth£r stare at h¡m.

” it was you, you took my daughter away for three months, you only said three days ”

Alexander smile ” I might have forgotten to tell you month th£n ” can’t h£ be a little k!nd, I def!nitely cannot believe I fell for someone like h¡m.

” is okay ” mov!ng to Alexander direction I smile ” th£y is someth!ng I need to tell you moth£r” hold!ng Alexander h@nd my gaze m©v£ to meet h¡s which are expressionless ” we are hav!ng a baby ” h£ bl!nk as th£ words left my m©vth, my moth£r on th£ oth£r h@nd s¢r**m.

Well I was expect!ng that but what I wasn’t expect!ng was h£r slapp!ng me, Alex try mov!ng forward but my hold on h¡m, stop h¡m from do!ng anyth!ng ” I tra!n you better than that Elia” $h£ look really angry ” we don’t have enough to feed ourselves and now you are br!ng!ng anoth£r child to th¡s world to suffer!”

” madam ” Alex step forward look!ng annoyed” with all due respect, my child will never suffer, yes am th£ fath£r of th£ baby which you should know and I don’t get why you’re so angry, am not leav!ng h£r alone neith£r am I poor m!nded to s£nd h£r b@¢k h£re because $h£ is pregnant…… I love your daughter, I can’t say th£ child is mistake, I saw that as th£ only way to tie h£r to me forever and it worked ”

” Alex” I try call!ng h¡m b@¢k but h£ didn’t bulge, moth£r look even m©r£ angry.

” if you expected h£r to go to college $h£ can still go after giv!ng birth to my child but I hope you will bear !n m!nd you are tak!ng h£r away from th£ man $h£ love” Alex smile ” I know you have been !n love before, that shouldn’t be someth!ng new and yes….I know you know exactly how it feel to be away from th£ person you love ” th£ both stare at each oth£r, Alex smil!ng while moth£r glar!ng ” excuse me, you and your daughter should talk ” and with that h£ step ©vt of th£ house.

” moth£r ”

” silence ”

” I love h¡m ” sitt!ng d©wΠ on th£ couch tears drop from my eyes ” I can’t say I hate that am pregnant moth£r, I know you made me promise not to ru!n our plans but th¡s is my new plan, hav!ng h¡s child ”

” are you two married?”

” no moth£r”

” have h£ proposed ”

” no moth£r ” I know wh£re th¡s is h£ad!ng

” what if h£ never marries you because h£ now see you as a ch£ap whore”

” moth£r!” Stand!ng up I look at h£r ” gett!ng pregnant does not mean I deserve such !nsults” turn!ng @r0vnd I stop wh£n jack step !n wear!ng h¡s school uniform which means h£ j√$t got home ” big sis?”

” jack ” ₱v||!ng h¡m !n for a hug I smile ” I missed you so much ”

” why are you leav!ng ” h£ look at me with sad eyes ” you were leav!ng j√$t now weren’t you ?”

” yes I was jack ” I bend d©wΠ and ¢ar£s h¡s face ” moth£r doesn’t want me h£re ”

” that’s impossible ”

” doesn’t seem that way anym©r£…I will visit you okay “h£ nod and th£n am ©vt of th£ house, shutt!ng th£ door I step !nto th£ car, my gaze m©v£ to Alexander who is watch!ng me ¢ar£fvlly.

h¡s words made me frown” i h£ard all what your moth£r and you discussed….. am sorry ” h£ nod ” if I knew hav!ng my child will affect you th¡s much I …..” Plac!ng my f!ng£r on h¡s l¡ps I stop h¡m from talk!ng.

” don’t complete that s£ntence Alex ” h£ shake my h£ad ” j√$t klzz me….please ” h£ lean close and crush h¡s l¡ps d©wΠ on m!ne, mak!ng it s1©w, nice and sweet ” I love you ” h£ m0@n !nto my m©vth before break!ng th£ klzz ” so much ”

” you’re no longer angry?”

” am not ” h£ smile ” I might have been over th!nk!ng your words, after h£ar!ng what you said to your moth£r, I know you really ¢ar£ for th£ child and i, I hope you know I will marry you”

I nod ” do you th!nk moth£r will ever accept th¡s?”

” yes ” h£ nod th£n klzz my ch£ek ” I know $h£ will, after all….moth£rs always love th£ir children no matter what ”

” thank you Alex” relax!ng my h£ad on h¡s ch£st while th£ car takes us to th£ mansion, I notice h¡s change !n breath!ng.

” no need to thank me silly ” h£ rob my b@¢k gently ” I should do th£ thank!ng, not you ” withdraw!ng a little our gaze meet and h£ smile ” thank you sugar, thank you for not leav!ng me even wh£n I act stupid ”

” you’re welcome ”

h£ furrow h¡s brows ” so you th!nk am stupid”

” of course ” I smile ” but I th!nk I like you stupid” chuckl!ng I rest my h£ad on h¡s ch£st ” oh my stupid boy”


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