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Almost immediately some group of girls walked in. They moved towards Bluey and held her hand

One of then brought out a hand cuffs

“Wait a minute…. What are you trying to do”Bluey asked

They didn’t reply but began to handcuff her to the bed.

“Hey, this would hurt me.” she said as they did.

“It isn’t meant to make you happy.” One said. She tried struggling but she only hurt herself as she did

They handcuffed her hands and legs

“is this also part of the rules”She asked

“Loose her.” Jenna ordered and they reached for her hands and legs, they began to release her.

“what the fuck just happened ” she asked her.

“just act cool bluey” She said

They made her stand and reached for her blouse.

“Wait! What are you doing?” she asked in shock.

“To give you a bath.” They said.

“I can take a bath myself. I don’t need multitudes okay?” she said and they laughed except Jenna

“We all said the same thing when we got here. Strip her and get her into the bathroom.” A girl said

“Wait!! Jenna do something. I can’t get naked in front of them”She blinked her eyes and they all laughed out


“leave…. I will bath her.” Jenna said

“Fine. Everyone out of the room. ten minutes to be done with her.” The girl said and Jenna nodded

They all walked out of the room and Bluey sighed dropping her hand from her chest.

“are they seriously gonna give me a bath.” she said breathlessly

“That’s how it’s done here ” Jenna replied

“They’re crazy “She muttered and stripped off her clothes

“You can bath me” She replied standing naked in front of jenna

“Sure” Jenna replied and they both walked into the bathroom


Mrs Beatrice Walton walked underneath the umbrella he held up high to help her from getting drenched from the rain.

She can’t believe there are still good souls in Italy

Yeah! She just came back from the states where she had gone for an meeting with her husband. She arrived today and had to stop at the grocery store to get somethings for Arianna

But unfortunately, the rain started.

She would have called for her guards but she didn’t bothered

She stayed in a corner for some minutes before a man came and offer to helped cover her to her car

“You don’t need to do this. You probably have somewhere you are headed” She said and made effort to look at him

She had to look at him up there, he was way taller than her. He had this brown curly hair with dark stains on it.

“Richmond?? “She called shocked

* I can’t believe I just noticed that.*

“The one and only” Richmond replied sarcastically

“what…. what are you doing here?? “She stammered

“you know I hate stuttering. How’s your husband? ” He asked in a very thick voice.

She brushed her hair beneath her ear with her hand.

“What do you want?? “Mrs Beatrice repeated her question

“Why are you tensed??……are you having guilty conscience for living me and getting married to a rich fool all because of wealth? “He asked

Mrs Beatrice bite on her lower lip

“I didn’t leave you for money. My father would have given you some money to start up a business and made a living for ourselves but I left cuz you weren’t responsible. You were a drunker, a smoker and a drug dealer. You didn’t expect me to introduce you to my parents “Mrs Beatrice reply and Richmond grin

“you made me who I am today…… I’m never gonna leave your life. You’re gonna remain mine even after your marriage. I planted something already and someone is already paying for your sins. It will be late before you know it. I’m still the smart Richmond “He paused and grin

“You should get going. Your husband and child awaits you”Richmond replied and left her under the rain

She got drenched as she thought over Richmond words

They all lined up obviously ready for the morning training

They all got pounding hearts

In the midst of the people was Arianna

“is he a human”She thought as Angelo round them all

His expression was hard…. Some of them were scared and it’s written all over their faces especially the newbies

“I’m surely gonna get fuck by him. I can’t wait”Arianna chuckled

“let go of me!! ”

“You can’t force me to do what you want okay?”

They all heard a loud voice.

“i don’t fucking want to do training ”

The screaming got louder. The door opened and the guards entered dragging Bluey along

“Boss, we met her in her room. She didn’t want to come for training “Landon said and Bluey gasped

“he’s….he’s your boss? “She stammered and ask no one in particular

He was the same guy she met training with a sword

The same guard she insulted

“well…. I don’t care” She thought

“I can’t train. How do you expect me to do that on an empty stomach. You should kill me instead of starving me” She uttered making everyone gasped

“she’s just too stubborn.” Jenna whispered from the crowd

Angelo took slow steps towards her and stopped right in front of her

Bluey gulped down and stared at his face

“You aren’t scared of getting killed?? “He asked

His voice was deep and think

BLUEY chuckled and touched her hair

“Of course am not….. At least I won’t have to see a stupid bi**h like every day, I wouldn’t have to follow some certain rules….. Giving out my body like a prostitute and the worse of it all, worshipping a Mafia boss. I prefer death to that.” She said and he smirked

“Wise decision.” I replied.

“Can I have something to eat? Or you want to starve me to death? That isn’t exciting to you I guess. You prefer blowing my head off. So do me the favor of letting me into heaven with a full stomach.” She said and he nodded

“This should feed you well” He said and brought out a gun

“busted!! “Some girls whispered shutting their eyes at the appearance of the gun

“I can’t see this”A lot cried out

“That served her right. She got a running bad tongue. I should opportunity to blow off her head myself”Arianna said to herself

But what came next surprised all

Angelo pulled Bluey to himself and without thinking twice, he slammed his lip hard on hers

“geez!!! ” Arianna screamed out unknowingly

Eyes widened and mouth went agape


What just happened ???

E shocked Arianna

Mrs Beatrice????

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