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Arianna passed through the corridor as she sneak quietly

She must not get caught

She was so vigilant…..of course she had to

She turned back swiftly, looking behind her

She had to be sure no one was watching

She faced front and was about moving when she bumped into someone

She groaned and her heart skipped. She raised her head and saw Jenna (Bluey’s roommate ”

A gush of anger suddenly awakened her. Staring at Jenna, she could tell she was also sneaking

“watch it…. Devil”She cursed and rushed out

She got to her room and broke the mirror on the dresser first then she opened the closet and started throwing out all the clothes angrily,

She went to the bed and threw off the bedspread, she jumped on it and screamed loudly, holding her ears

“I hate it….. I hate it!! “She screamed and that was when Betty came out of the bathroom

“Arianna ” she called, her eyes shows how surprised she is to see the whole room looking like chaos happened there

“Arianna ” she said worriedly and rushed to her

“I thought you died last night…..You didn’t show up again “She said trying to touch her

“Don’t touch me!” she said quickly

“Arianna why….

” Don’t touch me!!” She shouted crazily

” And why the hell are you behaving like a lunatic!” Betty shouted back

“I want to be left alone”She seethed and Betty rolled eyes with her

“Poor thing got rejected I guess” She said and Arianna bite on her lower lip

“fucking shut up”She sneered in shaking voice. She was at the edge of crying

She couldn’t believe she gave out her body just that way

“I don’t care what happened last night but it wouldn’t stop me from sharing this with you “Betty said and paused

Arianna raised her head and stared at her. A sign for her to continued

“Boss organized a party tonight….

“so.. ” Arianna interrupted

“keep calm and let me finished”Betty said and she rolled her eyes

“Every Friday the boss do organized a night party but that isn’t the main deal. I got a plan that will make boss notice you”She said and that was when Arianna became interested

“I don’t think he’s gonna recognized you when that so called girl keeps ruining your plans. Why not get her out of the way? ” She asked and Arianna eyes widened

“No!! No!!. I can’t kill her! “She muttered
“do one is asking you to do that” Betty replied

“Then how will I fucking get her out of the way?? “She asked impatiently

“I got this” Betty said and brought something out of her pocket making Arianna gasped

She quickly covered her mouth with her hands so she wouldn’t let out a scream

“Isn’t that….”

“Yes it’s Viagra”Betty completed

“What did heck do you expect me to do with that!! “She said slowly trying not to shout

“Don’t act dumb…. You already know it makes someone crave for sex. You just had to injects it into her thigh or stomach at least 45 minutes and she’s gonna go crazy. Don’t bother on how I got it. I have a boyfriend who is one of the guards here. We both use it if we wants to have sex widely. It last for 24hours. I could asked my boyfriend to arranged some boys to f*uck her crazily. She’s gonna beg them to do it anyway. We’ll make a video. I know she’s gonna hate herself after getting to normal. We’ll threaten her with the video and eventually shows it to everyone. I know the poor thing wouldn’t survive the shame”She said slowly and a smile curved in the corner of Arianna’s lip

“You’re such a genius “She muttered happily

“You can say that again. All we got to do is to find a way to inject her” She said and Arianna smiled much widely.

“That isn’t a problem I saw her roommate sneaking to somewhere. I think is the right time to get in there” she muttered

“I’ll ask my boyfriend to help you into her room without getting caught “Betty grinned

“You’re the best” She smile

Jenna was done getting the iceberg from the fridge

She made to turn but quickly froze on her. Her eyes landed on him….

Landon (The boss favourite guard)

“erm… Hm” She stuttered

“What are you doing with those and who instruct you to leave your room? “He asked and she gulped down

She quickly went on her knees

“my friend is very sick. She’s so hot….. I fear she’s gonna die on this rate ” She said in shaking voice

“please spare me” She added almost crying

“you should get going before someone else sees you” He said and Jenna eyes widened

“I might just changed my mind ” He said and Jenna quickly shook her head

“No…. No!! ” She snapped out and quickly rushed out

“is that for her” Landon smile touching his hair fondly as he stared at her ass

Richmond stopped walking and brought out all the money from his pocket

He puffed out the cigarette from his mouth as he counted the money he made from gambling

He smiled realising how much he made. He folded it and dipped it into his pocket

He continued walking but stopped when he noticed something gum to the wall. In fact it was gum every

He removed it from the wall and gasped

“Arianna, daughter of Mr and Mrs Walton. Went missing ” Was boldly written on it with her picture

“It can’t be!! ”

“She can’t go missing!!! ”

“Not her…. No!! “He screamed and fall to the one ground holding his hair

All the passenger stopped walking and stared at him like a lunatic


He moved about restlessly. He had been in doors all day thinking of the perfect plan to do to her

He groaned cuz he couldn’t think of anything

Killing her wouldn’t be that enjoyable.

He put on his clothes slowly. His party is just less than an hour and he got to prepare

“She got a bad tongue and she must pay for doing that to me. Maybe tonight ” He grinned as he continued wearing his clothes

Jenna dressed in just her short with big polo and matches it with her boot

She stared at Bluey who was fast asleep. She was sweating profusely due to the iceberg that she placed on her forehead

“Poor thing got a fever” She muttered. She thought of waking her to get dressed for the party but she shook the thought

She stared at her one more time and sighed before walking out
Arianna and Betty hid in a corner as they watched Jenna leaves the room

“The moment we have been waiting for ”

They both grin.

“let’s wait a bit before instructing the men to go in ” Arianna said

“Are you sure you injected it on her thigh?? “Betty asked

“of course I need. She was fast asleep when I did and her co-roommate was no where to be found. So I did it perfectly ” She replied and grinned

“cool then” she giggled and they both shook hands
Bluey woke up and felt the urge to urinate. She could feel the wetness inbetween her legs and she wondered why

Her body was still hot. She removed the iceberg from her head and jumped down

She rushed to the bathroom and pee. She felt so uneasy especially inbetween her thight

She wanted sex badly and she didn’t know where the urge came from. She squeezed her lap against each other trying to stop the urge but it was fruitless.

She can’t explain what’s happening to her

“I can’t believe I’m about doing this”She thought and was able dipping her fingers under her skirt when four male figure entered the bathroom. She wasn’t even sure of the numberw

The mere sight of the men made her lose control completely,

“Fuck!! “She grunted and walked towards them

She got to them and grabbed one on his short

“fuck me please “She begged almost crying and they all burst into laughter

She felt her p***y itching and she needed something into in

“beg harder!! “They said in unison. Bluey bite on her lower lip

She can’t believe she was about doing this

“Please I beg of you. Fuck me!! “She cried. Arianna and Betty entered almost immediately

“where’s your boyfriend phone? “Arianna asked and Betty quickly brought it out

They grinned and watched Bluey go down on her knees as she unbuckled one of the men trousers

They stood at the entrance of the bathroom ready to get everything video

“What’s going on here? “They heard a hoarse voice

No need to be told who it was

Of course it was the boss

They both turned back swiftly to see Jenna and Angelo

“Bluey!! “Jenna gasped as her eyes widened. The men quickly moved aside in fright

They weren’t even aware on her the boss got it

“Where are you going…. I wanna get fuck “She screamed out like a lunatic

She rushed to Angelo and jumped on him

“I wanna get fuck…. I wanna get fuck. Will you fuck me insanely?? “She screamed tightening her legs around his waist

“Fuck! Fuck!! Fuck!! “She screamed crazily

“No!! ”

Arianna screamed, not even aware of when it came out

She tried to moved towards them but unexpectedly she slipped and fell heavily on the floor

Unfortunately, the syringe full of the Viagra fell off her pocket making everyone in the room gasped


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