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Chapter 17&18


✍️authoress gabby pov ✍️



Jenna entered the house and stood for a while, looking around

This is the second time she’s gonna be attending the frat party and she hopes it turned out good

she immediately went to the counter

As she walked, she could see lots of people staring at her. Of course she got the butt any man would want to stared at all day

She got to the counter and asked for a bottle of wine

She was about to take her wine when someone spanked her butt

In anger, she looked back and saw a tall guy, looking crazy

Just staring at him, she could tell he was a newbie

“Are you missing your grave ?”She asked and the annoying looking guy smirked

“it’s time to party….. I can do anything I want” The man screamed

He made to touch her boob’s….. She grab his hand and twisted it

“Unbelievable” people who saw muttered

She rolled her eyes and gulped down on her drink
Angelo eyes scanned the whole party. He could be seen at the very top of the hallway

His gaze moved around as he searched for her. He balled his fist and groaned

“is everyone in the party? “He asked Landon who was beside him

“I’m quite sure boss”He replied and Angelo squeezed his brows

“I should go check on that” Landon quickly added as he saw his boss

“Get me her roommate! “He ordered

Landon didn’t bothered to asked who.

Of cuz he knows who he was referring to

He quickly scanned through the frat house and he saw her at the counter, drinking

“On it boss” He replied and walked away.

“What’s this ” Jenna muttered. She crouched down

Landon climbed down and walked straight to where Jenna sat

He covered the pace between them and coughed to get her attention

He gulped down seeing what she wear. Her cleavage was in display

“Boss demand to see you” He said calmly instead of a hoarse tone and that got him surprise

Jenna eyes widened. What the hell did he wanna do with her?

“His he gonna punish me. Will he have sex with me to death. Will he kill me rather…. Jenna you’re so dead” She muttered in her head

“you wouldn’t know why until you get there” Landon replied unconsciously reading her mind

Jenna nodded slowly and got up

“follow me” Landon muttered and she trailed behind him
They got to where Angelo stood on the hallway. Jenna kept her face glued to the ground.

The atmosphere at the moment was suffocating her already

“Where’s your roommate? “Angelo asked

“she’s asleep. She’s so sick boss” Jenna replied in shaking voice

“Please spare her……please” She begged going on her knees

“I hate those who plead. Take me to her” He added and Jenna obliged


“what’s this?? “Jenna muttered and crunched down

She picked up the syringe and gasped

“an Viagra”she muttered raising the syringe up

She face Angelo who had Bluey in his arms

“Fuck!! Fuck!! “She could hear Bluey saying.

“It’s Betty. She gave it to me” Arianna said already crying by now

“Shut up. I never gave you this. Some putting blames on me” Betty spat out

Landon came in almost immediately

“Take her to my suite” He said and handed reluctant Bluey to him

Landon took Bluey and left the room. Angelo’s eyes turned red immediately as he brought out his gun.

“Please bos…..”The statement was incomplete as Angelo shot the five guards at once

“oh my God” Betty and Arianna said at onc

“Arrrghh!!!” They both screamed as Angelo pointed the gun at them

“How did this get here? “He asked in a deep cold voice

“I dunno” Betty was fast to say it. Angelo gritted his teeth and shot her straight on the head

“oh my God!! Oh my God!!”Arianna cried

“Shut your smelling mouth” Angelo snapped

“telle the fucking truth. You know CCTV cameras are everywhere and I can go checked them. Tell me the truth to avoid the stress ” He retorted

“It’s Betty Boyfriend. She’s the one who gave her the syringe. ” She said quickly

“Boss spare me. I have said the truth ” she said and Angelo smirked

“You think this is over?!” he smirked
They all died instantly

“how dare you cross your boundary bastard” He cursed

“Spare me,,,please,,,” se pleaded

“Too late,,I hate being pissed,I won’t be happy if I don’t kill you,,it’s what I enjoyed doing ” He replied and more tears flow from her eyes

Jenna watched in awe…. She stared at the dead ones

Angelo was about pulling the trigger when his phone buzzed as a message came in

He quickly brought out his phone from his pocket. He stared at the message and that alone melted his heart

“Take her to the torture room. I need to head somewhere ” He said and the guards nodded

Arianna was taken away as she cried out loudly. Angelo left the room immediately


Eden a little four years old boy could be seen walking around the bush.

He was putting on a tattered clothes and looked so unkempt

He held a small stick which he used to hit each flowers he came in contact with

He giggled at the sound and kept walking dip into the forest

He seems to be enjoying what he was doing. He picked up stones from the ground and started throwing it into the bush as he ran along

He came to a spot and stopped. His eyes blinked staring at everywhere

“I meant aunt Bluey here” He muttered and sigh

“Those bad guys took her. I hope to see her again ” He muttered

Suddenly something shone directly into his eyes. He bent quickly and picked it up

It was a diamond necklace

“it’s beautiful ” He muttered

“And expensive ” He added

“I should keep this for dad” He muttered and dipped it into his pant pocket. He sighed again

Today was another day of fruitless search.

“He was never gonna find her” He thought sadly.

The bush was too dangerous to have an adventure with but yet he comes everyday to look for her

He turned back and made to leave


Eden entered their mud house which was located in the bush

He tried tiptoeing into the house but his granny voice made him froze on his spot

“Hey Granny, good evening . Why are you up so late ?” he asked

“Shut up little boy and tell me where you went”Granny said and he rolled his eyes

“to the arcade bush” He replied

“You do visit there everyday. Tell me what you’re up to”she asked

“Nothing Grandma ” He winced and faced how

“I only go there to look for a girlfriend. A one with big a***”He said and Granny eyes popped out of his socket

“Girlfriend?? “Granny yelled

“Why? Aren’t I old enough to have one? “He asked and touched his hair fondly

“Shut up” Granny yelled

“Eden! “They suddenly heard a voice

“Father!! “He screamed

He ran to him. Angelo tried to carry him but he stopped him

“I’m a big boy daddy. You only have to pat my shoulder ” He snapped out making Angelo smile

“Sure son “He said

“dad I went to the bush today. Guess what I found? “He asked and Angelo frowned

“I told you to stop going to the bush. It’s not safe for you !! “He said

“Whatever! ” He muttered rudely and brought out the necklace

“Tada! “He screamed, pointing it to his dad

Angelo squeezed his brows as he collected it from him

He gasped

“it can’t be…. “He muttered

“Where did you get this? “He aaked

“I just said the bush father! “Eden replied and rolled his eyes

“It can’t be. She’s fucking closed by. Eden I got to go. Daddy will be back tomorrow” he said and Eden frowned. He rushed to the kitchen and came out shortly

Fortunately,, Angelo was still there

“Carry me before you leave ” He said and Angelo smile slightly

His son was indeed a handful

He carried him and pinched his nose. Eden smile and put the paper he used in wrapping my the cockroach inside his jacket pocket unconscious to him

He knows how his father hate pest and was allergic to it

That will be his punishment for coming and leaving so soon. He thought and smile

“You can drop me now father” He grinned

He dropped him and roughed his hair

“I love you son” He muttered

“I love you more father. Don’t cry too much ” He muttered and Angelo raised his brows

Eden winced and ran back to the kitchen

“That boy is up to no good “Granny said and Angelo smirked

“I got to go mum. Love you” he said and kissed her cheek. He turned back and left

Granny sighed watching him leave

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