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Arianna pace around waiting for her driver to come pick her home

She got the news this afternoon but somehow she wasn’t afraid

“I heard the Mafia boss is handsome “She thought and smiled sheepishly

“What if I get captured and we fell in love like those in the movies. Wouldn’t it be great?? ” she thought and smile

“I’m not scared a bit. Dad got the influence “She thought

“hey miss”She heard a voice and turned to see an elderly man

And from his dressing, she could tell he was poor

“who are you and what do you want”She asked angrily

“I’m Richmond…. “He said rather and she balled her fist

“I never asked of your name…. Save it and tell me what you want”She snapped out

“I just want is to be good friends “He replied and she burst out laughing. She stared at his from head to toe

“I can’t believe you just say that and what made you think I will be friends with an old poor thing who’s old enough to be my father”she asked

“Because…… ”

“just shut it old man…… ” She cut him short

“next time you try this, I will make sure you end behind bars for molest “She said and hissed

Her driver ride in almost immediately

She stared at Richmond once more before walking to her car

She entered

Richmond clenched his jaw and stood still and watched the driver as he drove out

“still as stubborn “He thought

He kissed the tattoo written all over her hands making her moan

He stopped and kissed the tattoo of the eyes drawn on her stomach

“Mmm,,,Oohhh” She moaned throwing her head backward

“I did a great job here. The tattoo I drew look so nice on your stomach “He said and she rolled her eyes

“you’re such a bad guy. Why will you tattoo your eyes on my stomach? “She asked dipping her fingers on her stomach

“you’re the bad girl here. You ran away from home just to be with a bad guy”He said

“shut up” She hit his stomach and he groaned

“I wouldn’t have ran away. I did cuz of the condition I was in…… It’s all your fault. What was I going to tell dad. His reputation would be ruin and I dont want that…. I’m not ready to tell him. Not now”She said

“come here”He muttered and kissed her deeply

He broke the kiss and touched the necklace on her neck

“this must has cost a fortune “He asked and she nodded

“it was given to mother by grand mom. After my birth, she handed it over to it. I love it and I promise to keep it”She said and he nodded

“I love you baby doll”He said seriously

“I love you more”She replied and slammed her lip on his



The door opened bringing Angelo from his thoughts

“boss, some new slaves had just arrived.The men are still out there bringing more”The guard said with his face downward

“Good….. Bring in more. I won’t stop until I find her”He uttered

“on it boss” He replied


Bluey stares out of the window. It’s been a week she ever came of

Well everyone in Italy has been indoor for a week now

Who wouldn’t???

Of course everyone was scared. Alot of people had been taken already

Having to work for him and then killed after four years it’s what scared Bluey most

“who will be this cruel” She thought

The door of her room opened and she quickly turned to see her father

“dad…. “She called scared

She swallowed hard as he covered the space between them

There was a bottle of alcohol in his hand but no cigarette

He grabbed her cheek making Bluey groaned

“I’m not you father you little devil! …..I’m Richmond “He said and release his grip from her cheek

“I need you to go get some cigarettes “He said and Bluey gasped

“Father I… I can’t go out. The men are still out there “She stuttered abit staring

Richmond slapped her so hard on the cheek making her staggered

He pulled her hair making her scream

“You devil!! You now learn how to speak back at me!!! “He yelled still pulling her hair

“father…. Let… Let go”She cried

“you’re going to go out there and get me the cigarette “He yelled and pulled her out of the room by her hair

Bluey kept crying and struggling but to no avail

Her mum was crying and begging him to stop but he couldn’t listened

They got to the sitting room and opening the door, he pushed her out

“you won’t come back to this house if you don’t get those cigarettes!! “He yelled and shut the door behind
Arianna sneaked out of her mansion. Her parents as gone out of the country and she had been indoors for a week now

She felt sick and tired. The guards wouldn’t even let her leave the mansion

She finally found a way to sneak using the basement

She looked around and when there was no one she walked to the basement

She sneaked out of the house and compound without anyone seeing her

“That was closed “She heaved immediately she was out

She covered her face with the sweater to avoid being seen by anyone

She walked down the street and was so engrossed on where to go when she bumped into someone

“Argghhh ” She groaned

“sorry”The person replied in shaking voice

She raised her head and saw her


“you again”She shouted in between gritting teeth

Bluey rolled her teary eyes at her. Arianna gasped immediately her eyes caught the necklace on Bluey neck

No doubt!

It was the same with the one she worn on the portray

“who gave you this?? “She asked pointing at the necklace

“it’s not of your business “Bluey replied and made way to go but Arianna pulled her back and landed a slap on her cheek

“you thief this belongs to me”She said

Bluey landed two slaps on her cheek

“let me be skinny brat!! “She said and when they were about fighting, a van stopped and some able bodied men came out

“Take them both”Came the hoarse voice

“Nooooooo Bluey!!! ”

Draco wanted to scream from his hide out but it came out as a whispered

He was in shocked

He stood still as the men took Bluey and the other girl

Tears dropped off his eyes not because they just took Bluey but because he saw it and couldn’t help his best friend


BLUEY has been captured ???

Arianna has also be captured

What’s gonna happen now???

Our story has just started???

Let the thrilling love begins?

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