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Mr Walton joined them too and they hugged passionately.
“They look so sweet” Mrs Rossie said and turned to Arianna.

“Mother” Arianna called and Mrs Rossie gasped.
“Do you just call me that?” She asked.
“Of course. We might not be related by blood, but you’re still the mother that was there for me when Richmond made me pass through hell” She said snd Mrs Rossie flushed.

“Gosh! I can’t believe you’re still sweet despite all the hard times” She said.
“Stop it mother! I don’t wanna ruin my make up” she said.

“I’m glad you’re getting married bestie. If you haven’t left, i wouldn’t have known who i was really in love with. Thanks bestie for bringing me close to Bluey. I wouldn’t have known who she really is” Draco said walking towards them but at that moment, the door opened Jenna and Landon walked in.

“Who dare steal my bestie?. Lazy ass, how dare you let him steal you” Jenna asked and Arianna burst out laughing.

“Easy! No one is stealing me!” She blushed.
Jenna only rolled her eyes.

“And where is my little boy?” Arianna asked.
“He’s always with Rose. They’re both fond of each other. You know, i would have make them a couple but Rose is a year older than him” she winced.
“Age is just a number sweetheart” Landon finally spoke.

“You two are unbelievable!” she exclaimed.
“Are we missing something!!” Mai and Brandon walked into the already opened door.

Brandon was now walking. He could use his legs again after a successful Operation.

“Of course not” Everyone replied almost immediately.

“Mummy, i got myself a girlfriend” Eden shouted as he entered the dressing room holding Phoenix.

Arianna immediately turned. She gasped at the little girl beauty.

“Who’s she?. She’s so pretty” she said.
“Oh! That Phoenix, my daughter” Draco said
” You’re so pretty Phoenix, do you know that?” Eden said, touching her cheek and surprisingly, she smiled lightly.

“She smiled!” He screamed.

“Seriously!! You all have gone crazy” Arianna laughed.

“Crazy!!! Crazy!!!” Everyone screamed.
Arianna covered her ears.

” I won’t go deaf on my wedding day”

The path has already been decorated with flowers. Guests are on their feet, clapping as Mr. Walton came in with Arianna, hand in hand.

Arianna face was covered with a veil. She looked up and at the end of the lane, she could see her groom who was patiently waiting for her to get him.
Tears ran from her eyes.
Though the start was rough and terrible, it was a trial of hardship, a bed of thorns….full of pains.
It was hard but they went through everything together and now they’ll be starting their life allover.
She finally got in front of him and there he was, standing with his father.
Arianna raised her head and saw the man she has ever loved in front of her. Her ANGELO, her heart code. He was standing with his biological father BANDINI

He pulled back not wanting to shut the door. He bite on his lower lip and plunged into the door handle fiercely. He shot the door and finally breathe out.
He never knew he was holding his breathe all this while. He swiveled his head, buried hid face down. Twisting his mouth, he let out a heaved.

And here he is again. As a scary man who’s trying to act strong. Like the unreal and fearful man unrelentingly ready to face his fear and set things right. He heard his bag to his chest as he stared at the house he has lived.
He sight. Its time to leave…. it’s time to face his family in Italy and set everything right. He let out a grunt. A grunt that his pains could be felt. And then in a slow mo, his tears rolled down his cheek.
He wiped it. He felt no sympathy for himself. He’s just a fool who has hidden all this years. He’s hated himself for the times he wasted.
Heart-wrenching sobs wretched his throat as he moved from the door.
He sniffled repeatedly, trying to control his tears. He doesn’t want to cry one bit.

“Its enough” He cautioued himself in an authorized manner. An then he remembered the little boy he told his story. He believes God sent him.

“I broke my home. I went after someone else wife leaving the woman that loves me dearly. I hurt her but she still hold unto the love and perhaps one day, for ke to reciprocate it. I never did….i separated my children and eventually the enemy strike. I was seperated from them. What do you think i should do?”

He could still remember his words to the little boy.
“Is that for me?”The little boy has asked that day .
“God sent you to me. You might be small but i guessed mighty. Tell me boy”He recalled saying. He watched the little boy smile and clenched his jaw as he act like a big boy.
“Go back to your family sir. Your real wife and children. Families are to be together not separated. Being together helped resolved issue. You should do that sir. They might need you more than ever”
His words still played on his head.
“That boy…..” He muttered.
“He’s so smart. His parents are lucky to have him” He thought.

“I wouldn’t have taken this bold steps if not for that little boy. I know i made a mistake already with Cara. She has children for me. They need to know their biological father. I need to go back to my real wife and sons. I need to handle everything” he said and let out a short smile.
“Thanks my boy”He muttered to himself and nodded.
Mr Bandini was sailing on Atlanta ocean and great destruction of the ship. He shook his head sadly and pity those on it. He could see many people falling from it.

“I wish i can do something to help” he muttered. The watched the ship sank and in the next six minutes, he saw three people coming out of the water. Two adults and a kid on his father neck.

He looked closely and gasped at the back view.
“My….my son” he stuttered. No matter how many years he had been away from home or how many years he hasn’t seen his family, one thing is sure. He’s gonna remember them.

“My son!!” He muttered again and started sailing to them. He watched as Angelo place Arianna and Eden on the board. He removed his hoodies covered them with it before resting his head on the board.

“My son” He muttered again as he got to them and that, moment Angelo fell into the ocean.

He heard a loud scream.
“No! It can’t be” He said to himself and jumped into the ocean. Yeah! Hes good at swimming.

He was so fast. He got to Angelo before he could make it down and hugged him tightly.
“My son!” He cried still hugging him.
He swan with him to the surface and place his unconscious body in the boat. He sail to Eden and Arianna who was also looking unconscious. He transferred them from the board into his boat. He sighed and sail back home.
He took them to the hospital that night. Arianna and Eden woke up the next day. It was later disclose to her that Angelo was saved but in coma. Eden reconcile him too and Mr. Bandini got united with his family.
He was more shocked to see Landon and Mai but regardless, they accepted him too.

Angelo lasted five years in coma. Arianna raised the two kids herself and waited patiently for Angelo. He finally woke up and wished for nothing but to get married to the woman of his world.


Just yesterday, Granny and Arianna had gone to the burial site just to pay Belsaw a visit.
He was already part of the family and no doubt, they all missed his presence.

Angelo couldn’t join them as he was busy practicing his line to say to Arianna on their wedding day.

But now, he seems nervous more than ever. He felt like a young boy who’s about to professed his love.

Angelo smiled immediately he was done with the vows.
Rings were exchanged already. He didn’t wait for the priest to utter any word before he raised the veil from her face.

Seeing her face felt new, she looks more beautiful and her thickness is something he could die for… She’s still hot.

“I love you Babydoll” he said.

“I love you more my King” she replied and he placed his lips gently on hers.
Everyone screamed and flowers were throwed up.
Truly, love is beautiful when you’re with the right person


“That’s the end of the story”
Angelo muttered.
He could be seen sitting with his children. Eden and Rosetta.

“I can’t believe it daddy. I can’t believe my dad was a Mafia boss” She chuckled. She was with a book and pen.

“And Eden was so strong too. Alas! Why wasn’t i born that time. I would have been so strong too” She uttered
“Oh please!. This dummy dummy is always weak but got a bad tongue” Eden asked and Rosetta rolled her eyes.

“Now that father is done telling you the story, can we go eat” Eden asked.

“Not so far” Rosetta stopped him and turned to her father.
“Thank you dad for taking your time to tell me this story. I’ll make sure i write it all now and published it as well. Yeah! I want the world to know my parents love story . That’s not the end, when its published, I won’t stop untill it becomes a best selling” She said and smiled widely.

“Oh! So sweet” Eden replied faking tears. He picked up a napkin and wipe his tears. He squeezed it and dumped it there.
“Those aren’t real tears right?” She asked and he chuckled.

“Dad!! Eden just stole my drama. That’s exactly how i behaved not him!” She retorted.
“And he doesn’t have a weak point to get to him. Gosh!” She uttered and moved to her dad.

“Dad, i know you were a mafia boss but do you have a weak point” She asked and Angelo raised his brow and twisted his mouth. There’s no way he will be telling her that.

“Of course. Guess who will be scared now????” Arianna said coming out of the kitchen and walking to them. She wore hand gloves and held a cockroach up.

Angelo screamed in horror.

“Don’t come any further!” He uttered, hiding behind the couch.
“I hate pest!! Don’t come further mum!!” Rosetta screamed out.

“Since you all don’t wanna come and eat, why don’t we have some fun” She giggled.
“Argghhh” Rosetta and Angelo jumped on the couch as Arianna started chasing them. Eden fell on the ground as he couldn’t stop laughing.

The End.

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