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(You healed my heart)

Chapter Ten

#Zenya’s POV

“So this is part of your plan, getting engaged to Xavier??” Lia asked

“Of cause not!!”


“Well Xavier’s family has been pestering him to get married or get a girlfriend, and as a nice best friend that I am, I chose to help him” I said

Me and Xavier have been best friends for four years now. His always there for me and he needs help, so I decided to pretend to be his girlfriend. Just for some time. Besides it won’t cause any harm to both of us.. I hope so..

“Really girl??”

“I hope you do know, Xavier likes you” Athena said..

“Like is an understatement, hr loves her” Rissa added

“As a friend and nothing else, OK??” I said

I can’t believe they are saying Xavier loves me, like ill, that’s gross…

“Well am not surprised”

“You have s high IQ and a low EQ, what do we expect”


“So what’s your next plan now??”

“Well that’s to visit the smiths, how about a pay s visit to my adoptive parents”

“Well did you ever ask your parents how you ended up with the smiths??”

“Well I did, but I feel they don’t like talking about it”

“Besides dad said I was kidnapped”

“Don’t you feel there is more to it”

“I do, which is why am investigating it”

“Now, if you don’t mind, I have two adorable babies to pick up” I said standing up

“Why do you make it sound bad if is only your babies”

“Of cause they are”

“No, they are our babies”

“Just don’t let Adrian hear you calling him a baby”I said and we all chuckled…

Bringing the kids back from school, I have a meeting with an overseas dealer…

“Mom!!! I want cookies” Aurora said

“Your a lady, make one your self” Adrian replied her while reading a book

“Am just a five year old kid duck”

“At your age I could drive a plane” he replied her

We all turn to look at him, like what the f**k

“Baby, why don’t you go to the mall with aunt Rissa and get the ingredients, we could make them together” I said convincing her

“Unless Adrian goes with me” she said sulking
“Why would I go with you??? Am I your hand bag?? Adrian asked sounding annoyed..

Gosh can’t they just be peaceful for once.

“Rian ,just go with her”

“Sure am only going so she wouldn’t get lost or cause trouble”

“Like always cause trouble”

“If you don’t, why do you think I have to follow you”

“Rissa, good luck with them” I said and ran into my room..

I have to start Face two of my plan.

#Authors POV
At the mall

“I want that doll” Aurora said

“This is they reason i never wanted to follow you” Adrian replied her

“What??!! Its just a doll I want”

“Whatever,let’s go get it,Aunt Rissa, we will be right back” Adrian said trying to hold his sisters hand

“Don’t run Aurora!! Come back here right now!! ” Adrian yelled as Aurora ran further away from him


#Regaleons POV
I can’t believe I was forced to go to the mall with this bitch. Ahhhh, I have to make the public believe we are together..

“Leon let’s get that” she said pointing at a big doll

Like seriously, what does a grown ass lady needs a doll for.


“Ouch!!” I heard a little girls voice as she bumped into me…

“Sorry are you okay??” I asked as I picked her up..

“I told you not to run away chicken” a little boy who looked the same age with her said

“Young man please put my sister down” he said

That was rude!!

“I helped her from falling, at least sat a thank you” I said

“Emmmm, why should I??? Your the grown up, what were you looking at that you couldn’t move from the road???” He said

Like wtf is wrong with this kid

“Get down now chicken” he said to the girl.

“She has a name don’t she??? Why call her chicken??” Vera asked

“Lady, there is something called minding your business. If you don’t know about but, I could teach you” he said smirking at her…

Did he just smirk. I put the the little girl down. And took a closer look st her, she reminds me of Zenya, she looks a lot like her. Her green eyes,my eyes shifted to the boy and they do look a lot like each other. What’s happening. First I see Zenya, joke its kids who look like her…

“What’s your name little girl??” I asked trying to pry into their background

“Bro, I think you also need to teach this old man how to mind his business” she said facing her brother..

Like seriously, who does this kids belong too, I need to teach their parents how to train them..

“Of cause I could” he replied her

“Old man, you can also come to the lesson”

“Who are your parents,didn’t they teach you respect??? Vera asked.
I could feel she’s annoyed…

“Well did they, to be precise,my mom did, but this old man here doesn’t deserve respect, neither do you Grandma” He said smirking and turned around to leave

“Come back here right now” Vera yelled

He just waved his hand from behind as he walked away with his sister

Okay, that’s one set of kids, I wish to have kids like this.. F**k Leon, what are you thinking about. Having kids. That’s on like you…

I calmed my men

“Did you take their pics???”

“Yes sir”

I asked them to take their pictures, I need to run a background check on them..

“Find out who they belong too??”

It wasn’t up to five minutes I got a reply..

“Sir their names are Adrian and Aurora Gray, they belong to the Gray family”

“Wait!! What???”

“The Gray family”

“WTF is going on??”

“I want details, and make it fast” I said and turned around to leave..

“Leon, we aren’t done shopping” Vera said holding my arms

“I don’t have time for you bitch, tell your family the engagement is off” I yelled at her..

I have a wife to get back**


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