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( you healed my heart)

Chapter thirteen
#Regaleon’s POV

“They had the guts to come into my office and tell me to stay away from my wife!!!”

“Point of correction,you never married her” Jay jay said

“Do you want to die Jeremy?!!!!” I asked pointing my gun at him

“Of cause not, I haven’t f**ked any of your said to be wife’s friends”

“Your crazy” Jake said

“Crazy is an understatement for his case” Kace added

“I love you guys too”Jay yang replied us

“But are really trailing her???”

“Well for now, yes”


“I just don’t know, I want her badly, at the same time I don’t, okay!!”

“Well ask her out then?? Jeremy said

Gosh I feel like knocking some sense into him

“How?? Jay jay how???”

“Well you could just go to her and be like…
Hey Zenya,am sorry for rapping and shooting you, let’s get back together”

“It’s as simple as that”

“You need a check up”

“A serious one”

We said as we left him

“Hey don’t go without me” he said running to catch up with us

*ring ring*

“Take Vera out for dinner” Dad said as soon as I picked the call and hanged up.


“Who was that??”

“My dad”

“He wants me to take Vera out for dinner”

“Just do it dude”


I dialed her line

“I will be picking you up by 7pm sharp”


“For dinner”

“Really??” She seemed excited

“Yes, so be ready”

#Author’s POV

“Xavier, am not really Interested” Zenya said as Xavier opened his car door for her

“You haven’t been to any good restaurant since you came, so please” Xavier beg

“Fine, let’s go”

They arrived at the restaurant not long

“Do you have a reservation??”

“Yes we do” Leon answered from behind them

Zenya turned, their eyes met for a split second before she turned back.

“You may come in” they waited showed Xavier and Zenya their seats

“Thank you”

Not long Leon and Vera sat opposite them

“Sorry we will have to sit with you guys”

“Aren’t there other sits???” Zenya said looking around

“Well there is, but we feel like sitting here” Vera answered

“Ooh I see. Enjoy your dinner. What would you like to have lo” Zenya asked facing Xavier

Xavier was shocked for a moment

“Anything hun” he replied her

“We will have anything the order” Leon said

They food was served not long

“So tell me more about yourself miss Zenya” Leon asked

Zenya kept quiet and focused on her food

“Miss Zenya??”

She suddenly dropped the cutleries

“Am sorry, but can’t see am eating, only animals talk while eating” she said and picked longer cutleries to continue eating

“I see,I never knew” Leon answered sarcastically

#Regaleon’s POV

“Well if you lack manners, I could teach you” she replied me

And I suddenly remembered the little boy at the mall

“I will love that”

She just smiled as she fed Xavier..

I feel like killing him right now.

“He has hands you know??” I said as I ate my steak

“You could mind your business you know”

“But I don’t feel like” I replied her

“I see”

WTF, I expected her to go on,but was that really the end of our discussion

“So I heard you guys are getting engaged??” Vera asked

I could swear I saw a smirk on her face

“But do you know the kind of man your get married too??? I asked

“Well yes”

“His an asshole” I suddenly said

“Well his a better asshole than you”


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