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( you healed my heart)

Chapter fourteen

#Regaleon’s POV

WTF Am an asshole?? Well I know I am. But why does it hurts when she says it.

“Regaleon, did you sit here just to piss us off??” Xavier suddenly asked

Finally, I have been waiting for him to talk.

“Well yes Xavier, how’s they girl you f**ked last weekend??” I asked

“I don’t know what your talking about,besides its none of your business” he snapped

“Did you know your fiance slept with a girl last weekend??” I asked facing Zenya

“Did you kill her??’ She suddenly turned and asked Xavier

“No, how could I” he replied

“Well you heard him,am sure”

“He didn’t kill her or f**ked her while she was unconscious” she said

I could sense anger in her voice

“Leon, why did you bother talking to them??” Vera suddenly asked

“Learn to mind your business Vera,or I will teach you” I snapped at her.

Those made a big influence on me

#Author’s POV
“Mom, do you think Zenya is really alive and back??” Bella asked

“I don’t think so, let’s wait for your brother to be home”

“Am home” Sean said said coming in

“Was that really Zenya??”

“What does she want???”

“How did she survive??”

“Regaleon said get killed her”

“I don’t know okay??!!! Please let me be” Sean yelled

“She’s the Zenya we know alright,but she seems different now”

“How different??”

“She doesn’t look like someone who you could just walk over”

“And she’s bearing Zenya Gray”


“She also owns half the company now”


“What do you mean” Cora asked

“She’s the Zenya Gray who is getting engaged to Xavier,and she owns half our company now, okay??”Sean yelled

He felt frustrated!!

“She stole Xavier from me” Bella said with anger

“Dad, is she the reason the liu canceled my engagement with Xavier???”

“I don’t know sweetheart,I will find out” he replied her

“Since she’s alive, why didn’t she come back to us???” Bella asked

“Yea, you guys are here birth parents”Sean said

“We will visit her, and bring her back” Mrs smith said looking at husband with a scared look…

#Mr smiths POV

“Do you think the know already??” I asked my wife

“I don’t know but am scared, what if the come for us??”

“They won’t”

“It’s been five years since we thought Zenya is dead, and they still haven’t come for us”

“But still, just to be safe, we need to inform the organization”

“Are you mad!! Tell them that Grays found out?? And then we get killed??!!” I yelled at her.

“This is a secret between us”

“We will meet with Zenya to be sure”

#Isadora’s POV

“Should I tell my brother about us???” I asked my boyfriend

“Do you want a blood bath to happen???”

“No, but he said he wants to meet you”

“He will, very soon at that”

“For now let’s enjoy our relationship while it last” he said and kissed me

Taking me to the bed he pulled my clothes off.

“Are you on your safe period???”

“Yes love”

“Okay then” he said and began sucking one of my nipples

“Em mm mm”

“Should I stop???”

“No don’t you dare”

He inserted his d**k in me

He started with slow thrust first.

“Ahh, faster”

“I love you Dora”

“I love you too” I replied as well both came

*knock knock*

“Are you expecting someone???”

“No, not that I know of”

“Could you please check the door and open it while I clean up” I said as I walked into the bathroom

“Sure” he replied and wore his trousers as he walked towards the door..

“How can I he…….”

“What the f**k are you doing here”

“Isadora!!! Come out right now” I heard Leon voice

Oh God this is bad

“Big bro I can explain” I said as I came towards the door side

“Explain what!!!??? Don’t tell me he is the so called boyfriend of yours???” He yelled

I could sense anger in his voice.

I fear Leon more than I fear my parents.

“I love him Leon” I yelled back

“You did not see who to love but this damn asshole Alexander???”


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