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(You healed my heart)

Chapter Seventeen

#Author’s POV

“Hey girl, when is your flight arriving??? Been standing at the Airport waiting place, for than an hour” Zenya said

“Lies, am sure you just arrived, besides I can see you” Fernanda said as she waved at Zenya.

“My love!!!” Zenya squealed in happiness

“Baby!!!, I missed you so much!!!” Fernanda said.

“I missed you too”

“So where too???”

“My house of cause” Zenya replied

“How are my babies??”

“Well, they are fine”

“We have a lot to talk about” Fernanda said and they both chuckled…

#Regaleons POV

“Sir they leave with the Grays”

“What!!! What do you mean the leave with the Gray’s???”

“Sir we have been watching them and we saw their car heading and coming out from there”

“But you told me the kids aren’t related to the Gray’s, so how come they leave with them” I asked

My mind is not still settled about those kids, I have a feeling they have something to do with Zenya, they striking resemblance is just too much.

“Find out more and inform me” I said and hung up.

“What are they finding out??” Jake asked

“Well those kids”

“I thought you gave up on finding stuffs about them??” Kace asked

“I still have a feeling they are related to Zenya”

“By the way where’s Jay jay???”

Speaking of the devil, he came in looking all grumpy…

“Nobody talk to me or asking me anything” he said as he took a sit.

“We weren’t even gonna ask you” Jake replied him.

“Okay since you asked, I have to tell you guys.”

“Dude we never asked” we all yelled at him…

“I met a very ugly maggot, like she’s cute, got the shape and all but she’s an ugly maggot. She had the guts to break my wind screen with s bat” he yelled out in frustration…

“Woah!!!! Woah!!?, you don’t mean it???” Jake said laughing.

“Is it your new car??” I asked holding my laugh.

“If it isn’t, will I be this angry, huh Leon?” He snapped

“Sorry, so why didn’t make her pay or something”

“Catch that feisty ugly maggot!!!”

“Dude just calm down”

“Am calm okay!! Am calm”

“So when are you going to Zenya’s family house???”

“What’s he going there for??” Jay jay asked.

“He suspects those kids are related to Zenya”

“What if they are your kids???” Jake suddenly asked.

My kids!!! My kids!!! I have never thought of that. Their sticking resemblance to Zenya and me. I need to investigate this….

“They can’t be his” Jay jay suddenly said.

“What do you mean??” I turned and shot him a hard glare…

“Well Cause they are too cute to be yours” he said as he picked an apple and munched on it…

“I suddenly feel you deserved what that girl did to you” I said

“Whatever, she will surely pay, once I get hands on her”.

“Well then, let me pay a visit to my lovely wife”

“Stop spouting out nonsense Leon” Jay jay yelled as I walked out….

I need to talk to Zenya. Firstly she needs to chill and stop causing issues for my company. Secondly she must forgive me. Its just rape, besides she was the one asking for death. She doesn’t know how many girls are begging me to rape them…

I got into my car and drove off..

#Author’s POV

“Aunt Fernanda!!!?” Aurora squealed with joy as she jumped on Fernanda…

“My love!!! I miss you so much!!” Fernanda said kissing her cheeks.

“Where’s Rian???” She asked

“Oh who knows, Reading some dumb book or something…..”

“Hey aunt Fernanda” Adrian said coming down stairs…

“Oh my pumpkin, come give mama a big hug”

“Sorry Aunt Fernanda, hugs are for girls, and besides am a big boy, I don’t hug anymore……..” Adrian said as he took a sit crossing his legs…

“Adrian Peterson Gray!!! Give your aunty a hug, don’t be shy” Zenya said…

“Awwww, alright mom” Adrian replied and hugged Fernanda.

“His name is Peterson???” Fernanda asked

“Yea, dad named him that” Zenya said

“Oh, i know Someone whose name is also Peterson”

“Really?? Who?? Your boyfriend???”

“Nope!! Just a long lost friend, more like a first love though”Fernanda said looking sad..

“Ohhh, sorry for reminding you of him”

*knock knock*

“Hayyy!!!! A visitor” Aurora squealed

“Chicken let’s go upstairs” Adrian said dragging her.

“I can walk duck head” Aurora said sticking her tongue out as the went upstairs.

Zenya moved to open the door.


“What the f**k are you doing here” she yelled.

#Regaleon’s POV
I arrived at the Gray’s mansion. As I approached the door,I could hear kids arguing and laughing.

This confirms my suspicions…

*knock knock* I knocked

Zenya opened up the door…..

I was on the phone with Jay jay.

“Dude guess who is in town??? He said sounding excited..

“Zenya!!! Whose at the door???” I heard a ladies voice..

“Just an ass hole” Zenya replied while the I saw the lady.

“Fernanda!!!” Me and Jay jay said st the same time.

“Leon???” She said as the glass cup she was holding fell crashing into pieces….

Oh not now!!!!!!!!


???M.L writes

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