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(You healed my heart)

Chapter twenty two

#Regaleon’s POV
“Daddy!!!!” I heard the most cutest voice ever.

My whole body froze. I turned around to look at the little girl,and oh my God, she’s so cute.

“Daddy????” She called again.

“Daddy won’t you respond????” She asked.

I want to respond, but I can’t seem to find the right words to say to her.
She’s just so adorable, her green eyes and long black hair.

“Young girl, what’s your name??” I asked
Cause that’s the only sentence that could come out of mouth.

“Aurora” she replied pouting.

Oh God, I could feel my heart beating fast.

“Who is your mother???” In asked feeling hopeful.

“I can’t tell you now, until you accept me as your daughter”

“But I just can’t accept you, what If you aren’t my daughter???” I asked and I could feel a lump in my chest as I said that.

“But am your daughter” she said at the brim of tears.

“I….please…don’t cry” I tried to soothe her down.

“We can confirm if am your daughter” she suddenly said.




“We can do a DNA test daddy, let’s do it today, then if you find out am your daughter we can meet year again tomorrow” she said

“Em mm okay” I replied l, shocked that as little as she is, she knows this much.

“Did you come alone???” I asked looking around,maybe I can find her mom.

“I came with my nanny, mom is busy planning something special”

“Okay I just need a strand of your hair, it won’t hurt at all” I said

“Sure daddy”

She hugged me bye, after taking the strand of hair.

“See you tomorrow daddy” see daddy as she pecked me on my cheeks.

I could feel a lot of emotions bubbling up in my chest.

“Bye” I patted her hair.

“I have a job for you, I need you to do a DNA test for me”

I arrived in my office and saw there Camila there already.

“Jay jay isn’t back???” I asked


“Not yet”

“Where have you been???” Camila asked

“Em mm”

“Where have you been Leon??? And stop tapping the table you asshole” she yelled.

“Oh sorry”


*The result shows that both the DNA of party A and B matches 99.99999%. In conclusion, they are father and daughter.*

“Am a father!!!!” I yelled.

“Am a dad, I have a daughter!!!” I kept on yelling.

“Is he alright???”

I think since he saw Fernanda, some knots in his head went lose”

“We need to take him to a psychiatrist”

I could hear them talk, but they only thing on my mind right now is i have a daughter, a cute one at that…..

“Guys, am now a father”

“Yes yes,we know”

“We are all fathers”

“No, am serious guys, am a dad ”

“And we say we know”

“So what’s your daughters name???? Kace asked

“Aurora, Aurora Hunts” I said excited.

“Wait dude,are you serious?” Jake asked.

I could see the shock on their faces.

“Yes of course”

“How?? when?? since??? who???? with????” Camila asked.

“Well I also just found out, the DNA results just came in”

“My daughter is so cute!!! She has green eyes, chubby cheeks, oh and she has my hair” I said excited.

Of course I am. Now am sure shes my daughter, I don’t really care who the mother is, as long as I have a cute daughter. I will make sure to get custody over her……

“Do you have a picture of her???”

Oh no…. I….was…so..excited I didn’t take one, but I will tomorrow”

“Can I come along???” Camila asked

“No!!! She’s my daughter,go get yours. And I need some alone time with her.”

#Author’s POV

“How was your outing Aurora???” Zenya asked they sat for dinner.

“It was the best mom”

“Zenya I have something to ask you, am sure it will hurt you, but can I ask???” Fernanda said.

“If you know it will hurt her, why bother asking????” Alexander said taking his sit.

“Whose the father of the kids????” Fernanda asked.

“Aunty why you so interested in knowing our dad???” Aurora suddenly said.

“”What do you mean Aurora???” Zenya asked

“Well earlier on, aunty asked who my father is” Aurora said and focused on her food.

“Why you interested in knowing fern???” Zenya asked but with a more serious tone.

“I just want to know, that’s all”Fernanda said playing the victim.

“Oh before I forget, Fernanda I met your lover today, or rather he came to meet me” Alexander smirked.

“What lover????” Zenya asked


The spoon in Zenya’s hand fell asleep she looked at Fernanda in shock….

“Don’t look at me that way Zenya, Alex is right, Leon is my lover”

“Was” Alex corrected.

“We still love each other, am his first love and only love, I don’t care what relationship you told have, but his mine and mine alone”

“His the kids father,so all the best fern” Zenya said and left the dinning table.



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