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(You healed my heart)

Chapter twenty three

…”She’s Leon’s lover?? Leon’s lover???, I thought he doesn’t love, how?? Just how?” Zenya yelled in frustration..

‘I am meant to be planning my revenge, but why does it hurt so mused’ she mused.

*knock knock*

….”mom are you alright???” Adrian asked

…”Am fine Rian”Zenya said as she opened the door.

…” Mom I want to ask you dome stuffs.”

…” Sure,what is it Rian??.”

…” Will you get back with dad???.” He asked

…” No I won’t Adrian.”

…” Do you want me to????”

…” No mom, I don’t to ever go back to the man who hurt you.”

…” Thank you Rian, come give mom a hug.”

…” But I don’t think Aurora feels the same way.” Adrian suddenly said.

…” What do you mean????”

…” She might have plans to get you and dad back together.”

…” Don’t worry, that’s not possible” Zenya said convincing herself also.

‘I also feel Aurora is planning some thing not good, but I have a lot on my mind how’ she mused….

…”You and your sister should stay away from your aunt Fernanda for now,alright???”

…” Yes mom”

….Sir you have a meeting with JJ enterprise, they want to cancel every deal they have with us” Noah’s secretary said as Noah gritted his teeth in anger.

Ever since they fight I had with Liam , he keeps canceling every deal we have with his company, like I don’t even know what to do.
I tried calling his line several times to sought things out, but no, his not picking….

I sincerely don’t know what do anymore….

….” Its fine, I will see what I can do about it, make sure no one finds out.”

…..I remember how things started between us. We were just best friends.

How I requested her help me rub lotion on my back, he did but his hand kept going down enough to meet or slapping my butt.

How he purposely or mistakenly pushed us both, resulting in us laying on each other on the bed. Slowly I could feel his downward thingy growing hard against my upper thigh region in between my butt, he groaned getting off me and pushing me back, staring into my eyes. He slowly approached me with a kiss, not knowing if I want it or not, I kissed him back, we kissed passionately moving back to the bed center, something that led to our s*x.

And now am all alone awaiting a call or at least a text from him. Since our second fight we haven’t talked or texted each other and really can’t take this shit anymore,I need him..

…” Get me my car.”

I got into my car and drove off to restaurant am meant to meet him for business deal.

….”welcome Mr Liam” i heard the receptionist say.

I decided to agree on the meeting with Noah.

I miss him so much, but I can’t be with someone who is ashamed of our relationship.

All he does is hug me, kiss me and have s*x with me in private, and he says he loves me.
I want more than that, I want us to hold hands smiling at each other, go on romantic dates with no fear of being caught. I want us to be free with each other not secretly dating.

If he can’t come public about our relationship,I don’t see any reason to continue it.

….” Thank you.” I took my sit opposite him.

He kept shooting daggers at me, I know his annoyed, but I am too.

…..” Let’s reveal our relationship Liam”

…..” Are you serious??? Or your just saying it so you could have s*x with me again Noah”

…..” Is it just s* x i have with you??? Why do make it look like that just all we do???”

…” Because that’s just all we do.”

…”who is the guy by your side???” Noah asked pointing towards that that came with Liam.

….” Oh, his name is Tyson, his someone who isn’t shy if going out with me.”

Tyson is my cousin brother, his here on visit, but I need to use him to make Noah jealous…

…” Am sorry Liam, am ready to reveal our relationship.”

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…” Cool with me.”

…”Let’s do it on my coming birthday occasion.” Liam suggested

…” Sure,can we go now, cause I have missed you like crazy.”

…” Whats your next plan ???”

…” Oh, you will see, it will be out soon.”


….”That’s so gross”

…”and he looks so manly”….

…so disgusting of him”..

….”What the f**k ???

…” Don’t blame me, they ruined my life, so am only returning the favor”

…” Damn, your evil .”

…” I know right, and this is just the beginning”

…” How they f**k did this happen Noah??? Just how???” I yelled as I got into his office.

I am seriously fuming with anger right now, I am meant to be with my daughter this moment, but had to cancel it just cause of this asshole.

…” Don’t yell at me Leon.”

…” I shouldn’t yell at you really??? Cause of you our stocks are dropping”

….” I wasn’t the one who revealed it, besides its good its out, me and Liam already planned on receiving it on his birthday” Noah said shrugging his shoulders.

…” If you aren’t the one who revealed it then???”

….” I don’t know,but am sure it isn’t Liam, we were just together, as he is as shocked as I am.”

….” Okay, it isn’t you, nor Liam, it wasn’t me either, am sure Monday and dad wouldn’t have revealed it, they person also shared it with pictures, which means they gave known about for a long time”

…” Have you told anyone else before, apart from the people I just mentioned???”

…” None that I know of”

….” Then just who??”

*ring ring* I felt my phone ringing in my pocket.

…” Hello???”

…” Did you like my present Leon??”



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