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(You healed my heart)

Chapter twenty seven

….”I will pretend I did not hear you Regaleon” Zenya said gritting her teeth in anger.

…..” Oh you heard me well, I want custody for my kids.”

…..” What right do think you have to come here and be spouting our rubbish”

….”You raped me, tried to kill me, made my life miserable, in what way do you think you can have custody over my kids!???” Zenya yelled.

…” They are still rightfully mine”

…” Your just ride, arrogant, and good for nothing, get the f**k out of my house, before I do something you will surely regret!!”

…” You have no right over the kids life also, let them decide who they want to be with” Leon said arrogantly.

…”Leon leave now, please!!” Alexander said trying to sought things out.

….” Stay out of this Alexander, this is none of your business”

….” Neither is it your business”

…” It is, they are my kids, they have my blood running in them”

….”Adrian do you want to go with your father???”

….”I don’t have a father” Adrian replied nonchalantly

….”Am your father” Leon said with gritted teeth.
He was hurt his son wasn’t acknowledging him.

‘No matter, am going with my kids today’ Leon mused.

….” Sorry my father died when my mom gave birth to me”. Adrian smirked.

….”what do you want me to do , to make it up Zenya, I have money, just mention, anything at all”

…” Just leave my sight”

….” Mummy please forgive daddy” Aurora said crying.

….” Do you know what I had to go through, cause of this man, he ruined my life, he made me suffer traumas upon traumas AURORA GRAY!!!” Zenya yelled.

Aurora freaked out, this was the first time her mom had yelled at her, she suddenly felt bringing her dad here was a mistake, she just want a perfect family.

…” But you always say u should forgive….”

…”get inside the house now Aurora” Zenya snapped

….” But mom…..I…..I…just…..”

…. Now!!”

…” Don’t yell at her” Leon said

…” What right do you have to tell me what to do and what not to do”

….”Zenya let’s talk things out” Leon said

…..Release the news now” Zenya made a call.

Not less than five minutes, siren sounds could be heard,arriving at the Gray’s mansion were more than five army cars.

….Mr Regaleon Hunts, You are under arrest for Rape and the murder of Zenya smith” A police officer walked up to Leon and cuffed his hands.

Just then Fernanda and Xavier arrived.

….” What’s happening?? Leon???”. Fernanda stood in shock as she watched Leon being taken away.

…” He deserves it” Xavier said.

….” Zenya what is wrong with you?? Are you insane???” Fernanda yelled.

….” This is my private life fern, you can follow your lover if you want,besides I want you out of my house”

….”Don’t bother, am already leaving, just keep in mind, Leon is mine and mine alone”

…” That’s Better, keep him to your self, I don’t want to have anything to do with you or that asshole” Zenya said and walked inside.

…What are we gonna do mom??” Bella asked.

….” Don’t ask me, ask your father”

….”they news is already out, how could Zenya do this to her family” Sean gritted his teeth u anger.

….”mom how about we talk to her???” Cora suggested.

…” Yes that’s a good idea,let’s head there now”

The left for the Grays mansion. Arriving at the gate, they gateman stopped them.

….” How can we help you???”

….” Our daughter leaves here, don’t be mad, open up the gate!” Mr smith yelled.

….” Sorry but none of your family members leave here.

…..” Call your boss and tell her, her family are here”

….” Ma’am some people claiming to be your family are here” the gateman said as soon as Zenya picked up the call.

….” Let them in”

‘I was planning on visiting them next, looks like they brought their self’s to me’

….”is it the smiths???” Alex asked.


…”great, I have a score to settle with them”

….” Zenya aren’t you hurt with what you did to Leon???”

….” No it doesn’t bother me a bit”

I can’t believe I just lied, saying it is only causing me more pain. Am hurt.
He should have at least apologized for his mistakes or at least done something that will make me forgive him, not behave arrogant. He deserves it….

..” You know he will be released today right??”

…..” And I will send him right back over and over again”

….” His a mafia lord Zenya, why don’t you just get a restricting order, not that Leon will obey it”

….” I will, but first let’s handle that Smiths”
She said as the smiths walked in.

….”Zenya” Mr Smith called out.

…..” Mom, dad!!! Long time”

….” Don’t you dare call them your parents, cause if they are, you wouldn’t have done what you did, ruining our reputation” Cora snapped.

….” You should be thanking your stars I did not reveal the fact you are pregnant, or the fact Bella tried to kill me once, or the fact that Sean is screwing your lovely cousin Rella” Zenya smirked.

….” What!!!” Mr and Mrs smith turned in shock to look at their kids.

….” Is everything she just said true!!!??” Mr smith yelled with anger, his eyes and vain clearly showing.

…”What have I done to deserve this” Mrs smith said sobbing

Just then Mr and mrs Gray walked in.

….”Sofia????” Mrs smith called out.

…..” Long time no see Karen”


Is like Leon is high???

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