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BROKEN LOVE – Episode 79 & 80


⟨ Tales Of The Heart… ⟩


By; Succie Brown.




Julianna took in her lips when she saw the caller on her phone. She took in a deep breath before picking up the phone.

“Why do you call?” She asked Rebecca.

“Are you in Los Angeles already?” She asked.

“Yes I am, after you helped me, I left Dashie”

“I need you to come back to Dashie”

“What for?”

“In no time, Jane is going to give birth” Rebecca said.

“And how is that my business? I’m not a doctor”

“I never said you were a doctor, Julianna. How about we make Jane raise a child that’s not hers”

“What? You want me to switch Jane’s baby”

“You’re very smart, Julianna” Rebecca said and smiled, creepily.

“I won’t be a part of your evil scheme. I have done my part, don’t drag me into another mess” Julianna said and hang up on her.

“What if she does something bad to me for refusing to push through with her plans?” Julianna muttered and ran her hand through her hair.



“How’s she doctor?” Lucas asked the doctor who came out from the labour room.

“She’s refusing to give birth” The doctor answered.


“She has been crying saying it’s painful, and judging from her age, it’s will be difficult for her to push out her baby”

“Can I see her?” Lucas asked.

“Are you her boyfriend?”

“No. I’m her best friend, but she’s going to listen to me”

“Alright, if you say so” The doctor said, and they both entered the labour room.

“Jane” Lucas called her name, holding her hand.

“It’s so painful Lucas. I don’t think I can do this. It’s so painful” She said crying.

“You can do this Jane. You have always wanted to see your baby right, but you won’t be able to see her if you don’t push her out”

“Lucas” She said, crying.

“I believe in you Jane, you can do this” He said, caressing her hair.

Jane took another breathe in and out before pushing again. “One more try Jane, and it will be over” Lucas said, and Jane began to cry.

“Please Jane, be strong. I am here, I won’t leave your side” Lucas said.

“Agghhhhhhhh” Jane screamed, and the cry of a baby was heard afterwards, but Jane passed out.

“Doctor, my friend is not breathing” Lucas said in panic. Right now he wasn’t even looking at the baby, he was focused on Jane, scared that something might happen to Jane.

“Have the baby cleaned up. Get the oxygen mask ready” The doctor said to two nurses.

“Alright doctor” The two nurses said.

One of them took the baby for clean up, while the other nurse set up the oxygen.

“Will she be ok?” Lucas asked, holding Jane’s hand.

“Yes she will be fine. She just lost her strength that’s why she passed out” The doctor said, and Lucas sighed in relief caressing Jane’s hair.

The nurse came out from the labour room and Julianna secretly followed her till she dressed him up and kept him in the NICU (Newborn intensive care unit).

Julianna stood by the glass window watching Jane’s baby from where he was, and she sighed.

“How am I going to switch you with another baby? I have to push through with this before Jane wakes up” Julianna muffled to herself.

She was still thinking about how to push through with her plans, when a woman walked up to her and stood beside her, watching another babies from the glass windows.

“It’s going to be hard to take care of you three. Did you have to come into this world as triplets? Where on earth are we going to start from?” The woman said sniffling.

“Are you the mother of the triplets?” Julianna asked.

“No. They belong to my daughter, she’s in coma right now, because she had an accident. Her babies were born premature, and they were just removed from the incubator, after being in it for two weeks. I’m battling with paying for her hospital bills, and I don’t know how to take care of these triplets” The woman said, crying.

“I’m going to help you”

“You will?” The woman asked.

“Yes. But in exchange for that, you will give me one of the triplets and I will give you a baby boy”

“Are we in a movie? Why do you want to switch babies?” She asked.

“It’s not something I can explain in details, but I will give you money, that way you’d be able to pay for your daughter’s hospitals and provide for the babies as well”

“Are you that rich?” She asked again.

“I was paid handsomely by someone I work for. Will you do it?” She asked and the woman looked at her for a while.

“I’m in”



“Wow, you’re really a genius, Julianna. You should be given a crown for world best criminal” Stephanie said, clapping her hands.

“Don’t talk as if you’re a saint. You almost killed my daughter years ago and as if it wasn’t enough for you, you had her company explode” Roseline said.

“I was just following orders, but Julianna did the bigger crime”

“I won’t argue over that and I regret what I did. With everything I have done, I already know Lucas and I won’t work, but we need to stop Rebecca. We have to come up with a plan to get out of this place and tell Jane everything we know” Julianna said.

“You’re the smartest one among us, what do you suggest we do?” Stephanie asked, and Julianna looked at her.



Lucas entered the house and sees Jane looking at some photos. He smiled before sitting beside her.

“What are you looking at?” He asked and Jane smiled at him.

“I was just looking at Kayla’s baby pictures. She was really cute”

“Yeah she is. I was so worried about you when you fainted after bringing her to this world, and I couldn’t even look at her”

“Really?” Jane asked, smiling.

“You fainted after giving birth, and my heart raised to 360°. I was more concerned about you than the baby, that’s why I never got a chance to look at her. I only got to see her, after she was dressed up by the nurse. She was so adorable”

“Thank you, Lucas”

“For what?”

“You have always been there for me anytime I need help. You never left my side for once. You’re the reason why I never died back then” Jane said.

Lucas looked at her and held her, caressing it softly, while Jane smiled at him.

“I have been lying to you, Jane” He said.

“What are you talking about Lucas? You have never lied to me” Jane said with a smile.

“I lied about my true feelings for you”

“What do you mean, Lucas?”

“Before Adrian came into the picture fifteen years ago, I loved you romantically” He said with eyes filled with emotions.

“You loved me romantically? Why didn’t you tell me?”

“I was about to do so, before Adrian came into the picture, and I found out you loved him”

“But you rooted for me, Lucas. You never for once showed any atom of jealousy”

“It’s because you are my best friend and I wanted you to be happy. I didn’t want to prioritize my happiness over yours. Seeing you happy with Adrian back then was enough for me. I know how hurtful it can be when your love isn’t reciprocated, and that’s why I agreed to date Julianna. I know it was wrong to make her believe that I love her, but I didn’t want her to go through the pains of unrequited love like I did. At first I just wanted to date her so she’d be happy, but she was always so heartbroken when I don’t have s*x with her, and that’s why I did what she wanted. I wanted to tell her so many times that I don’t love her, but she was heads over heels in love with me, so I couldn’t break her tender heart and I always lied that I love her, so she’d smile. If I knew she was a devil in sheep clothing, I won’t have done what I did” Lucas said.

Jane looked at him before hugging him. “I’m sorry you have to go through lots of pains because of me. I’m sorry I didn’t realize you had feelings for me, and I kept running to you with my problem with Adrian. I’m sorry it took so long for me to reciprocate to your feelings. I remember that night Lucas”

“I know” He said and Jane broke the hug and looked at him.

“You do?” She asked, and Lucas nodded his head.

“Then why did you play along with my lie?”

Lucas smiled and caressed her face. “I know you like how I know the back of my hands Jane. You were embarrassed that you kissed your best friend” He said. Jane hits him playfully and he laughed.

“I love you Lucas. I’m sorry it took so long for me to love you, romantically”

“It’s fine Jane. You’re worth the long wait. I love you too, Jane” He said, and Jane blushed, crazily.

“Aren’t you going to kiss me as a sign that we’re already a couple?” She asked, cutely and Lucas laughed.

“You want me to kiss you?” He asked with a smile, and Jane nodded her head, blinking her eyes.

“I can’t hold the joy anymore, kiss her dad” Kayla said from behind them, and they looked at her.

“Kayla! How long have you been there?” Jane asked.

Kayla smiled and walks up to them. “Since the whole confession scene began. A relationship is official after the couples kiss. Go ahead and kiss her dad. My eyes are closed” Kayla said closing her eyes grinning.

“Are you eyes closed?” Lucas asked, smiling.

“Yes they are. Go ahead and do your thing” Kayla said.

Lucas looked at her and back to Jane. Both smiled at each other and slowly they brought their lips closer to each other.

Lucas’s lips magnets with Jane’s lips and they shared a deep soothing kiss. Kayla opens her and laughs in silence as they kissed.

“Okay, cut” She said like a director in a movie

“You said you weren’t going to watch us” Jane said like a child.

“Did you think I wasn’t going to watch a live kissing scene? I’m so happy, my prayers have finally been answer. You both are now together!” She said, hugging the both of them tightly.



Beatrice sighed for the umpteenth time as she stood near Ethan’s office door. She has decided come clean with Ethan, before telling her kids the truth.

“You can do this, Beatrice” She said and was about opening the door, but stopped halfway when she heard Ethan talking to someone from inside.

“What do you mean by Beatrice is the girl from fifteen years ago?” He asked.

“Don’t forget so quickly about what you did to that innocent girl in Hong Kong”

“I didn’t mean to do it, Cassidy. Yeah I was a baddie then, but I will never rape a girl in my right mind”

“No one asked you to take drugs. I stopped you remember, but you insisted on raping her because she was drugged by one of our crazy friends. Who would have thought that you will end up falling for the girl you raped fifteen years ago”


“Yes Ethan. Beatrice is the girl you raped fifteen years ago” Cassidy said, and Beatrice barged inside the office.

“You were the one who raped me?” She asked in tears.

“Beatrice I can… ” Ethan was cut short with a slap from Beatrice. He was already crying.

“What do you want to explain Ethan? Is it how you raped me and dumbed me on the road side!!!”

“I wasn’t the one who dumped you at the road side. I woke up the following morning realizing I had rape someone. I ask my friends and they said you were fine. I didn’t know you were dumped at the roadside, please believe me, Beatrice” He said, trying to touch her, but Beatrice slapped him thrice on the face.

“Don’t use those filthy hands of yours to touch me! Now I see why you asked me the first day we met, if we have seen each other before. I should have known you were the monster who raped me and got me pregnant!!!” Beatrice yelled at him, crying.

“Pregnant? I thought you said…. ”

“I never got married at a young age, Ethan. I was embarrassed to tell you that my twins were products of rape, only for me to find that you’re actually the one who raped me!”

“So Xavier and Xiaomi are my kids” He asked with tears floating down from his eyes.

“They’re not your kids, Ethan. Even if you are their father, I won’t give you a chance to be a dad to them. I’m going to make sure you rot in jail!” Beatrice said, trying to leave, but Ethan hugged her from behind.

“I’m so sorry Beatrice, please forgive me. I love you so much” He said, crying like a child.

Beatrice angrily pushed him away from her body and he fell to the ground.

“You and I can’t work, Ethan. I can never be with a man who raped me!!!” Beatrice yelled at them and stormed out of the office.

Ethan sat on the floor, crying.

“Sorry, Ethan. I didn’t know you loved her to this extent” Cassidy said, taking in her lips.



“Is she finally sleeping?” Xavier asked entering inside the room. The twins already know about the origin of their birth. Beatrice told them when she came home, crying.

“Yes she has. I feel so sorry for mom, Xavier. Despite being a victim of rape, she still gave birth to us, and showered us with love. I wish I can go outside and strangle him to death” Xiaomi said.

“Is he still outside?”

“Yes. He’s refusing to leave despite how what we told him. It raining badly” Grandma Jojo said.

“He should remain outside in the rain. Getting drenched in the rain is nothing compared to what he did to my mom” Xavier said.

Grandma Jojo looked at Xavier and sighed.


Christian entered the house and sees his grandma ticking out the numbers she had called.

“What are you doing grandma?” He asked.

“You have finally decided to come back home. I thought you’d stay out on the street for another one month” Linda said.

“That’s where I belong grandma”

“You’re just 15, Christian. You should be in school like other kids”

“School isn’t for me, grandma. It’s wastage of money. What are you doing anyways?”

“I got the lists of the phone numbers of mothers who gave birth to their kids on the day you were born. Some of the numbers aren’t going through anymore, since it’s been long”

“Grandma, I thought we talked about this. Why are you looking for a woman who abandoned me?”

“You’re still young, Christian. I’m old and I’m going to die soon. You need to be with your mom”

“Be with a mom who abandoned and left me at the roadside? I’d have been dead if you didn’t take me in. I’m fine being an orphan, I don’t need a mom!” Christian said, and angrily leaves the house.

“I need to find your mom, Christian, before I breathe my last breath” Linda muttered.



Grandma Jojo got up from the bed, she looked at the twins and they were already sleeping. She went to her bag and brought out a picture of Jane, and she sighed regretfully.


“I will exchanged the baby with one of my daughter’s babies, but are you the mother of the baby boy?”

“No it belongs to someone” Julianna said, giving Grandma Jojo the picture of Jane.

“Her name is Jane Meyers”

“She looks young just like my daughter. Why do you want to do something cruel to her?”

“Do you want the money or not?” Julianna asked.

“Yes I do. My daughter gave birth to two girls and a boy. I will give one of the girls to you, and you can give me Jane’s son” Grandma Jojo said.

“Good. The next thing I have to do is to silence the doctor and the nurses who knew Jane gave birth to a baby boy and not a baby girl” Julianna said.


“I have done something terrible to you, Beatrice. After you went to Dashie because your friends were mocking at you for getting pregnant, I thought you’d be able to cope, but then again tragedy befall us when you had an accident and fell into coma after your triplets were brought out from your womb. I was short of money and that’s why I did that”

“How am I going to tell you that Kayla is your daughter, while Xavier is Jane’s biological son? You never knew you had triplets because I took your son and abandoned him on the roadside” Grandma Jojo said, looking at Xavier who was sleeping soundly on the bed.



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