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Title: Business proposal (The contract).
✍️Winter writes ✍️
Episode: Six.

The next morning.

I woke up the next morning feeling do drained and tired.

She went on a crazy date for her friend which took a big toll on her …she stepped down the bed and walked quietly into the bathroom to take her bath.she spend almost an hour in the bathroom thinking about how she won’t collide with Alex.

She settle down to wear her cloth and put on a slight make-up before her door opened.

She turned around to check who is it and it turns be Kimberly she hissed loudly enough for her to know she’s angry while Kim just signed.

“Gud morning bestie”Kim greeted

“Hold your greeting to yourself,do you know what I went through yesterday,I was thinking up would come pick me up buh you didn’t what type of friend are you huh”she rasped angrily while Kim pouted

“It not my fault,fine I was supposed to pick you up buh something came up”am sorry bestie.

“It fyn so why do u come here very early In the morning”

“I wanted to make up for my mistake so I will be taking you out for lunch and dinner and will be the one to drive you to your Working place today”Kim said.

“Awww that so thoughtful of you…buh am scared…am scared my boss will notice me”Melissa said Making sad face

“Don’t worry for the fact you used wig and you put on some make-up yesterday am sure he won’t notice you,and am sure he doesn’t like you”don’t worry ok.

So hurry let me get to your working place.
Alex woke up feeling tired,he overworked and even went on a crazy blind date.

He stepped down on his bed and walked quietly to the bathroom to take his bath.

One of the maid entered gushing over him and he sighed”take the food back, I’m not eating”he said calmly….while the maid turn around and left because it useless helping him to argue.
Kimberly drove Melissa to the company and based her good-bye.

Melissa quickly entered the company put her ID on the machine before letting her pass and quickly went for the elevator she doesn’t want her boss to even set his eyes on her.

She checked the elevator and they are all full…she hurry to the last one and it remains one person she pressed the button and it opened.

She raised her head and saw the president,her boss and his pa….she turned around to leave when the president voice stopped her.

“You can enter young lady,it fine”he said while Melissa nooded

She used her hair to cover her face properly before entering so no one would notice her.

“Thank you sir”she said while the while the president nooded.

When the elevator got to her section she quickly pulled out and bade the president good bye and left hurriedly.

OMG that was so close ,she breath out receiving fresh hair.
I got to my office while grandpa followed me, Gosh these man.

“So tell me how is the date do you like her,or you would go on another one”he said while I quickly replied him

“President I think I like her, don’t worry I chose her,buh I think we need to go on some few more date to know each other more”I said.

“Oooo that good thank God you like her,and be fast about it ok.. Don’t keep me waiting too much”he said while I nooded.

He left while I breathed in fresh air

“Hmmm Alex don’t you think there’s more to that Melissa Hari”adrain said

“Like what I didn’t see anything wrong with her”I said while he nooded.

I picked up my phone and dailed Kimberly number….well I want us to meet for a date today.
*My phone rang and I checked the caller and it turns out to be Alex o my God what did he want.

I didn’t pick up on the first ring,second,third so I decided to pick up on the fourth ring.

“Hlo gud morning”I said over the phone

“Morin,how your night”he said.

“Good”so why do you call me I said getting straight to the point.

“Well i wanted to ask if you will be available after work I need to see you”he said

“Ok no problem”I said and quickly hanged up.

Hmmmm ???? what am I gonna tell Melissa now and I promised her no more date how am I gonna tell her.

I picked up my phone and dailed her number while she picked up on the first ring.

I explained everything to her.

You can’t tell me that ..you already tell me no more date so why dis now huh.

“Youu know what you gonna do just tell him am not his real date,and settle things out between the both of you ….am not going and that final” she said and hanged up

Hmmm guys don’t you think Alex is falling already?

And do you think Melissa will go I need your opinion on these,it helps us also??.

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