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Falling in love isn’t?
Part of the contract??
Episode 14
Max sigh and went out,he went to his other house
“Good morning son” his mom greeted looking outside “where’s your wife?”
” She’s at home”he reply
” Why isn’t she here? I was hoping to see her”she said
” She is tired and you can go see her later”he said
” Alright why are you here?”she ask
” I’m here to take chess for check up”he said
” Why are you the one taking her? Why isn’t Chloe here?”Ava ask
” She’s tired”he reply ” where is chess?”
” She’s in her room”she reply
Max went upstairs and knock on Chelsea door “chess it Max”
“Good morning Max” she greeted
“Are you ready? You have to go to the hospital today”he said
” Yeah,but why are you the one taking me?she ask
“Your sister is tired” he said
“Alright I’ll get ready now”she reply
After a few moments Chelsea went downstairs and they drove to the hospital
Max was sitting on a chair in the doctor office “when will the results be out?”
“Soon Mr mondragon but are you sure about this?”he ask
” Yes, just let me know when the results are out”he said
“umm max can you please help me with something?”Chelsea ask
” What’s that?”he ask turning to her
“I lost the medicine the nurse gave me” she said
“Alright wait here”he said and turn to the doctor ” I’ll be back”
After max left she went to the doctor”what test are you running on max,is he sick?
“No,I can’t tell you” he reply
“If you don’t then I’m going to lie to max that you are not a good doctor”she said with her hands across her chest
He sigh “he wants to know if he is a match for your bone marrow transfer”
“What? Why? What about Kyle?”she ask
” He doesn’t want to go into surgery and he broke up with your sister I guess” he said
“What? Why would Kyle do that?”she ask
” I don’t know but I think you should ask your sister”he said
” Why is it dangerous for max to go into surgery?”she ask
” He went into surgery three years ago after he had a car accident with his dad which kill him,if he goes into surgery again he might not survive it”he said
” What? Then why would he still do it?” She ask
“I don’t know I think I’ve told you enough”he said
” Please tell me why he is willing”she pleaded
” Chess I can’t find any and the nurse said she never gave you a medication”max said going Inside
” Uh umm I ..I ..must have made a mistake”she said stammering
” Alright let go”he said and Chelsea walk out of the office ” I’ll come back for the results”
“Max can we drop at your other house,I want to see Chloe” she said
” Sure”he reply and they drove to his house

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