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Falling in love isn’t??
Part of the contract???
Episode 4
Chelsea was lying on the hospital bed, in a general ward with drip fixed on her hand
“Chloe” she call as soon as she saw her
“How are you feeling chess?” She asked taking a seat beside her
“Better” she reply with a smile
“That’s good” she said “are you hungry?”
” Yes”she replied
” What will you like to eat?” Kyle ask
“Fried noodles”she reply
” Alright I’ll go get some”Chloe said and left Kyle quickly follow her
” Hey”he call and she halt “where will you get the money?”
“I don’t know probably get it on credit or go borrow some money”she said
” Here this is my last saving”he said and gave her some money
She left while Kyle went back inside to look after Chelsea
“That girl must be an idiot” max said harshly
“Why? She just doesn’t want to do it”Bryan said
” She looks poor yet she’s regect an easy job like that” he said
“She just doesn’t want to betray her boyfriend to me that not being stupid it love”he said
” Love my foot! She’s a big idiot”he said disgusted
” Whatever! So what do we do?”he ask
“Let hope someone else come” he said and lay his head on the sofa
“Did you enjoy it?” Chloe ask as soon as Chelsea was done eating
” Yes thank you”she reply
A nurse came in and remove the drip
“Nurse, why are you removing that?” Chloe ask
” Ma’am you are owing some money so the doctor as us to stop the treatment”she said
” But we plan on paying soon”Kyle said
“I’m sorry ma’am you should go talk to the doctor” she said and left
” Chloe, what wrong?”Chelsea ask
“Nothing Chess,I’ll be back” she said and went to the doctor office
She knock on the door and opened it
“Good day doctor” she greet taking a seat
“Good day miss Michaels” he reply
“Doctor the nurse said you ask her to stop treating my sister without payment”she said
” Yes”he reply
” But doc we will pay soon”she said
” I’m sorry that’s our policy,and if you want to pay you should pay for the test soon”he said ” and your sister might be ask to leave the hospital if you don’t pay”
” Alright doctor”she said and left
She was returning to the ward when she saw Kyle waiting for her
“What did her say?” He ask
“He said chess might have to leave the hospital if we don’t pay”she said sadly and took a seat on the chair, Kyle did the same
” Chess is asleep” he said and she nodded “Chloe the job you said earlier”
She raised her head at the sound of that “what are you getting at?”
“Maybe we should consider it it not like you will be getting married and they will cover chess expenses”he said
” I can’t believe you are suggesting such a dirty job Kyle”she said angrily
” We don’t have a choice,we need to save Chess”he said
” No matter what we always find a way and we will get through this too”she said
” We need money for hospital expenses,we need money for her surgery and after that she won’t be the same she might need to stay on medication for a while and eat good food, where do we get all that, think Chloe think”he said
” But Kyle”she try to say
” There’s no but here think about chess”he said
” The ball is in your court”
Don’t you think Chloe is stubborn

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