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?‍❤️‍?‍? Çrazy Twins ?
(They were crazy queens until he arrived…

?High School Love Triangle ?
By; Olùdirañ Oluwatosin Felicia.

**Do not pirate,,, beware of plagiarism**

Chapter 11?
At the Silver’s Mansion**
“I will kill everyone,, yes”
He yelled again..

They heard and turned back to see Sydney.

“Oh my dear,, you’re welcome”
Xavier smiled fakely.

“Who is killing who?? ”
She asked with fear
Luciana wanted to touch her but she moved back in fright.

“so, you’re a killer,, I fucking heard everything you said”
She yelled I’m tears.

“my dear,, we were actually acting a movie… I and your mum was just playing”
Xavier with the aim of convincing her.

Luciana said..

“Evil man”
Luciana muttered..

Sweats covered her forehead.
“No!!,,, You guys were talking about….

“Are you sure? ”
She asked.

“Yes darling,, Just playing”
Xavier smiled..

He seethed his teeth..
“only if I can kill you now but you and Silvia can still be used as bait for Ciara”
He thought evilly.

Sydney stormed upstairs…
“I hate you”
Luciana mouthed to Xavier.
She left for Sydney’s room

Meyer’s Mansion**
Olly groaned as he walk down the stairs..

His phone rang.. he slip it out of his pocket

He picked it..

?Hey bro…
Reece screamed from his phone.

Olliver widened his eyes…
?Are you Crazy.. do you wanna kill me.

? Guess what.. Liver
He said happily.

?Am not Liver,,am Olliver
Olly groaned.

? Whatever,, it’s the same thing.
Reece scoffed.

?Am back to Korea
He added..

?Will you stop lying
Olly scoffed.

? Dude,, am not lying.. I just arrived in Korea,, America really suffocated me

?Then come to my house
He move to the couch.

?Sure guy,, I missed Rosiela

?I don’t think she do.

?Stop being a dickhead,, I know she does.

?Bye bro.. see ya soon
He dropped the call.

“Stupid guy”
Olly scoffed.

“Why do I miss this girl”
Olly groaned..

He dialled Sydney’s number..
It was switched off.

“Am worried”

“Where were you all the time”
Sydney asked Sylvia as she entered their room.

“where I went to is none of your business”
Sylvia rolled her eyes and entered the closet.

“Sylvia, tell me what’s wrong with you,, you look stupid right now”
Sydney followed her.

“Back off,, am fine”
Sylvia snapped..

Silvia wore a short gown and carried her crossbag.

“Silvia,, you’re not leaving this house,, take a look at what you’re wearing…this is indecency”
She blocked her from opening the exit room door.

“Leave my front,,”
Sylvia scoffed.

“And I thought we were sisters,, you f*cking promised to stay by your sister

Sylvia what’s wrong with you?
Sydney yelled.

“I hate lousy garbages like you,, cheap wore.. can’t believe you’re really into Olly when you knew very well I love him”
Sylvia snapped.

“Olly doesn’t love you,, Am sure you’re only obsessed with him,, don’t make a guy cause…..
She pushed her out of the way before she could complete her statement.

She hissed…

Sydney followed her…to the stairs
She held her hand…

Silvia snatched her hand away.
“Leave me”
She shouted..

Sydney went to stand in her front..
“You’re going nowhere”
She snapped….

Out of rage and hatred,, she pushed her off the stairs…

She rolled from the stairs to the final floor..

” Sydney”
Sylvia gasped in fright as blood oozes out of her forehead…


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