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? Crazy Twins ?
(They were Crazy queens until he arrived…

? Highschool love Triangle ?
By Olùdirañ Oluwatosin Felicia.

**Copy and die**
Chapter 13?

Enjoy ?
Wembley, London*
Douglas’s Mansion**

Ciara paced to and fro.
“Ciara,, calm down”
Sandra,, her friend said pitifully.

“What are you saying?!,, Xavier killed Davis already.. am I not doomed already”
She said tearily.

“we a know Xavier is deadly.. you won’t wanna mess with him,, will you?”
Sandra looked at her.

“he killed my husband, Derick because he refused to Join in the murder of Bryce Kalispell.. He killed Davis because he let out his secrets to me,, he fucking threatened to kill Luciana,, now Tell me,, are my kids safe?? ”
She yelled in tears.

“I understand Ciara but Xavier is more evil,, Don’t put your daughters life in danger in the name of revenge”
Sandra yelled back.

” Sandra,, I want my kids”
She bursted into another round of tears.

Sandra stood up from the couch , she walked to her…

“Ciara, it’s okay”
She said calmly.

“From the past seventeen years…. I have never set my eyes on them.. they can’t even feel blood motherly love”
She cried.

A call entered her phone,, she rushed to pick it.
? Ma’am
Her personal investigator said on the phone.

?Lee,, how far

?I got the location,, he lives at Seoul, Korea with your kids… He named them Silvia and Sydney.. he changed their surname to Silver’s..
He lived with Luciana Mells,, his forced partner.. whiçh he planned to kill on April 38th
.Ciara gasped in shock obviously digesting everything..

Silver’s Mansion**
Sydney descended from the spiral staircase..

She was already fit to go to Olly’s house for their Normal studies..

Sylvia called.

Sydney quickly run down from the stairs..

“What was that”
Sylvia asked.

“Before you push me off again.. ”
She rolled her eyes.

“am sorry for everything”
She moved into her.

“I hold no grudges against you Sylvia,, you’re my sister.. I understand love can make one misbehave sometimes.. I forgave you already”
She smiled…

Sylvia smiled faintly.
“I love you”
Sylvia said.. and hugged her tightly..

“Easy dear,, am choking”
Sydney laughed and hugged her back.

They disengaged.
“My regards to Olly and Rosiela. Thou that girl is a brat”
Sylvia said.

“Yep,,, see ya!

“Luciana you brought out the devil in me”
Xavier scrowled and tighten the rope on her neck.

“let… Me…. Go.. yo.. you bas.. tar.. rd”
Luciana gasped and struggled to say.

“You deserve no Mercy.. trying to leak my secrets huh??


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