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Luciana screamed in agony..

4hours earlier ?️
“Just getting back”
Xavier entered Luciana’s room

” What the heck are you looking for?”
Luci glared at him.

“Let’s settle this once and for all”
He said.

“Ion understand…
She scoffed.

” I mean,, he moved into her and injected a sedation injection into her arm …

She fell on him as sleep took over.

“Get her!!

” You scoundrel!!,,, U injected me!!”
She screamed thou she’s been tied up.

“I told you I won’t spare anyone”
He growled angrily.

“How wicked can you be?? Xavier!!,, You f**king killed Davis and Derick.. am sure Ciara is not safe neither are the twins”
She cried..

“You infuriate me with your tears.. not even God can change my mind”
He laughed devilishly.

” There’s Karma,, you won’t go Scot free”
She yelled… He turned to her with rage..

He gave her a resounding slap..
She cried in pain.

“All my life,, I’ve always envy Derick,, because he’s the richest and the most famous Zillionaire,,, his assets can buy the whole Asia.. I found a way to become friends with him..

Then I met Davis,, I introduced him to Derick as part of the plan,, we three became blossom friends..

We can’t do without each other,,,that particular time,, he married Ciara,,she gave birth to twins..

I wasn’t expecting it because I’ve tried using different abortion pills for Ciara through her personal maid,, Helen.

I Know Derick is gonna will everything to his two girls.. I planned with Davis,,, we kidnapped the kids and killed him on this particular cold night..

I murdered him,, Ciara was freed from me after many tortures.

I joined a particular mafia gang,,, popularly known as THE BLOODS..

I introduced Davis to it.. sure he can’t disoblige because he has Known me to be deadly and wicked..

After 17 years,, he met with Ciara and leaked my secrets to her… And you!!!

You planned to call Ciara and tell her everything..”

” I won’t spare you.. he cocked the gun..

He pulled the trigger…

the students were trooping in and out…

So fast,, they had to announce the English competition is coming so early..

?See those girls..
? Gosh!!,,, So hot!
?Lita High students are hot!!

“Am nervous”
Sydney said.


” Maybe because it’s your first time right?”
Olly smirked..

She slapped his hand..
“No!!,, I and Sylvia has being the best student in our Kindergarten.. we went to different competitions and quizzes..
She pouted funnyingly.

“I see, that’s why you have to copy me when Mrs Anna gave a test”
He scoffed..

“stop!! I don’t even copy you..
She rolled her eyes..


” Hi”
Sylvia walked to them..

Olly said awkwardly.

“Hey twinie”
Sydney smiled

Sylvia smiled back..

“It’s really nice meeting you”
Sylvia managed to say..

“I think the pleasure is all yours anyway… Syd,, meet me in the library”
He scoffed and walked away..

” Am sorry,, he’s always like that,, see ya!!
Sydney ran after him..

Sylvia gawped,,, she swallowed many times..

“I see he’s really rude”
Sylvia thought.

She walked away..

At the library…**
“That was rude”
Sydney said.

He didn’t talk..
Sydney tapped..

“Just let’s study and get outta here”
He snapped.

“are you giving me cold shoulders now because of my sister”
She asked blearily.

He sighed..
” No!!,, Let’s do what’s we are here for..

Wembley, London**
Douglas’s Mansion**
“Luciana was killed??
The phone fell down from Ciara’s hand..

“send Annabelle back to London,, right now!!”
She yelled at the guards..

” Okay ma’am!!
Three of Eight ran out..

” What Happened”
Sandar descended from the stairs..

“Xavier killed Luciana…she dropped the bomb.

“Hah,,, finally”
Sydney stretched her hand as she left the hall..

“Hey Olly,,
She ran to him as soon as he came out..

” How was it??,, Ion really know number five,,

Number ten also,, I did the little I could.. I hope we win”
She blabbed.

Olly walked away without saying anything to her..
“I don’t want to fall in love,,, I think am getting addicted to her..

I can’t let her capture my heart like that”
He thought as she walk…

” Olly!!


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