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Chapter 4?

Olliver shouted ….

“Are you really talking to me like that??”
He added.

“Yeah… That’s because you didn’t get yourself a life”
She smirked and popped him..
He laughed and to be candid..

He’s cuter when he laughs or smiles.

“Awwnn,,, I wish you can laugh like this everyday”
She said…

” You said that earlier,, am not just ready to attract Attentions with my smile”
He said and took his phone.

” Hunnn,,, even with your cold face,, did you Know how many gifts I collected from girls today.. just for me to talk to my brother on their behalf?? ”
She looked in to his face..

” Enjoy..
He scoffed and wanted to stand up from the couch,, Rosiela dragged him back.

He asked in his sweetest voice..

“Oh my… My gadd, your voice is amazing.. that’s my bro”
She remarked with a thumbs up.

Just then,, Someone rang the doorbell..

The guards opened the door.. it happened to be Arabelle.

“Here comes the bitch”
Rosiela groaned and hissed..

“Dad’s not home,, why is she here?”
Olliver asked..

“I don’t know”
She scoffed..

“Who’s home”
Ara looked around.

” Ohhhhh… Olliver”
She screamed when she set her eyes on him.

She wanted to hug him.. Rosiela dragged him to her side making her fall on the couch..

“Why are you here?”
Rosiela glared at her.

“For Olly of course.. he’s my Betrothed”
She glared..

Olliver just sat staring at both of them..

“No one Betrothed him to you.. how can a bitch like you be Betrothed to my brother”
She spatted on her and she fumed obviously in anger.

She raised her hands to slap her but her hands hanged in the air when her eyes met with Olly’s cold eyes..

“Get out”
He commanded coldly.

She stormed out with her shoes making noises.

Rosiela said.

“I won’t save you next time.. why arguing with someone like her? ”
He left for his room.

The next Day**

it was a bright day for the senior classes..

Mrs Anna entered with some files and big English Literatures.

“Eww, I hate English”
A student groaned without attracting Mrs Anna’s Attention.

“Good Day class”
Mrs Anna said.

“Good day ma”
They chorused..

“Today,,am going to set some questions for you guys.. The winners get to participate in the upcoming competition with Lita High… It’s an English competition”
She explained plainly and began to scribble some questions on the board..

The projector screened the questions out immediately she finished writing on the board.

“Good luck”
She left the class.

Sydney groaned,,
“These questions looks hard”
She said…

Students murmured..
?I swear I hate this questions

? Good luck to the winners

?Good luck Sydney.. the brainiac…

?I Know Olly will surely be the male winner

?God Of Madagascar.. help ooo

Within minutes,, Olly finished the questions..

Surprisingly, he passed the answer script to Sydney.

“I see you’ve done nothing,, and they said you’re a brainia,, how sure can you prove that”
He whispered to her ears softly.


?️He also kissed her ears

?️Am sure they’re something…

The comments captured Sylvia attention..

She fumed in total anger seeing them so close as seat mates.

“I won’t forgive you if you do anything with My Olly, Sydney”
She muttered in rage.

Sydney stared at his answer script..

” What should I do with This??”
She asked lostly.

“Copy of course,, is that not why you’ve been staring since?? ”
He said in a bad boy smirk.

” Thank…. Yo… Uu”
She stuttered and began writing..

Thank goodness,, the students are not looking at them any more.

An hour later..

“It’s time to announce the two students that’s going to represent Golden High in an English competition”
Mrs Anna said…

Mrs Anna started..

Sylvia was happy..
” You tried,, but your Mark’s didn’t meet our expectations, try harder another time”
She gave her a warm smile..

Sylvia face dropped down

“Olliver Meyer as the male representative”
Mrs Anna announced and the class went wild..

?I Know he’s gonna win

?Like I predicted

?This is a Banga

?Love this

?He’s gonna smash Lita High students.

Mrs Anna voice boomed out and they maintained a perfect silence.

” And the female winner is…..


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