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(Addicted to his d*ck)


Genre; Supernatural.

Tags; Horror,s*x, brutally, hatred, desires, Killings, bloodshed,lust, and enemies.

Theme; Craving for her whole body.

By; Nira P.(J.y.D)


Hwan,a vampire king, he’s handsome,cute but yet cold-hearted. And he controls a surgeon hospital.

You might be surprised how could a vampire be a surgeon. Well,Hwan’s parents weren’t born a vampires, they were made.

Natasha Cheng, an American scientist created them for a purpose.

Kim woo Jung,Hyun and Dae were orphans; they struggled to eat and survive…

The scientist took them to their country for an experiment through kidnapping them. The experiment was successful, but they turned into something else; Vampires.

After they became vampires, they were able to leave the United States.

After they were fully matured,Dae wanted them to destroy those who made them what they’re. But Kim woo Jung and Hyun declined this. And left the city they were and went to another city.

Unfortunately,Dae found where they’re and sent his messenger who he created with his blood.

He felt Kim woo Jung and Hyun were betrayals and hated them for believing in humans after all what they had done to them.

On the day he sent his messenger to assassinate them, they only succeeded in killing Hyun alone.

Hyun told Kim woo Jung to run away with their child. Years past,Dae found out Kim woo Jung’s whereabout and went to kill her himself.

Before Kim woo Jung died, she placed Hwan beside a river. A woman, who sometimes went fishing saw Hwan and took care of him. She saw him as God’s gift to her coz she was a barren.

When Hwan was young, he bites the woman’s and drink her blood whenever he was anger. The woman later realized who he was. At Hwan’s early age, he saved my lives with his power and this made his mother told him to become a surgeon so he could save more lives.

Dae later found out who Hwan’s was and gave him some of the vampires he created to form his own empire. And soon the empire became larger; filled with many vampires.

Modeok,a human who lived with her granny. At her very young age, her mother abandoned her. Her Mother was a stripper, who slept with any man for money. Modeok pregnancy was a mistake, but modeok’s mom mother told her not to abort the baby if she doesn’t want her to disown her as her mother.

So, she was forced to keep the pregnancy but ran away from home after given birth to modeok.

Modeok grown up as a beautiful lady. Many men want to get in between a tighs.

Her granny as some holes in her heart which was kept hidden to her..

What happened when modeok discovered that her granny as some holes in her heart??

What happened when nobody wanted to help her??

What happened when modeok sold herself to Hwan for her granny surgery payment??


So, grab your popcorns, donuts, zobo, sweets and join me in this journey and I promise you won’t regrets it..



(Addicted to his d*ck)

Genre; Supernatural.

Theme; Craving for her whole body.

Chapter 1


By; Nira P.(J.y.D)

Subtitle; Wanted.

South Korean>>Six years ago.



“Oh! Yeah,Dae you’re the best alcher.”Kim woo Jung said, happily as Dae removed the arrow from the Antelope he shoot at.

“Of course, I’m do you want to be an alcher like me?”Dae asked as he dipped his hand inside the antelope’s stomach. He removed some useful part from it and throws them on the floor.

“No, I don’t want to.”She replied with a smile.

“Dae,we need to leave earlier. You’re quite aware that this forest is scary. So, ignore her. She doesn’t wanna be, I’ll after you taught me how to shoot an arrow”Hyun said

“How dare you intervene in our discussion? Can’t you see I’m discussing with my husband?”Kim woo Jung said with rage.

“Husband? How about you watch how I’ll take your husband away from you? You’ll see he would follow me without a second thought, leaving you, his wife alone”Hyun said, pluckily.

“He won’t dare leave until I say so”Kim woo Jung said, with a hard glare.

“Don’t you see masterstroke he performed earlier? I told him what to do! Can you do it?”Kim woo Jung asked, boldly.



“Let’s see then”Hyun said. He moved closer to Dae and with command:

“Dae, pick the Antelope and let’s go!”

“No,Dae you can’t until I said so”Kim woo Jung said, yelling

“Who should I…”

“Me!”Kim woo Jung said, cutting him off

“Me, not her!!”

“Me, Not him!!”They continued shouting, not wanting to be in good term


U.S (United States)

A scientist walked into the lab wearing a lab cloth. She walked towards a man working on an insect with a microscope which he was fully focused on. Natasha gave him a light kiss on the neck and he shiever in fear.

“Who the hell is that?!”He asked, in anger

“Who else would it be if not me?”Natasha said, moving closer to him

“Natasha?”Jack called, suprise

“You startled me!”Jack said, breathing a sigh of relief

“What’re you working on?”Natasha asked

“I’m working on the insect you saw last night and I discovered that there’s more to it. The insect was created from a dark magic” Jack declared

“Dark magic? What’s that?”Natasha asked, confused

“That’s what I was trying to figure out. We need to go to South Korean and find it. We need to know what more the dark magic is capable of doing coz it’s damn powerful. The insect can disappear and reappear”

“We send our forestry professionals to South Korean at once!” Natasha said and left the lab


The American forestry professionals entered the forest with the help of a American technology. The leader on the phone in his ear and Natasha speak:

“The dark power is inside their leader, that’s what makes him powerful. He’s more powerful than the other animals”Natasha explained

“Copy, Ma’am”He signaled to the others to enter the leader’s cave and they met him sleeping and snooring

“You and you should move closer to him and inject the syringe inside his body”The leader instructed in a whispers

They moved closer to him and bend down, they were about inserting him the syringe, but he woke up and strike one of them on the neck, and strangled him to death.

He grasp the other two,he stared at them with his blue eyes. In a while, the two of them died in his grasp. He throws them away like a trash.

The other started shooting guns at him, but it was as if they were just wasting their bullets and energy as the bullet doesn’t even has an effect on him; his magic was preventing their bullets not to meet him

“Guns doesn’t defeat magic”He said in his language and since they’re white men,they didn’t understand what he meant so they continued firing him.

Soon, he started moving closer to them while they continued firing him. He grasp one of them in the stomach while they continued firing him so he could release him but instead he swallowed him and their mouths were widely opens in awe.

Out of fear they dropped their guns on the floor and looked at him with pleading eyes. He growled, boosting how powerful he was. They quickly used the opportunity to ran behind him and chained him on the neck, he groaned and at the same time trying to free himself, but all to no avail.

They tightened the rope the more. One of them injected the syringe on his leg,he groaned in pains and they quickly left his side.

The posion ran through his body and his groaning became louder.

Soon, he fell helplessly on the floor. And they looked at each other with mix feelings they wasn’t expecting him to be dead soon

The dark magic left his body and stay in the air

“That’s it!”They said happily

The leader walked to join it and put it inside an American instrument set aside for taking dangerous things.

“They is a problem”Natasha spoke.

“We can only carry out the experiment on the Koreans, but I have an idea already. Some Korean kids are hunting inside the forest. Go to your left three times and straight to the front. You’ll see them and kidnap them coz they won’t want to go with you with willingness. You need to bring them here with force” Natasha spoke.

“Yes, Ma’am” The leader said before hanging up. He signals to the others to split themselves and they all did as he as instructed.


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