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(Addicted to his d*ck)

Chapter 2☠️3

Theme; Craving for her whole body.

By; Nira P.(J.y.D)


Subtitle; Bloody heart…..


They reloaded their guns while moving. The leader moved while were following him.

Soon, they reached where they’re. The leader signals to the others to move closer to them.

Hyun,Dae and Kim woo Jung were turning were turning their backs at them; fighting over Dae.

They tip toed to them and pulled them to themselves and covers their noses together with their mouths with a white solatape, which had kept in their pockets.

Kim woo Jung,Dae and Hyun tried to free themselves from their grasp, but it was all no avail.They dragged them to the others.

“Let go of us….!!”

“What do you want from us?!”

“Where’re you taking us to?!”They said, stubbornly. But they wasn’t hearing what they says neither their cries.

They got to a place and they disappears in a twinkling; already in the United States.




“Let go of us…..!!”The children cried out, still refusing to enter the lab. They pushed them into the lab, Natasha and Jack smiled seeing them back safely and sound.

The leader walked to them.

“Ma’am, after we killed the leader, the dark magic turned into an insect and they’re from South Korean.”The leader said, Pointing at the three kids.

“Hello, Kids,all we need from you is your cooperation. Cooperate with us and we promise we wouldn’t hurt or harm you.”Natasha said, smiling at them in a way that showed only her upper teeth.

“Why did you kidnap us? Where’re we? What exactly do you want from us?”They asked, getting the more irritated.

“I can see how angry you’re, but we only wanna carry out some experiment on you guys.”Natasha signals to the forestry professionals to dragged them away from sight; to the experiment room….


Experiment room

Kim woo Jung,Hyun and Dae are seen laying on a bed which looks more like a hospital bed.

“You just need to relax and close your eyes..”Natasha said, they reluctantly agreed to her.

“PROCESSING…..!! PROCESSING….!!”The computer informed.

Natasha and other scientists watched as the dark magic is being processing into their bodies; began to shake their bodies and hands violently.

Soon, they removed the solatapes from their hands; slowly their eyes turned red and a smoke emite in their bodies.

They all wondered what kind of dark magic could do such a thing; looking at each other suprise in the eyes.

The kids stood on their feet; infuriate.

“Stop them….!!!”Natasha said, to the computer personnels with a command voice.

They did all what they knew and they eventually stopped them. They fell just at the door. They rushed to them and give them some pills; to keep them calmed and sleep for a while.

“How long will they be asleep?”Jack asked the computer personnels.

“For like twenty minutes, sir.”They replied and he sighed.

Twenty minutes later, they woke up and they’re back to their normal selves. But they weren’t humans anymore, they were now vampires.

“How’re you feeling now?”Natasha said, while walking to them..

“What have you turned us to?!”Dae asked angrily; staring at his flangs, tears dribbled down his smooth beardless cheeks.

“We’re sorry to say this, but you three’re no longer who you used to be; you’re now Vampires.”

“Vampires? What’re they?”They asked, confusedly.

“Vampires are mythical creatures that has supernatural powers; and feed mainly on blood. Also,has the power of teleporting.” Natasha explained and they looked at each other shocked…..

“You mean…..w….e….are….n….ow…. vampires?”Hyun stammered.

“Yeah.”Natasha replied.

“I understand how you feel but don’t worry,we’ll never let you leave here so you won’t cause troubles. We’ll ensure we cloth,feed and give you whatever you pleased.”Natasha said while they were still staring at her with anger.

“What’re your names?”Natasha asked while sitting close to Dae. She has been kneeling for quite a long time.

“Dae, Kim woo Jung, and Hyun.”They replied.

“D….D…..ea, right?”Natasha asked, facing Dae.

“No,Dae….”Dae corrected.



“Hy….u….yun…., right?”Natasha asked, facing Hyun…

“No,Hyun….”Hyun corrected.

“H…..u…. Yun, and Kim…..wuu…jo….ng….”Natasha said, flashing her white teeth at them…

“Who’re you? Why can’t you pronounce our names correctly?”Dae asked, shifting a little away from her.

“Because I’m not a Korean, I’m an American lady…”Natasha said, making them confused.

“American?”Kim woo Jung repeated, suprised.

“Don’t worry.”Natasha said with an assuring smile and walked to the computer personnels.

“Any update?”She asked.

“No, ma’am.”They replied.

“Okay…”Natasha said and walked to jack who was probably working on something. His eyes were fully focused on the computer screen; checking some informations about the kids.

“Any update?”Natasha asked from behind while looking at the screen as well, but couldn’t figure out what information he has found.

“Yeah…”Jack replied, holding the mouse and strolled down a bit.

The computer bring out the kids details and he clicked on it…



Date of birth:17/04/2013




Date of birth:29/03/2014

Parent: None

Home: None

Kim woo Jung

Date of birth:30/11/2012


Home: None

“Wow…..!! So, they’re homeless and had no parents?”Natasha said, suprised.

“Yeah, I wondered how they survive till now.”Jack said, with pity as they stared at their bio-data.

Natasha then looked at them with pity. She saw how they loved each other…



The kids were seen sleeping on their respective bed, but suddenly Dae woke up and looked from side_to side like a theif who had successfully escaped from a dangerous operation.

He quietly tip toed to the others who were already fast asleep.

“Hyun? Kim woo Jung?”Dae called, in a whisper.

Since they were used to this kind of tight place, they woke up immediately; still suprise of the person who called them very late at night.

“Dae?”They called, suprised.

“Let’s run away!”Dae said, in a whisper.

“But she promised she’s gonna take good care of us.”Kim woo Jung said, unconvincingly….

“Those are lies! Before they made us who we’re now, did they asked for our consent?No, they didn’t. And you still believed they would do what they promised us?”

“Don’t you know we’re no longer humans? We’re now vampires, and I can’t imagine going through another pains again.”Dae said.

“We should listen to Dae. We gotta get out of here this night..”Hyun said.

“I have an idea…”Dae blurted out.

“An idea? What’s it?”They both asked..

“Yes. She told us we have the power of teleporting.”

“Why don’t we use our powers to teleport out of here?” Dae suggested.

“Great idea. But how’re we going to do that? We barely know our powers not to talk of what we’re capable of doing with it.” Kim woo Jung said.

“When you’re both asleep, I noticed my hands were shaking and I felt cold all of the sudden. I stand up on my feet to come to you, but ended up teleporting to you. So, I think we can teleport out of here.

We should at least give it a trial.”Dae persuaded them further.

“Alright. But what’re we going to do to teleport out of here?”They asked

“I think we should take a deep breath and imagine ourselves getting out of here. That’ll surely work…. I prayed it works, though.”Dae explained.

Together, they take a deep breath and imagine themselves getting out of the room.

And surprisingly, they found themselves in a different place while they opened their eyes.

“Whoo….!!”They all said, happily; bewildered.

“It works…..!!!!”

“It works….!!”

“It works…..!!”They all chanted, while holding each other’s hands.

The place wasn’t a busy place, they saw not only a single person there.

They happily went inside, still scared of what they might encounter inside the room.

Dae led them inside while Kim woo Jung stayed Hyun like a little chick staying behind the mother hen as it protector.

They finally sat down on the floor, but Kim woo Jung half sat as the fear never left her.

“Kim woo Jung, stop acting this way. I hate when you acted this way…”Dae said, sitting comfortably on the cold floor.

“Am scared….” She lamented.

“Don’t be! When you were turn into a vampire you weren’t scared. Though, you were scared inside, but you didn’t show it out.

So, don’t act scared coz Hyun is solely behind you to protect you…”Dae encouraged her..

They laughed, hearing the last word. That was the the funniest word he has ever spoken….

They later slept off, Kim woo Jung slept peacefully on Hyun’s laps coz she was damn scared but believed Hyun will surely protect her…


The next day, morning>>>

Very early in the morning, they woke up. They were happy They slept comfortably for the first time since they lost their parents.

They usually sleep wherever they could sleep on every night. But last night was quite different…

“We should go and something to eat. We haven’t eaten anything till since yesterday…”Kim woo Jung said, yawning tiredly.

“I think there’s a river before we reach here…” Dae said.

Together, they went fishing at the river. The river became their food source as they began to catch some aquatic animals apart from fishes….

They also make money from it as well…


17 Years later>>>7: 50 PM

Some men entered an appartment, they entered through the entrance door…

“Who’re you?”A man asked, incredulously as he walked to them.

The man opens his mouth in awe when he saw those men,he hurriedly ran upstairs.

“Kim woo Jung, take our baby and run away. Dae as sent his messenger to kill us…” Hyun said.

“What?! But I can’t leave without you!”Kim woo Jung said, with her eyes welled with tears…

“This isn’t time for crying, Kim woo Jung….” Hyun said, calmly…

The tears dribbled down her smooth beardless cheeks as she engulfed him in a warm embrace…

He separated himself from Kim woo Jung…

“Go……..!!” He said,half yelled.

Kim woo Jung carried the baby, but she still hesitated…

“Let leave together with our baby..” Kim woo Jung said as tears dribbled down her beardless cheeks.

“No, if we go together, he’ll sent his men to find us again. So, I have to scarifice myself to save my family!”

“Please, leave….” He pleaded, tears continues dribbling down their beardless cheeks….

Kim woo Jung left and the men entered…

They engaged in a serious fight, but unfortunately the men killed Hyun coz they were too much for him…

Kim woo Jung zoomed her toyotal Camry car when she heard the loud shout of her husband…

She wept bitterly as she leaves….


Kim woo Jung house>>7:24 AM

“Hwan,come here!”Kim woo Jung said running after Hwan who doesn’t want to surrender so she could catch him..

As they were playing, she suddenly heard a knock on the door.

She makes herself invisible and went to the door. Kim woo Jung was shocked to see Dae….

She quickly ran to Hwan, carried him and they teleport to a river and placed him on the floor beside the river with the promise that she’ll be right back….

She teleported back inside and by now,Dae was already sitting on a chair with his legs crossed.

He smiled sweetly at her…

“Kim woo Jung, you have even grown up. I barely remembers your face. You’re even more prettier than ever, even though you already bear him a child…

You must really be his beautiful flower.” Dae said as he bites his fingers.

“What do you want? Are you here to Kill me as well? Kill me, Dae! Coz I’ll never join you. I will rather get killed by you than joining you in your evil acts… Kill me!” Kim woo Jung yelled..

“I can see you’re ready to die, but I’ll you one last chance to join me…. Do you still believe in humans after what they did to us?

They all deserves to pay for all what they have done to us… Let’s make them pay, together.”

“No, I will never join you even at my point of death….” Kim woo Jung said, unconvincingly….

“Then, that denotes you are ready to die….”Dae smirk at her, and beckoned his men to attack her….

Kim woo Jung release her flangs as they runs to her. She grabbed one of them by the arm and slammed him on the floor…

Kim woo Jung stabbed him with her flangs while bending down…

They run to attack her from behind… Kim woo Jung look at them as they approaches. She stood up and strike them on the neck…

She strangled them to death and they vanished into the thin air…

Blood dribbled from her hands. Kim woo Jung turned to them, but saw someone else…

Dae was smiling with his flangs ready to kill her, he stab her with it… Kim woo Jung groaned in pains, but never giving up….

Dae pinned her on the wall and throws her away after some time of hard glances….

She fell clutching her hands on her chest. Her eyes were closed, she opens her eyes and saw Dae standing in front of her..

He bent down and stabs her on the cheek with his bloody flangs..

“Arggh……!!”She cried out in pains as he stabs her deeper….

Her body throbbled in pains; if she were to die, then let her die…

“If I’m to die, then let me die…!”

“Of course, you’ll soon go to your lover soon…” Dae said, chuckling. He turned his back at her and she stood up with all energy she got…

A dark magic appears in her hands and she looked at him with anger…

She flew up and went down at his front….

She was so determined to kill him; even if she would end up being killed by him….

They grasp each other’s hands violently. And they tried to stabs themselves with their flangs.

But Kim woo Jung was quite slow; he was quick to stab her. He inserted his flangs into her belly.

Blood gush down from her mouth as she stared at him in the eyes.

Soon, she fell and died…..


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