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(Addicted to his d*ck)

Chapter 4☠️5

Theme; Craving for her whole body.

By; Nira P.(J.y.D)


Subtitle;Short of words..


“Go and get me her son!”Dae ordered his men, and they bowed and stept out of the room…


A lady had saw Hwan beside the river Kim woo Jung placed him to crying.

She felt extremely happy seeing Hwan; this was her very first time she was carrying a child.

Her Husband had died five years ago; she was abandoned by her family even before her husband kick-the-bucket..

They believed she was a barren and she can never give him children.

His husband always saw her lost in thoughts every night. And there was a particular night he asked her what was bothering her:

“What’s on your mind? Dear…’ The husband asked.

“Nothing…” She replied, unconvincingly.

“My dear.” He paused.

“I know enough about you that you aren’t telling me the truth. Your expression tells me that your heart is burdened is negative thoughts. You promised to share all your fears with me…”He continued…

She sat up properly while her husband knelt down in front of her, looking into her eyes,so she couldn’t change the topic..

She began sobbing gently

“Your tears are tearing me apart; we’re married to be united like never before. I am here to consume your fears with my love. I’m here to walk you into a blissful paradise, where you shall dance with only the ones that know love…

I have come here to put fresh music in your sillent heart. The sound of the music is drawn from the rhythm of pure love, but here you’re crying. Can you tell me what troubles you, dear?”Kim ji woon was struggling for words within herself, but she couldn’t keep him in the dark for long..

Kim ji woon then told him how scared she was about not being able to have kids…

“What about kids?”He asked if in utter suprise.

“You know ever since we got married, I never once got pregnant. I’m afraid that we’ll have to live without children.

I know how you want to have your own children like every other sane man; I can’t stand seeing you grow old in childless.”

His suspections were confirmed, he knew that Kim ji woon’s mind would always go there. He siliently prayed to God to help Kim ji woon overcome that problem but she was really worrying herself for nothing…

“I love you beyond the boundaries of your imaginations. I don’t how to make you understand that you came before the children.

“I know our families had a abandoned us because of this, but I refused to do what they want from me, that shows how deeply I loved you. I can’t withstand you getting hurt because of me. If God wants us to have babies, nothing can stop it, not even your tears and fears.

He spoke to her that night like never before; he used his words to convince her of his love for her.

Before he could finish,Kim ji woon was already sleeping, with her head on his chest.

She was consummated in love that night like a new born baby.

Those memories ran through her brain as she carried Hwan on her arms.

“Look at his little perfect nose.” Kim ji woon commented while carrying him; playfully.


Present>>16 years later….

“Lazy modeok, wake up! You’re late for school already.”Mrs. Ae-cha said, while beating her with a broom.

“Granny, please stop.” Modeok said, half sleeping.

“Get up, you lazy brat or I won’t stop flogging you.”

Hearing this, Modeok immediately rose up.

“Granny,why can’t you stop being like this? You won’t allow me to sleep peacefully today again, right?”Modeok lamented.

She lay down back on her wood bed and grabbed her bolster; she yawned like a baby as she closed her eyes for another round of sleeping.

“Modeok?” Mrs. Ae-cha called.

“Alright, Alright, but can you please put the broom down? The sight of it’s making me want to bed wet!”Modeok pleaded.

Mrs. Ae-cha dropped the broom on the floor and she immediately engulfed her In a warm embrace, making her lose balance immediately sat in front of her.

That stayed in that position for a while..

“Do you want to break my back borne?”Mrs. Ae-cha said, jarcularly. Modeok wrapped her arms around her waist the more and said in the embrace:

“Granny, I’m percieving a strong aroma.. Is that our meals?”

” No, it isn’t yours, but mine alone. Since you woke up late, I want you to prepare yours today.” Mrs. Ae-cha said.

“You must be kidding me, granny. There’s no day you would prepare your meal without adding mine.” Modeok separated from the hug and looked from side to side.

Her eyes caught something which got her attention.

“Oh! Granny, you’re a gem! No other person love you like I do…” Modeok said, happily while waving her hand at her; back walking.

“Rascal, come back here or I’ll break one of your arms! The meals aren’t for you! Rascal!” Mrs. Ae-cha said, jarcularly; flashing her white teeth at her…


Hwan’s surgeon Hospital>> Office…

A lady stept into an office. She’s seen dressed in a mini shirt, and skirt with a lab cloth on top of the shirt; swaggering..

But Hwan doesn’t give a f*ck. All he wants was to f*ck her..

“Good morning,Dr. Hwan…” She said as she walked to him, and gave him a peck on the cheek after walking to him; slowly to his lips.

He pulled her closer and make her sit in between his laps. Their lips moved in absolute unison;he sucked her upper lip hungrily. She wrapped her arms around his neck, giving him the full access to her lips.

His hand find it way to the zipper of her skirt he unzip it and teared her panties with his cold hands. And she throws her lab cloth to God’s knows where offing her shirt. She looked at him in the eyes and leaned down, sucking his n*pples lustfully.

He grabbed her@ss in between the kiss and she moaned feeling his cold hands on her@ss.

He rose up and lifted her up with her@ss. They pushed the center table to the other side with their bodies and he pinned her on the wall.

She unzip his trouser and they swap positions. He makes clutch unto his neck and he insert his big d*ck into her wet p*ssy. He trust and trust faster; harder. Riding with pure lust.

A sperm fall from his erect to tip.

“Aah, ummmmm!!!, Arghhh!!” She moaned out loud like a mad woman. He bent down a bit, and claimed his lips on her neck.

Hwan sucked it like a coconut. Her body shievered in fear; his ways were kinda difficult for her but she didn’t dare complain.

His d*ck were seriously effecting her, but she doesn’t dare complain. Her wrapped his arms on her waist and went out of her.

She thought this was the end, but he roughly placed her on the floor. She looked at him in the eyes with pleading eyes, but widened her legs. He insert his hand in her p*ssy fingering it with desires.

He licked the juice in his hands and lifted her left leg. He began licking it, and his eyes turned red like blood. He hate whenever he felt this way,so he quickly shut down his eyes.

Then looked at the woman who is lying huffing in pains on the floor.

“Get out of my office!” Hwan said, with command. The lady couldn’t stand on her feet,so she crawled like a eight months old baby to the door and left his office with her cloth and panties..

“Damn it! I can’t believe I fell into her seduction.” Hwan cursed under his breath while putting on his cloth back on.


Modeok sat quietly inside her class. One could hardly believe it was a college. Actually, modeok’s granny lived in the village,so modeok schooled there since she started schooling…

Most of their teachers came from the city, they were being paid daily..

At school,many men always threw admiring glances at her. That’s how beautiful she was, but none were willing to be friends with her nor talk with her.

They only want to get in between her thighs. Those that were opportuned to have a phone would use it to spite on her. Though, they hardly knew to operate it.

Some ladies went to sat beside modeok and playing games, putting it on loud volume..

Modeok didn’t act like she heard what they were doing..

When they saw she doesn’t even make a move, one of them beckoned the other to step on modeok’s toe..

“Ouch..!!” Modeok cried out in pains..

A guy was watching the scenario with infuriate. His resentment’s gradually reaching it it limits.

“How could you step on her toe like that?” One of them said, scornfully. Though, modeok didn’t know who actually stepped on her toe.

“You guys are wicked. You were the ones who stepped on her toe, but yet you acts as if were the good ones..” The guy said, angrily while staring at them.

“Are you talking to us or her?” They asked.

“Who else would I be referring to if not you guys?”

“Take it easy, please Ha-da. I’m adapted to it you shouldn’t…”

“No!” Ha-da said, cutting her off..

“Modeok,stop thinking of yourself as a wimp! It’s turning into folly!” Ha-da paused..

“And to you girls.” He continued.

“You should stop threatening her from now on, now that I’m here nobody dares bullies her..” Ha-da said, with seriousness.

And it was as if he was talking with a charm, they began fearing him; they were already shaking in fear. They left her sight and he turned to leave, but he heard someone says:

“Please wait!”

But he wasn’t sure if what he heard was right.

“Please wait!” She repeated.

This was the first time she spoke at school since she started schooling and she was about speaking with a guy..

Ha-da turned to her and saw her bitting her lower lip. She struggles for words within herself. Ha-da watched with keen interest.

“She must be finding it difficult to talk to me.” Ha-da said to himself.

“I’ve,any problem? I’ll be glad to help..”

“There…’s no problem, actual….ly…” Modeok stammered, staring at the floor.

“Then, why did you call me?” Ha-da asked. Modeok looked at him, then glanced at the floor again. She suddenly wished the ground should open and swallow her coz of how shy she was to speak with a guy…


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