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(Addicted to his d*ck)

Theme; Craving for her whole body.

Chapter 6☠️7

By; Nira P.(J.y.D)


Subtitle; Want a taste of her blood…


“I……w….. I…. want to…. yes, I…wa…nt… I….”Modeok sluttered..

“You want to what?” Ha-da asked, still watching with keen interest.

“I w…a…nt to… thank you for…”

“For defending you, right?” Ha-da asked, cutting her off.

“Yeah,let just put it that way. I owe you a thank you for this… So,thank you Ha-da…” She finally said, catching her breath.

“Umm! How sweet of you to thank me. But I don’t really need your thank you…” Ha-da said and she raised her eyebrows on hearing this but allowed him to continue without interrupting…

“Don’t you wanna know what I want?” He asked, when he noticed the sudden silence..

“Don’t I wanna know? Of course, I’m curious to know.” Modeok said, shievering inside.

“Can you do it for me?” Ha-da asked, looking into her eyes. Though, she was still on the bending position.

“Can we go out for a walk? I noticed since I came here, I never once saw you stept out of the class and I wondered why. So, I want us to take a walk. I know you have lived in the village for long than I do, but I’m quite sure you….”

“That’s a great idea, and it’s not!” Modeok said, cutting him off.

“Why did you say so?” Ha-da asked, suprised.

“I don’t like talking with anybody coz people look at me with the eyes of an indigent person and think I don’t deserve to walk along side with them.

So, if they saw me with you, that would be making jest of you… And….”

“Modeok, you’re overthinking! That’s why I told you not to see yourself as a wimp. If they make jest of me, that shouldn’t be your concern it should be mine…

So, can we go out for a walk. I promise to make every moment worth it..” Ha-da said calmly.

“Alright, but where do…”

“You should leave that to me. There’re lots of places we can go. So, don’t try to change your mind…”

“Alright, if you say so. Let’s go then..” Modeok said, walking past him. Ha-da smiled at her nerveness; they were supposed to walk together but she walked past him.

“Modeok, that’s not how to…” Ha-da couldn’t complete his statement. His mouth were wide open when he saw how beautiful modeok was in the position she was. Her hair fell down to her left shoulder and her white teeth brightened as she flashed them to him.

“What’s it? Ha-da.” She asked, sweetly.

“That’s now how to walk when talking a walk with someone. You’re to walk along side with the person not walking sperately..

“Oh! Really? I didn’t mean to. Let me come to you, then.” Modeok said, and she began moving closer to him while he stood still throwing admiring glances at her.

“Why’re you staring at me like that?” Modeok asked as she got to him.

“Was I?” He asked innocently.

“Yes, your eyes were all over me and I wondered why…”Modeok said.

“I wasn’t, actually but I’m sorry if you think I was.”

“No need for that since you said you weren’t and I don’t see any big deal in you staring at me. After all,many men stared at me as if I’m the answer to their questions. So, it isn’t a new thing for me..”

“Can we make progress?” Modeok added.

“Yeah, sure…” Ha-da said after a long time. He was already lost in thoughts.


“Wow…! I never thought this place could be in this village.” Modeok said, happily as she walked along side with Ha-da.

“Oh yeah, there’s. It’s you who kept yourself indoor always.” Ha-da said while looking at her.

“You’re right, Ha-da. And thanks to my granny who always do everything she could just to take good care of me.. She’s one in a million granny to me!” Modeok said, when she recollect the day her granny took her for a visit here.

She loves it when her granny takes her to some new places, but now, she’s old and don’t have the strength and energy to walk to a far distance like before.

She missed those days, it was her childhood days.

“You must really loved your granny so much.” Ha-da said and she looked at him while their eyes met each other.

“No other person could be precious to me than her.” Modeok replied smiling.

“I remember a day I got lost lost in the forest. My granny searched through and fro looking for me like a needle.

And when she saw me, she engulfed me in a warm hug and said:

“Modeok, don’t you ever leave my side again. Don’t you know you kept me worried?”

When I recalled those days, I feel like going back to that age so she could pampered me all over again…” Modeok said and laugh. He couldn’t help but to laugh as well..

” You must be a lazy girl…” Ha-da said jarcularly and they bursted into another laughter.

“You should have noticed I was. My granny really spoiled me. I hardly cook,she’ll be the one to cook and I would help her to sell her goods if I have the appetite. And she would never complain, but now I want to be helping her in every way I could do to help.

I don’t want to be lazy anymore, but she kept spoilng me with love and care. Though, we’re poor but she tried every possible way to please me with her love and caring…” Modeok said.

“I wish I had a granny like yours or mother…” Ha-da pouted sadly.

“Why? Don’t you have one?” Modeok asked, suprised.

“It’s a long story and that’ll be another time..”

“Alright, I’ll be looking forward to that time..”



“You look happy today.. Tell me what’s new? Mrs. Ae-cha asked smiling.

“There’s nothing new, granny…” Modeok lied.

“Are you aware that you’re talking with me? So,tell me the truth or else you won’t eat this afternoon.” Mrs. Ae-cha said, threateningly.

“Granny?! Alright. I and a guy spoke today and it was quite an interesting conversation…” Modeok said. Even without her showing how happy she was,Mrs. Ae-cha already knew she’s judging from the expression on her face.

“You spoke with a guy?” Mrs. Ae-cha asked, surprised. She has never told her that before.

“It was quite an interesting conversation. We spoke about you, how I was pampered and spoiled by you and he also told me about his a little.. That’s what we spoke about, nothing much.” Modeok said and she couldn’t keep the happiness she felt inside of her anymore,so she smiled out and her granny said:

“Modeok just be careful around boys. I don’t want you to be like your mo…”

“Granny, I’ll never be her. I’ll take good care of you more than she could imagine…”

“Of course, I trust you my dear. That’s why am gonna do everything to take good care of you.” Mrs. Ae-cha said with a sad expression on her face.

“What’s that look on your face? Don’t… granny…” Modeok said, running to her and engulfed her in a warm hug.

“Erase the memories of her, okay? I promise not to be like her,no man will never get in between my legs if not for the man I love. I promise to keep my v*rginity till I find my prince charming…” Modeok said with an assuring cries.

“Of course, but I sometimes missed your mother.. How could she leave like that? I didn’t know if she’s alive or dead. This what kept me worried, but when I looked at you, you resembles her a lot. So, that makes me happy.” Mrs. Ae-cha said in the embrace.

“I’ll follow you to school tomorrow to plead with the principal to give me some more time to get your fees money…” She added.

“Thank you, granny… I promise not to disappoint you…” Modeok said in the embrace as tears rolled down their cheeks. They were both wet with each other’s tears, but none of them seems to care..




Hwan alighted from his car and some servant rushed to him and collected his lab cloth and other necessary things before he stept into the mansion.

A lady walked to him.

“Hwan, you’re back so early today.” She said.

“I have less operations for today.” Hwan replied.

“Your mother has been waiting for you, she refused to eat until she sees you.” The Lady said with jealousy.

Hwan walked past her.

” Not even a kiss before you leave?” She asked from behind.

“I’m not in the mood for that now. But tonight, I’ll…” Hwan said coldly and she frowned.

Watching him disappearing from sight.



Nam ji Hyun gave him a kiss while sitting in between his laps. He returns the kiss back hungrily. While kissing,Hwan undress her and he insert his two fingers inside her tight p*ssy;he began fingering it while she moaned in return.

They walked to the bed and he pushed her unto it. Her br*asts were pleading for his touch.

He bend down and start kissing her from her legs he then went to her p*ssy and put his tongue into it.

“Argh…!!” She moaned

He kissed her stomach and then his lips captured his b*east and he sucked them. He went on top of her and insert his d*ck into her p*ssy which had been waiting for his d*ck.

“Arghhhh….!!” She moaned out.

He kissed her on the neck and sucked it like sweet.

“Arggh….!! Ride faster, please!” She pleaded crying for his touch.

They had an amazing s*x that night.



Modeok and her Granny went to the school. The principal welcome them warmly.

“Ma’am,we really can’t give you the time you ask for.. I am sorry.” The principal said calmly.

After many persuasive words, the principal agreed for some days. Modeok and her granny felt happy, though it was just a little time.

Modeok and her granny stept out, but her granny suddenly cried out in pains and stumbled.

“Granny….!” Modeok cried out. None of her classmates came to her until Ha-da came over.

“What happened to her? Ha-da asked

“She fainted…!! Please help me..” Modeok sluttered fearfully. The principal came to them.

“I think she’s suffering from heart problem.” The principal said.

“I would suggest you take her to a surgeon hospital; Hwan’s hospital. He’s the best surgeon doctor that could cure her…” The principal added.

“I think I know the hospital. I will carry her in a piggyback to the city road, so we can find a taxi or bus…” Ha-da said..



Modeok and Ha-da rushed into the hospital. The doctors took her from them. And she was wheeled to an hospital yard.

After some minutes,a doctor came to them.

“What happened to her?” They both choursed fearfully..

“Which of the two of you is a relative of the woman?” He asked.

“I’m her relative, what happened to granny?” Modeok asked fearfully.

“Please follow me…” The doctor said and modeok followed his led.



“You may enter, miss.” The doctor said opening the door for her to enter and she did

“She’s suffering from heart problem, she has some holes in her heart.” Hwan declared.

“Some holes in her heart? How?” Modeok asked, suprised.

“Aren’t you aware? Her condition now is very critical..” Hwan said.

“You brought her quiet late. I am afraid she might not survive the operation and even if she does she might die…” Hwan dropped the bombshell.

“How much is the money I’ll pay for the operation?”

“60 million….”Hwan replied.

“Doctor, but how am I going to get that kind of money from? Please reduce it.. my granny can’t die.” Modeok pleaded and she knelt down immediately.

“What the f*ck? How is it my concern? If you want your granny to be alive, you have to pay the amount I mentioned.

I hate it when a patient or their relative begged me for anything. You’re getting on my nerves already. I will be forced to suck your blood dry!” Hwan said and she cried out…

“Please doctor,help me…” Modeok pleaded faintfully and soon she fainted on the floor while Hwan stared at her with anger… His eyes turned red like blood and he felt his flangs finding it way out…


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