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(Addicted to his d*ck)

Chapter 10☠️ 11

Theme; Craving for her whole body.

Genre; Supernatural.

By Nira P.(J.y.D)


Subtitle; You’re not my prince charming.


“W….h….oo are you….?”Modeok sluttered, breathing heavily.

“You need to answer my question first; what’re you doing here?” The voice asked again.

Modeok was shievering and sweating profusely. Ha-da could feel it.

“I can’t see you! Please release me from your grasp… Ple…” Before Modeok finished her statement, Ha-da freed her and make himself visible to her.

“Ha-da?” She called, suprised.

“What a-re you doing he…re?” Modeok asked, frightfully.

“The head maid’s glaring at you..” Ha-da said, changing the topic.

Modeok quickly run to the others, she almost fell if not for Ha-da’s help.

Ha-da couldn’t help it; he threw admiring glances at her as she disappears out of sight.

After the maids have been given their daily duties, they spilted out; to their respective duty posts. Modeok was asked to watered the flowers at the garden.

While watering it, she suddenly heard a voice.

“You’re so talented at watering flowers.” The voice complimented her.

Modeok look around and saw Ha-da beside her; smilling.

“Ha-da?” She called, astonishingly.


“How did you get here?”

“That doesn’t matter, what matter’s that; how’s your granny’s health?

“Her health’s stable now. But how did…” Are you still curious to know how I got here?” Ha-da asked and she nod affirmatively.

He bow his head to avoid having eye contact with modeok and touch the carpel; feeling and smelling.

“This smells nice. If not because you’re the one that watered I wouldn’t have smell or touch it.”Ha-da said, Humorously and she bursted out laughing.

“You’re silly, Ha-da! You words are too exaggerating; what of the mai…”

“No, I have never once touch or smell any part of a flowers before; this will be my first time.”

“Really! And you expect me to believe that? Okay, how long have you stayed here?” Modeok asked.

“Since I was born.”Ha-da replied and she raised her eyebrows at this.

“Seriously? But how come…” Ha-da cut some part of the flowers and stood up. He blew an air to it and all the flowers fell on Modeok’s body like a chicken being drenched by the rain at night.

“Want to revenge? Catch me if you can.” Ha-da said and run away. Modeok put the watering can down and go after him but Ha-da never give her the chance to catch him instead he exhausted her energy.

Soon, she became tired to chase after him. She stopped chasing him and said:

“What’m going to do to rub off the dust a little?”

Ha-da stopped running.

“Should I tell you how?” He asked.

“Yes, I wanna get ride of triedness so I could catch you.” Modeok lamented, breathing heavily. Ha-da walked to her.

“Do you really want to take revenge on me?” Ha-da asked.

” Not really, but you pissed me off. Okay, let’s forget about it. I need to continue working.” Modeok said as she leaves his sight.

“Could you please stand and fold your arms and watch me do the watering?”

Hearing this, Modeok looked at him, with astonishingly.

“No, I can’t. Judgeing from your dressing, I can see you’re highly respected in this mansion.”

“It isn’t a mansion, actually but an empire.” Ha-da corrected her.

“An empire? By who?” Modeok asked, with a great suprise.

“I’ll tell you that another time. I need to watered the flowers.” Ha-da said and walked past her. He picked the watering can but Modeok snatched it away from him.

A maid was watching the scenario from afar.

Modeok walked away and while walking, she missed her step and step her foot on a stone.

“Haaaaa…!!” She cried out as the breeze controlled her; making her fell gradually unto the floor.

But Ha-da grasp her by the hand and pull her to himself. Ha-da could hear her heart palpitating.
So, he hugged her the more.

“Harder, please! Don’t let go. I’m falling.” Modeok said in the embrace.

“You aren’t anymore but I won’t let go.” Ha-da said and placed her head on his shoulder.

They stayed in that position for more than three minutes.

Modeok detached from the hug and look around to be sure if nobody sees them.

“What’re you looking at?” Ha-da asked, suspiciously.

“I was trying to find out if no one sees us hu…”

“Hugging? But you requested for it.” Ha-da said, humorously.

“That because I was scared.” Modeok pouted, sadly.

The maid was still lurked to them.

“Don’t worry, I’ll arrange some maids to teach you how to walk properly with the shoes and how to behave whenever you’re with the king or his bride to be. You’re now a worker here, you behaviors needs to convert.

“Why didn’t you call me”a maid” instead of you calling me by name?” Modeok asked, bewildered.

“Because you’re never a maid to me but my friend.” Ha-da replied.

“That’s so nice of you! I wasn’t expecting your respect. Thank you.” Modeok said with a sweet voice.


Nam ji Hyun’s suite

“Your Highness,a maid want to see you.” A royal servant said from outside.

“A maid? Don’t she tell you why she’s here?” Nam ji Hyun asked,marvels with the news.


“Let her in.” The royal servant opens the door and the maid entered.

She walked to her and bow to pay homage to her. Even though, she wasn’t yet the Queen but she was highly respected by everyone.

“Greetings, Your Highness..” The maid greeted.

“To what do I owe this visit?” Nam ji Hyun asked.

“I’m here to inform you that Lord Ha-da seems to be having an lillicit affair with the new maid.” The maid declared.

“How dare you withering Lord Ha-da!? You commoner!” Nam ji Hyun’s personal maid yelled at the maid.

“Allow her to say her mind,sook.” Nam ji Hyun warned and the maid kept quiet.

“What makes you think that Lord Ha-da’s having an lillicit affair with the new maid?” Nam ji Hyun asked.

“I …sa….w…. them hugging each other at the garden.” The maid sluttered.

“You saw them doing what?” Nam ji Hyun asked again.

“I….s… saw… them hugging and cudd….”

“Shut up! How dare you lied on Ha-da! It’s obvious you’re the one crushing on him and not her. He can never stoop so low.

I’ll summons him now and if he said he isn’t, you’re gone!” Nam ji Hyun said, threateningly.


Hwan’s hospital>>Ward number 16

Mrs. Ae-cha opens her eyes. A nurse was attending to her at that particular time. Probably checking her blood pressure.

“Where’s Modeok?” She asked the nurse.

“Modeok? You’re receivering treatment here. I have no idea of what you’re saying.” The nurse said, confusedly.

“You can’t find her?! Where’s she?! I wanna see her right now!” Mrs. Ae-cha said, half yelled.

Hwan walked in and the nurse bow.

“You may leave. I will take care of her myself.” Hwan said and the nurse leave.

Hwan walked to Mrs. Ae-cha.

“Young Man, where’s Modeok? Did you see…”

“Yes, I do. But right now you need to rest. Your grand daughter is kinda alright.” Hwan assured her.

“How did I get here?” Mrs. Ae-cha asked.

“Your daughter took you here yesterday. Don’t worry, you’ll be alright…”

“Thank you, doctor. I believe you can cure me. Your face is so cute. You must be a wonderful doctor.” Mrs. Ae-cha said, with a smile.


Nam ji Hyun’s suite

Ha-da walked into the suite and bowed.

“Greetings, Your Highness.” Ha-da greeted.

“You were falsely accussed but I want you to clarify that it’s a lie indeed..” Nam ji Hyun said with a smile.

“I’ll say whatever I know about it to Your Highness.”

“The maid here accused you of having an lillicit affair with the new maid and I want you to clarify to that… Are you really having an lillicit affair with the new maid?”Nam ji Hyun asked.

“No. I wasn’t, Your Highness.”


“Shut up!” Nam ji Hyun yelled at the maid.

“Guards,beat her to death!” Nam ji Hyun said commandly to the guards and the maid was dragged out of sight.

“I believe you can’t, Ha-da…”

“Keep an eye on him…” Nam ji Hyun said,after Ha-da has left.

“Yes, Your Highness.” The guard said, bowing..


Modeok suite

“His Majesty wants your attention.” A maid said from outside and leave

“Why did he wants my attention?” Modeok said to herself. She reluctantly went to his suite…


Hwan’s suite

Modeok entered the suite.

“Your ma….”

“Strip!” Hwan said coldly, cutting her off.

“Strip? What did he mean by that?” Modeok said to herself.

“Strip!” He roared.

“What…. do…. you mean by”strip?” Modeok asked, fearfully.

“I want you naked…!” He roared again.

“Master, I can’t please… I don’t want this now… Please….ma….”

“Strip!” Modeok moved backwards till her back reached the wall. She looked up and saw him right in front of her.

“Please…. let’s do this another time… I know I sold myself for this but please give me some time…. I’m not ready to allow you in between my legs..” Modeok cried out. She couldn’t imagine herself going through force s*x for her first time… And she never love him…

“Please…. give me some time… I have never…. no man as never went in be…. tween…my legs and I don’t want you to be my first…. you’re not my prince charming….” She said as tears trail down her cheeks…


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